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by New Kid On The Block

Hi there folks, Again this week I paid a few loft visits but just too much too report on in this weeks issue so here goes with what I have space for . One of my top visits was to a loft that has had an awesome season to date and again publicity – NIL – The loft in question is none other than Whiteside Bros – Eastway – managed mostly by Billy Whiteside . On the weekend of my visit Billy has had a real flyer and at the time of going to press is the best bird velocity recorded at club & section level and is also looking good for topping the NIPA Open so Billy – Fingers Crossed –  Also this weeks winner is the same blue pied hen that topped the club last week – A REAL JEWEL – and a bird that has now been given the title of “ Champion Jules”  after his daughter name . Also at the time of going to press  the winner of the Ligoneil & Dist – McMurray & Anderson – “ Minto” – is a bird bred by Billy – Due to the recent success a wee bird was telling me that Minto is considering joining Billys local Hairi Kishi movement as  his prayers for success are being answered. Well done Minto and I will be around to give you a bit of publicity shortly . Billy has every space in the back taken for the birds and the environment and cleanliness of the loft and birds are top drawer. A credit to the fancier and it is no wonder that success has been coming week in and week out for this was a loft that I was really impressed with. Billys stock has been sourced over the years from his good friend John White – Muckamore – a fancier that Billy could not speak highly enough of both for his knowledge of the sport and of the stock that he is famous for . The families that Billy has acquired most of his top results from are the absolute cream of the Hybreghts , Janssens, Klass Kroms & Meulemans – All John White bloodlines & the absolute cream of Herman Beverdam , a personal friend of Johns – All birds are fed and conditioned on Gem Mixtures & Supplements obtained via Robert Kirkwood . Some top results have been obtained this season including : O/B Results : Tullamore 1st & 2nd Club 2nd & 18th Sect 5,614 birds : Roscrea 3rd Club 13th Sect 41st Open 27,770 birds : Clonmel 8th Sect 6,442 birds 19th Open 30,201 birds : Clonmel 8th Sect 5,466 birds 8th Open 26,870 birds : Rosscarberry O/B National 1st & 2nd Club 5th & 7th Sect 10th & 12th Open 7,602 birds : 2nd Talbenny 1st 2nd 3rd & 5th Club : Bude 2nd 4th & 6th Club 13th Sect : Penzance Classic 1st Club 3rd Sect 20th Open : St Malo  O/B National 2nd Club 12th Sect 79th Open. Y/B Results To Date : Navan 3rd 4th 5th & 6th Club 10th 14th 17th & 18th Sect 5,016 birds : Tullamore 1st Club : Roscrea 1st Club  - Before finishing – Well Done Billy & Many Congratulations –Also Well Done Minto –

Up & Coming young fancier - Jack Whiteside - in a happy mood after his dads recent success at the weekend

Whiteside Bros - Eastway- Winning YoungBird Lofts

Billy Whiteside - Whiteside Bros - Eastway - proudly displays one of his latest winners while son Jack admires one of his favourites

Caught on camera at the weekend - Champion Jules - Probable Section , Open winner for Whiteside Bros - Eastway - from Roscrea at the weekend

The Rice family , weekend winners Ulster Federation , proudly display their winners from the last two weeks - Stephen ( Jnr ) Courtney &b Stephen ( Sen )

Tight on her eggs - The weekend winner of the Ulster Federation from Thurles - raced by Stephen Rice & Son - Fortfield

Next stop was to the winner of this weeks Ulster Federation. The loft in question was Stephen Rice & Son who fly in the Fortfield club. It was a privilege to give this loft – a little bit of publicity -  for here we have a family that was over the moon with their recent bit of success and it was the first time that they have topped the Ulster Federation. Stephen  has been racing for 9/10 seasons and is a third generation pigeon fancier , having started racing in the Andersonstown RPC , and this is his second season in the Fortfield HPS. Stephens winner this week is a lovely Red hen and I was lucky enough to get a snap of her sitting tight on eggs due to hatch . Her breeding is the best of the Soontjen family and she is bred from a pair of stock birds gifted to him by clubmate and fancier friend Jim McGrath , who incidentally, also supplied him the parents of last weeks winner . Before finishing may I personally congratulate Stephen & Family on their recent success and sorry I could not stop for tea as time was as usual running out .  Before finishing this weeks notes , one other loft that I must mention that I gave a call to this week was none other than , ( IN MY OPINION) , one of the best long distance lofts in Ireland , Mr & Mrs D. Suitters – Doagh & Dist – Davie and Frances -  Here we have a top husband/wife partnership with a string of top national performances that seem to  have gone unnoticed . Not for long for in next weeks issue I will have an in depth interview with these fanciers reporting on their performances over the last few seasons and any loft/breeding details where available . Enough Said – Lets Get Craicing - 

Mr & Mrs D. Suitters- Doagh & Dist HPS - One of Irelands Top Long Distance Fanciers - proudly display two of their top performers

Emerald Classic – 2nd Hot Spot Report & Result. The 2nd Hot Spot was held as scheduled on Friday 7th August . The birds were basketed the night previous and were transported to the liberation site at Navan for the 80 mile Hot Spot Race . The birds were liberated at 10.00 in glorious sunshine and the convoyer reported that the birds cleared well into a helping west/south west wind , making conditions perfect for another good race. However it was clear at the home end of the journey , that with the eratic times and large gaps that the convoy had encountered a few obstacles on the way home. Alarm bells started to ring when four lone birds appeared on the horizon . Ten minutes then passed, ( it seemed like 10 hours) before the main batch appeared and for the rest of the day and evening birds arrived in ones and twos and by nightfall 458 birds were recorded on the ETS system leaving a shortfall of 84 birds to return. Next day birds were returning gradually and by supper-time the lofts were still 59 adrift. All in all the birds had encountered a difficult experience but I have no doubt will stand to them in the coming weeks ahead .

Larne fanciers attending the Emerald Classic Hot Spot ( 2 ).

Mid Antrim fanciers attending the Emerald Classic Hot Spot ( 2 ).

Birds arriving at the lofts in Emerald Classic Hot Spot ( 2 ).

Top Fanciers - Ian Fleming - Crumlin - & Bob McMeekin - Kingsmoss - attending the Emerald Classic Hot Spot ( 2 ).

Andersonstown fanciers attending the Emerald Classic Hot Spot.

Davie Strain - Ballyclare - captured at the Emerald Classic Hot Spot ( 2 ) in a happy mood having bred the winner

Result – Top 10 – 1st - Bird For Sale – Bred By Novara Racing/Breeding Stud owned by Davie Strain – Ballyclare – Davie owns one of the finest studs of Continental Long Distance families in Ireland having the absolute cream of Hagans Bros , Jan Theelans , Bruggemans Bros , Nico Volkens  plus others. This weeks winner is bred for the job. Sire is a direct Jan Theelan Stock Cock while the dam is bred by Jim Hannah – Scotland and is a direct daughter of Jims Good Mealy Hen . – As this bird was not activated no prize money was awarded - 2nd – Team Germany – Winning £ 200 – Fronted by Werner Waldow – This bird was bred by Werner Waldow & Sylvia Thiel from Germany. 3rd – The Timelord – Winning £150 – Bred By Leslie Maddon – Coleraine – Breeding here is the  absolute cream of the Lambrechts family , a family of birds that Leslie has won a lot of prizes with. 4th – Bird For Sale – Bred by Danny Dixon – Ballymoney – A past national winner Danny is one of the top racing lofts within N.I. and it is no surprise to see his name in the top fray. No breeding details but no doubt it will be bred in the purple – As this bird was not activated no prize money was awarded – 5th – Barnsley Loft & Pigeon Supplies – Winning £ 100 – This bird was bred by the new owner of the business – Nick Parker – 6th – Mr & Mrs Starzak – Winning £ 75 – These fanciers hail from Poland and live in Plymouth S. England . 7th – Andrew & Kevin Mitchell – Winning £ 50 – Here we have another local based loft from N.I. and who fly in the Londonderry HPS . 8th – Bird For Sale – Bred By Novara Racing/Breeding Stud owned by Davie Strain – Ballyclare – Another bird for the Stud in the top ten result. Breeding : Sire is a direct Hagens Bros Stock Cock . Dam is a hen bred directly by Leo Pronk from N. Holland . – Top Continental Breeding – 9th – Ken Darlington – Barry – South Wales – What can be said of this fancier that has not already been said – One of the top fanciers within the Brtish Isles and a fancier that has won many top honours within the sport –10th – Her Majesty The Queen – Undoubtably the sports most famous fancier and our patron  foreby. The Queen has made the top ten ably assisted by her top loft manager Carlo, who I have no doubt will be pleased with this weeks result.

Minto in a happy mood having topped the club at the weekend

The North Coast Classic held their 1st Hot Spot race recently from Monaghan. Result as follows : 1st A & H Clarke. 2nd Gordon Bros & Son. 3rd G. Guilfoyle. 4th R. Hunter. 5th I. Gill. 6th R. Hunter. 7th Alpine Lofts. 8th T. Nelson. 9th Owlview Lofts

Fanciers attending the North Coast Classic

Bertie & Helen Marshall inspecting the North Coast Classic

The Ulster Federation were in Thurles for their fifth young bird race of the season. The birds were liberated at 12 mid-day on Saturday 8th August  into a helping S/W wind and another fast race was on the cards . The birds have been getting it quite easy over the young bird campaign ,  to date  , and a bit of a head wind will be needed shortly with the  first of the classic races not very far away.  Results As Follows : Alexandra : 1st J. McErlean & Son 1701 2nd J McErlean & Son 1701 3rd Fegan & McAdorey 1698 4th J McErlean & Son 1682 5th Murphy & Mullan 1612 6th Fegan & McAdorey 1596 . A top result this week for the Father/Son partnership taking three of the top four positions .

Jackie McErlean - Alexandra - weekend winners from Thurles.

Andersontown : 1st Johnston Bros 1715 2nd V. Cooney & Son 1685 3rd Johnston Bros 1681 4th Johnston Bros 1677 5th R & M McManus 1677 6th G. Boyle & Son  1673 . Last week I asked the question “ Who was going to stop R & M ???” Well this week 1st,3rd & 4th Johnston Bros , Martin & Michael . First bird timed was a Braspenning while the next two birds were Haelterman pigeons gifted from Stuart & Tracy Fawcett from Darlington. Second was  Vince “The Prince” Cooney with a Mick Bowler Vandenabeele. Fifth were last weeks winners R & M McManus & sixth  were G. Boyle & Son  with a Greenaway Special. Britannia : 1st McGann Bros 1672 2nd McGann Bros 1668 3rd M. Kelly & Son 1667 4th McGann Bros 1661 5th McGann Bros 1654  6th T. Curran & Son 1653 . Jimmy has them on song this week taking four of the top six positions . The loft must be getting into top gear ahead of the big races awaiting . East End ( 1 ) 1st Andy McFarland & Son 1666 2nd Frankie Mudd & Sons 1661 3rd Frankie Mudd & Sons 1661 4th W. Willis 1657 . East End ( 2 ) 1st J & A Scott 1662 2nd R & S Scates 1646 3rd J. Rainey & Son 1598 4th J & A Scott 1589 . Well done to John & Alec making it three wins on the trot . This weeks winner is  in  super form and has now notched up two wins & a second . – Super Flying – Fortfield : 1st S. Rice & Son 1737.3 2nd P. Morgan & Son 1730 3rd J. Braniff 1690 4th J. Braniff 1689 5th Healey Bros 1687 6th Martin & Tabb 1682 .With nearly 500 birds away  Stephen Rice and Son do the double and top the Ulster Fed for good measure with a Red hen  that wins the club by 3 mins clear in a very fast race. Second are P. Morgan and Son  ahead of Jim Braniff who takes third & fourth positions  timing two Peter Martin Busschaerts followed by Healy Bros in fifth place with Martin and Tabb in sixth position . Glen Invitation : 1st S & F O Neill 1707 2nd K. Nolan & Son 1683 3rd P. Copeland 1664 4th M. McGuigan & Son 1657 5th McManus & Rea 1655 6th McManus & Rea 1655 . Another win in a top season to date for Bap, timing , no doubt , one of his Newry Specials , bloodlines via his good friends and National winners , Malachy & Mark Maguire from Newry. Tony takes runners-up spot this week with Pat making up the top three. Grosvenor : 1st J. Ward & Son 1734 2nd A & A Ferran 1728 3rd A & A Ferran 1728 4th P O Neill & Son 1717 5th J. Maguire 1710 6th P & K McCarthy 1710 . Granda Joe & Son win this week from a fast Thurles race with last weeks  winner Big “ Fawlty Towers” Ferran taking 2nd,3rd & 12th.Paddy & Michael slip one in to take 4th spot with Old Hand Jamesy Maguire having two together for 5th & 7th,Paul  & Kathleen  are 6th,8th,9th,10th & 11th. Well done to all

Joe Ward & Son - Grosvenor HPS - weekend winners from Thurles

Lagan Valley : 1st R & A Gore 1734 2nd Smyth & Adams 1731 3rd Spence Bros 1729 4th Gary Smyth 1726 5th Gary Smyth 1725 6th Spence Bros 1721 . The Father/Son partnership of Ashley & Robert Gore top the club this week and should figure well in the Fed result,  ahead of “ Wee Eddie “ & Junior , who timed a red hen , one from their Van Reet family . As is usual the Spence name is not far away with two birds in the top result as has Gary Smyth . Shankill : 1st McAuley & Kells & Bowles 1698 2nd W. Gilmore 1697 3rd G & L Simpson 1689 4th G & L Simpson 1689 5th J O Boyle 1688 6th McAuley & Kells & Bowles 1688. With nearly 500 birds away ,  a top result for the firm , managed by “ Wee Eddie” , taking two of the top six positions  just ahead of Billy . Old hand Geordie has another top race taking two of the top four positions with last weeks Ulster Fed winner “Jimbo O Boyle” making up the prizes . Sydenham : 1st R & S Scates 1646 2nd J & J Scates 1643 3rd J & J Scates 1632 4th J & J Scates 1612 . West Belfast : 1st Stockman & Robinson 1710 2nd Harvey & Black 1705 3rd J. Lindores & Son & Nicholson 1690 4th W. Savage 1686 5th J. Eccles & Son 1680 6th J. Lindores & Son & Nicholson .  A couple of weeks ago when I was on the Shankill I remember telling Stocky that their new loft manager would be a “ Big Asset” to the firm and how right I was , with the partners notching up their second win in the young bird campaign. Bobby “ Clarke Gable”  Redfern has them on song . Glad to see “Big Bill” , local trainer ,  and a partner in “ Bob The Builders” make the frame . He sends me the results each and every week and I am busting to do a write up on , so get them going Bill . Wheatfield : 1st J & D Braniff 1733.8 2nd J & D Braniff 1732.7 3rd J & D Braniff 1718 4th J & D Braniff 1673 5th McClory Bros & Lowe 1671 6th J & D Braniff 1641 . Another top result this week again for the top racing partnership in a very strange race.

Having a fantastic season to date - Joe & David Braniff - Wheatfield - yet another top result this week again. Shamrock Two Bird Club : 1st Jim Braniff 1690  2nd Martin & Tabb 1681

ULSTER FEDERATION – THURLES – PROV. TOP 10 RESULT  - 1st S. Rice & Son – Fortfield -  1737. 2nd J. Ward & Son – Grosvenor - 1734. 3rd R & A Gore – Lagan Valley - 1734. 4th J & D Braniff – Wheatfield – 1733.8. 5th J & D Braniff – Wheatfield – 1732.7. 6th Smyth & Adams – Lagan Valley - 1731. 7th P. Morgan & Son – Fortfield - 1730. 8th Spence Bros – Lagan Valley – 1729. 9th A & A Ferran – Grosvenor - 1728. 10th A & A Ferran – Grosvenor – 1728. ULSTER FEDERATION – 2ND KILDARE – 178 members sent 3950 birds. 1st J O Boyle & Son – Shankill - 1838. 2nd A & A Ferran – Grosvenor - 1836. 3rd Frankie  Toner – Grosvenor – 1835. 4th M. Johnston & Son – West Belfast – 1833. 5th B & E Carson – Grosvenor - 1830. 6th B & E Carson – Grosvenor – 1830 . 7th Calderwood & Waite – Shankill – 1830. 8th J. McAlorum & Son  –Grosvenor  - 1828. 9th  J. Maguire – Grosvenor – 1827. 10th J. Maguire – Grosvenor – 1827

No its not the sunny Riviera but none other than the lovely city of Kilkenny and the Doheny & Beale partnership - Kilkenny RPC - awaiting their arrivals from St Malo along with good friend Tommy Roche

Before finishing this weeks results. I had an email from Harry Beale – Secretary of the Kilkenny Racing Pigeon Club -  informing me of a few of the  club results. O/B  and Y/B  Results As Follows : Macroom O/B : 1st & 2nd Galvin & Morrissey 3rd Doheny & Beale 4th & 5th Galvin & Morrissey 6th Christy Fahy . St. Malo O/B Nat : 1st Christy Fahy 2nd Doheny & Beale 3rd Ger Hogan . Rosscarberry O/B Nat : 1st M. Matthews 2nd Patsy Dowling 3rd Galvin & Morrissey 4th Doheny & Beale 5th Galvin & Morrissey 6th Doheny & Beale . Cashel Y/B : 1st & 2nd Pat. Beale 3rd A. Clifford 4th, 5th & 6th Doheny & Beale. Fermoy Y/B : 1st C. Adair 2nd, 3rd & 4th P.J.Doheny 5th & 6th Walter Cullen. Macroom Y/B : 1st Pat Beale 2nd & 3rd Doheny & Beale 4th Anthony Clifford  5th Walter Cullen 6th Fred Malone

Attending a recent Benzing Demo - Local Rep for N.I - Richard Hogg along with Slim Bob Joe from the Horseshoe HPS

SlimBob Joe Morrison - Horseshoe - happy having topped the club at the weekend

Rab - Elvis Presley - George of the George & Hall partnership - Ballycarry - seen here with their weekend winner from Roscrea

THIS IS IT- A loft that has bred & timed distance winners galore - More in next weeks issue
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