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by New Kid On The Block

Hi there folks, Before starting this weeks column I would like to personally thank on behalf of Kevin Doherty – Fortfield – all the fancier friends who have been in contact with Kevin, Peter and myself, after reading last weeks column, with offers of birds etc. and any other help they could offer. The sale is in the final process of being finalized and the date of the event will be in next week’s column. Thanks Again For All Of Your Co Operation. Well this week I decided to pay a visit to another loft in red-hot form and again receiving little or no publicity. The loft in question was the husband/wife partnership of Mr & Mrs Brian McNeilly who race in the Doagh & Dist HPS. Just on my weekend visit the loft had a super result for at the time of going to press they are winners of 1st club Doagh & Dist, 1st Section C NIPA and are likely winners of 1st Open NIPA Fermoy against approx 23,000-25,000 birds competing. Now the Details: The husband/wife racing partnership is made up of Brian and Elaine McNeilly, Brian being a son of the legendary Davy McNeilly, world famous and renowned for the founder of the “ McNeilly Delbars”- top winning French bloodlines - The loft conditions and surroundings are awesome and something that you dream about. The loft itself is 100 feet x 12 feet with a 4 feet corrider the length of the loft. With open door flying the pigeons are in their element and are as happy as larry as their results prove. Do not be mistaken or fooled that because of the size of the loft, a lot of birds are raced, for this is not correct as the loft started the young bird campaign with approx 40 youngsters and up to the minute has had little or no losses.  Feeding is Gerry Plus and as regards training this is kept to twice a week (weather permitting). The McNeillys were always renowned for channel/distance stock but when Brian/Elaine moved to their new home 6/7 years ago Brian decided to give the shorter races a go and started over the last couple of seasons to try out a couple of new families and I must say success has been forth coming as recent results shows – Past 4 Weeks Results – Tullamore 1st & 2nd club (2 prizes per member limit) Roscrea 1st & 2nd club & 2nd Open NIPA approx 24,000 birds, Clonmel 1st & 2nd club, Fermoy 1st & 2nd club, 1st Section C & probable 1st Open NIPA. This weeks probable open winner is a real flying machine as this is the same young cock that was the winner of 2nd Open NIPA Roscrea only two weeks ago when beaten by decimals . Brian & Elaines new stock is made up of two families that when crossed are top drawer. These families are Janssen Vandenbosche sourced from Norman Gray from Doagh, a fancier that they purchased his complete winning team. The other family that they are really impressed with are the Leo Van Rijn / Meeder , again sourced direct from the Dutch masters . Brian also has some stock from his good friend Bob McMeekin – Kingsmoss - a fancier friend to whom Brian is very grateful for all of his assistance when obtaining the stock and for all advice given. Brian & Elaine are previous winners of the INFC Hall Of Fame but I must say that the recent form of the youngsters has given Brian an extra buzz and he is looking forward to the coming weeks racing with great anticipation. I must say in finishing that I was really impressed and have no doubt with the family of birds that Brian/ Elaine have to avail of, more success will be forthcoming and I will be paying another visit in the not too distance future. Thanks again for giving me the time to do this short report and may you have many more winners, as I have no doubt. Lets Get Craicing:



The top racing youngster and probable weekend NIPA Open winner for Mr & Mrs McNeilly - Doagh & Dist HPS

Emerald Classic One Loft Race

4th Hot Spot Race

In ideal conditions the 477 birds were transported for their 140 miles Hot Spot race from Carlow. The birds were liberated at 10 am in little or no wind with a helping wind on route.  The first arrivals were recorded at 12.10 with approx 100 birds in the first three minutes of the race and again another good race with excellent returns, proving that the birds are getting fitter and fitter as the big event arrives. John would like to personally thank Eddie Arthurs – Ballycarry – and Fred Simpson – Doagh – who both acted as convoyers to the liberation site for this week’s event at such a short notice. Your help was greatly appreciated.

Enjoying the day out Dublin visitors to the Emerald Classic Hot Spot - Paul & Linda Cunningham pictured with loft manager John Boyd

Kingswood fanciers inc. the poor P.O. lad , whos out a fortune , attending the Emerald Classic Hot Spot Race at the weekend

Top 10 Result :

Team Eden in a happy mood and celebrating thier latest success of 1st & 5th Open in the recent Emerald Classic Hot Spot

McMullan Bros - Top young fanciers & winners of 4th Open Emerald Classic Hot Spot at the weekend

1st Team Eden – Winning £ 200 – This is a N.I. based syndicate from Carrickfergus consisting of the following fanciers: (Should be called  “ The Beverly Hillbillies” ) – Jethro McMaw , Tommy Peel , David Wilson , Malcolm McMurtry, Ronnie McMurtry & Geordie Robinson . The winning bird was bred by Geordie Robinson – Mr & Mrs Robinson -. This husband/wife partnership are having a super season to date. After having a super old bird season the young bird season has been really super to date and this week again they top both clubs and going by results over the past few weeks they are the loft in form and definitely the loft to look out for each week. Breeding was not available but I will take a bet that it is an Adrie Van De Rhees as this is family of birds that Geordie has the absolute cream of and is producing him the goods. 2nd Syndicate Lofts – Winning £ 150 – A world famous loft that competes in all of the major one loft races all over the world . Top class fanciers with world class winning bloodlines. 3rd The Flying Jacks – Winning £ 100 – Craig Miller from Swansea in South Wales. 4th McMullan Bros – Winning £ 75 – Another N.I. based partnership but this time we have a partnership made up of young fanciers from the Antrim Coast fishing village of Glenarm in Co Antrim. Called with these young fanciers over the weekend and they were over the moon with their recent success and even more happier as they also won the club at the weekend as well. Congratulation to these young fanciers - 5th Team Eden – Winning £ 50 – Another top result for this weeks victors – “ THEIR LUCK MUST BE IN” – their winning bird is a venturer bred by the Natural Breeding Stud and is a Soontjen. 6th Owen Kirwan – Owen hails from Gorey in Southern Ireland and is a former winner of the INFC Yearling National last season. 7th Pigeon Club Syndicate – N.I. based syndicate from Andersonstown, Belfast, made up of Michael & Martin Johnston & Vincent Cooney. 8th Team Germany – First continental loft in the result – Bred by K & U Vieler , Germany . 9th Team Germany- Second continental loft in the result – Bred by Missy Gessner, Germany. 10th Bird For Sale – Bred By Lakeside Lofts – Derek Parr – Portadown.


The Ulster Federation were in Fermoy for their seventh young bird race of the season. The birds were liberated on Saturday 22nd August at 09.00 into a south wind. Results As Follows: Alexandra: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Jackie McErlean & Son 1679.57, 1679.44, 1679, 1679.03, 1678.61, 1677.93. Andersontown : 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th R & M McManus 1613, 1613, 1603, 1603 5th G. Boyle & Son 1601, 6th R & M McManus 1601. The husband / wife partnership of Rab & Margaret have them in super form this week again and notch up their fifth win of the young bird season. This week they time one of their Belgium specials, sourced direct from Belgium earlier in the season while on a trip with their good friend Sean Curran.  Their winner is a Vanbrant and was conditioned for the race using all the methods and secret potions as advised by their good friend Sean Curran to whom the partners hold in the highest esteem for all of his help and advice. Britannia: 1st McGann Bros 1657 2nd McGann Bros 1655 3rd M. Kelly & Sons 1638 4th M. Kelly & Sons 1629 5th J. O Hara 1628 6th McGann Bros 1612. East End (1) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th F. Mudd & Sons 1598, 1576, 1575, 1567. 5th H & DJ Bell & Sons 1566 6th F. Mudd & Sons 1556. East End ( 2 ) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th J. Rainey & Son  1658, 1610, 1598, 1581, 1573, 1573.

Fortfield : 1st Martin & Tabb 1669 2nd Phillips & McGrath  1667 3rd Phillips & McGrath 1667 4th P. Morgan 1627 5th J. Braniff 1622 6th Healy Bros 1619 .   Martin & Tabb take1st club this week with the same CocaCola Busschaert hen that was 3rd club last week, a cheq pied hen flying to the perches.  2nd & 3rd are Philips & McGrath who are back knocking at the door with Paul Morgan taking 4th club followed by Jim Braniff taking 5th club with another Martin Busschaert and Healy Bros are 6th club. See what happens when you leave the clocking to someone else, RAYMOND!!
Glen Invitation: 1st M McGuigan 1545 2nd McManus & Rea 1543 3rd McManus & Rea 1541 4th McManus & Rea 1540 5th J. Middleton & Son 1531 6th J.J.Dillon & Son 1525
Lagan Valley: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th J & D Coburn & Sons 1669, 1668, 1668, 1668 5th H. Jennings & Son 1664 6th Spence Bros 1635.  Hard working official Davie has a super race this week taking the top four positions in the club.

Davie Coburn - Lagan Valley - in a happy mood after taking the first four positions in the club at the weekend

Shankill: 1st Norman Armstrong 1670 2nd D. Balloch 1665.8 3rd J O Boyle 1665.4 4th Calderwood & Waite 1664 5th D. Balloch 1663 6th G & L Simpson 1663.

West Belfast: 1st Mark Johnston & Son 1659, 2nd & 3rd Bell & Foye 1657, 1653 4th J. Lindores & Son & Nicholson 1621 5th Bell & Foye 1621 6th W. McIntyre 1619.

Wheatfield: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th. J & D Braniff 1677, 1677, 1676, 1675, 1668, 1664. Another clean sweep for the top Ulster Fed racing stable.


Macroom 2 Y/B: 1st 2nd & 4th Pat Beale 3rd Doheny & Beale 5th & 6th P.J.Doheny

Pat Beale - Kilkenny RPC - pictured at his new loft with loft manager Marie

Rosscarberry 1 Y/B: 1st & 5th Pat Beale 2nd P.J.Doheny 3rd Christy Fahy 4th & 6th Patsy Dowling

Skibbereen North Y/B National: 1st & 6th E. O Dwyer 2nd Patsy Dowling 3rd Fred Malone 4th Pat Beale 5th Doheny & Beale

Pat Beale makes it four wins from the first five young bird races, flying into a new loft, copied from one that he visited in Belgium. STOP PRESS: Pat makes it five out of six. Pat raced for many years in the Luton Gas club in England and would like to send his regards to Phil and Pete.


Contact Details Tel: 07737275820. Or email : newkidontheblock07@hotmail.co.uk Websites : www.pigeonportal.com  www.elimarpigeons.com



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