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with Katie Hudson

On Saturday the 5th May the birds of the Yorkshire North Road Fed raced from Perth.  Conditions provided glorious sunshine in Scotland but the North East coast suffered from some early morning grey cloud coming in off the sea.  Twelve clubs sent 1367 pigeons with young fancier Emma Harrison of Huby taking the red card on 1242.  Alan Greenley of Market Weighton took second overall and topped the South section on 1227.8 closely followed by Hudson Bros on 1227.6.

Young fancier Emma Harrison, topper of Perth Fed race with her
Grandad Harry and Uncle Colin

As already mentioned, Huby club saw young Emma Harrison take the first four positions.  Emma’s first three pigeons were Morris Matthews with her fourth pigeon being a Van Reet.

Topcliffe North Road saw Hudson Bros take the red card.  Their winning pigeon was a Janssen Van Loon named ‘Stripey’ due to the white stripe down his forehead!  This cock only raced four races as a young bird after going into a heavy moult despite being on the darkness system (we suspect he kept slipping under the curtains each night like a naughty boy!)  John and Wendy Jeffries took second.  Hudson Bros were again third with a Van Loon bred by Geoff Frith of Lincoln.

Harrogate H.S saw F&J Postill take the red card with a Janssen cock.  Gary Vincent followed taking the following three club positions firstly with a Van Reet cross, followed by two Soontjens.  The previous week the club raced from Dunbar where F&J Postill took the first three positions with three Janssen cocks.  Ian Ramsey came in at fourth with a Van Reet.

Thirsk North Road saw John and Wendy Jeffries take the top two club positions with xxC&K Hudson took third with their white destroyer, ‘Frostie’.  Being the third pigeon home to the loft meant Dad was forced to buy the first round of drinks after betting ‘Frostie’ wouldn’t be in the first ten birds home!  Beeswing club saw Baz and Christine Mason take the first three club positions from Perth with three Delbars.  Their first pigeon was their third pigeon home from Lerwick in 2006 whilst the third pigeon won Elgin also in 2006.  Fourth club went to S&C Mason with a Mick Swallow Gaby Vandenabeele.  The previous week the club raced from Dunbar and saw S&C Mason take the top two spots.  The winning pigeons were yearlings from A.Rhodes crossed with G.Sparvin Wildermeersch.  Billy Holloway was third with a yearling gifted from his son Gary.  Fourth went to Johnny Humble with a six year old Wildermeersch who has won a number of cards. Killinghall club saw Joe and Janet Shuttleworth remain at the top of the sheet once again taking the first four positions with their Vandenabeeles. Swillington club saw Harry Watson take the red card with a six year old Busschaert cock purchased from Louella Pigeon World in 2001.  This cock has five previous red cards with many minor positions.  Second place went to Hughie McClelland with a Van Der Wegen.  Finally third went to Frank McGarath with a Cattrysse gift pigeon from the late Kenny Towers of Crossgates. Easingwold saw young fancier Shaun McGuinness take first and third with a Brasspenning bred from stock racing back to eggs.  Second was Wayne and Janet McGuinness with a Wildermeersch bred from John Humble stock.  Fourth went to John and Anne Dunnill with a Janssen bred from C&K Hudson.  Thanks to M.Brittain (York) Ltd for sponsoring the race.

Moving across to North and East Yorkshire where clubs raced from Dunbar.  Hutton Cranswick H.S saw seven members send 97 pigeons with Malcolm Mason taking the top three club positions.  First in the clock was a Gevaert Van Schoorisse crossed Red Fox Janssen followed by a Van der Bosche who has a previous red card to his name.  Finally third was a Black Herman crossed Krauth hen.

Pickering H.S saw F. Page and sons take the first four club positions from Dunbar with their strong Janssen team.

The local South Road clubs raced from Billericay on the 5th May.  Paul Simpson was back to his top form taking the top three positions in Ripon SFC.  His winning pigeon was the ‘Joker’ followed by ‘George’ and finally ‘Keno’. 

The following week the clubs of the Yorkshire North Road Fed raced from Dunbar.  Sadly the weather was not so kind and a strong wind provided a hard race for the pigeons.  Twelve clubs sent 1143 pigeons with Mr and Mrs Brumby of Market Weighton taking top spot on 1382.  Mick Rhodes and son of Beeswing took second on 1377 followed by Mr and Mrs Alan Hotlby in third on 1371.  Pete Sleightholm and son of Huby topped the North section of the Fed on 1369.

Topcliffe North Road saw Mark and Shirley Armstrong take their first red card of the season with a Janssen.  Brian Nelson took second with a Donnini which has previous red cards to his name.  Joe Davidson was third with the pigeon which won Lerwick in 2006.

Killinghall club saw Peter Graham take the red card with a Nategael.  Fred Alderton took second with a Busschaert followed by Joe and Janet Shuttleworth in third with a Gaby Vandenabeele.

Swillington club saw the red card go to Hughie McClelland with a Jan Aarden crossed Van Gel.  Second and third place went to Henry Lee with Busschaerts.  Hughie McClelland was again fourth with a Van Der Wegen.

Thirsk North Road saw last season’s young bird expert, Les Holt take his place at the top of the sheet.  Les’s winning pigeon was a Hartog bred by Brian Nelson of Topcliffe.  Les Metcalfe took second club with the Gaby Vandenabeele which won the first race of the season.  Les Holt was again third with a Jean Claude de Bive.

Racing from Dunbar first and fourth club again went to young fancier Shaun McGuinness.  Shaun’s winning pigeon was second club from Fraserburgh in 2006 whilst in fourth was the home bred Brasspenning which won Perth the previous week.  Second and third went to John and Anne Dunnill with a Buscchaert Janssen cross and a Janssen.

Beeswing club saw Mick Rhodes take the red card with a two year old cock from Ernie Williams bloodlines.  Second and third club went to Billy Holloway with two Mick Swallow Vandenabeeles.  Fourth went to B&C Mason with a three year old Delbar cock.

The clubs of North and East Yorks Fed raced from Perth on the 12th May.  Hutton Cranswick club saw five members send 51 birds, however, only three of these were timed in.  Malcolm Mason once again took the red card with a Heinz 57 mosaic hen.  Colin Sedman came in second with a Jos Soontjen cock.  Malcolm Mason was again third with a Red Fox Janssen.

The clubs of the Stockton Fed raced from Eastbourne on the 12th May.  The Fed result saw Harold Clark take top spot on 1513 closely followed by Pete Sleightholm in second on 1512.  Harold Clark was again third on 1510.

Starting with details of the Fed topped, Harold Clark’s winning pigeon was a two year old Janssen cock.  This pigeon has won many prizes and is the son of a cock which took 4th, 15th, 27th GYA inland races whilst the Dam was bred by Dave Page of Pickering.  Pete Sleightholm took second club with a two year old Red Barbarien cock who has already scored two 2nd’s and one third this year.  Harold Clark was again third with a yearling Janssen cock bred from a pigeon from Dave Page from the best son of Mivakel.

Ripon SFC saw Paul Simpson take the first three pigeons from Eastbourne.  Paul’s winning pigeon was a Soontjen named ‘George’ followed by a Staf Van Reet named ‘Jake’ and ‘Shrek 4’ the Hofken Janssen.

Before ending this week I would like to congratulate Ray Butler and Chris Grant on winning the last three races in Trinity club.  Any news or views can be sent to me at Ivy Cottage, Church Lane, Bagby, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 2PW or to katieh80@hotmail.com.



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