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I have been lucky to have been given birds of top breeding over many years and from National and International bloodlines by many people. However, the working man can source good birds for as little as say 50 pounds each and in the U.K. No matter how much or little you pay rare top class birds are available from good contacts and friends. We have given many birds to studs and continue to do so, to keep the strain alive. The acid test remains the breeding and racing prowess of the fancier who conditions the race entries. We peak our birds for July when the great Barcelona race is on. The corollary is that money tends to dominate the modern racing world.


I would love to see the BICC, or the BBC at Barcelona expand into Ireland, Scotland and further into the North of England and Wales. I feel this type of specialist racing produces great men and great birds. It would be a triumph of organised dedication to realise this objective. Just imagine some of the quality of the birds timed in these races! The knowledge and skill of the fanciers needed is great. There are people out there who aspire to this type of challenge and level of competition. The hurdles to overcome are politics, logistics, racing prowess of the fancy and the intrinsic quality of competing birds-there are some moves in this direction.


Over many years ,certain birds are outstanding as progenitors of quality birds. These are the gems of your breeding prog and need nurture. They leave their genetic impact on the colony over many generations of dynasty creation. The bird i reflect on was a true inbred called Dark Dynamo a son of Diabolos and Dots Delight -close bred to my foundation pigeons-a small dark cheq with a striking violet eye. His progeny are racing Barcelona International today. These are my old favourites.


In the mists of time, you tend to forget your good birds that have flown so well for you. Your first 700 miler in the clock is seminal, mine was in 93. There are moments of pure magic in such experiences, and it is like a mystical experience and totally absorbing. An 800 miler in the clock is a life-changing event. The marathon road for me started in 85 with an old cock on the day at 516 miles into a head wind. Birds like these, especially if related are strain makers not heartbreakers! However, they do test your time, patience and resolve. I rely now on others to get the buzz from birds of my origin, in other lofts and locations.


This individual has the gift of insight,foresight and imagination. He may take a mystical approach to distance and marathon racing from his back garden loft. This is spiritual consciousness,and yields feelings of awe on the arrival of great racing pigeons from epic International racing. The visionary is profound and sees many possibilities,and beware that madness is not induced in the process. Senses and intuition yield insights into the nature of the humble pigeon.


My perception tells me that rational intellectualism is often dry, frigid and devoid of true feeling on the human level. Deep, serious thought tends to make me depressed, as the emotional centres of the brain are neglected. It may lead to numbing of the psyche resulting in a spiritual vacuum. The antithesis is my creation of nice light, ethereal poetry and the ultimate feeling state is mystical. To avoid emotional numbing many people indulge in psychotropic drugs like alcohol, citalopram and anti-psychotics-free on the NHS to some. Madak, a combination of opium and hashish may alter insight and overall perception of life. An ancient Chinese psychedelic, I smoked mine, inhaled from a hookah pipe in the Himalaya. The wasteland of the human spirit can be the consequence of madness-best avoided!


It is my belief that my personality would not be known by classification within this theoretical system. We should examine ourselves and others on an intuitive and perceptual level, rather than a conventional system of the times. I can read many personality types and traits from my own subjective and personal experience. Jung helped many to introspect and consider aspects of human personality. I know myself, deep within the inner core man, and am certain that a shrink or psychologist would not tap my uniqueness. Yes Myers-Briggs will not tap the intrinsically of the depths of an inner psyche!

Jim Emerton /Author



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