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Had a call from Malcolm Hewitt over in Rudheath asking for a mention because he has lost a NL rung blue hen that was clipped. As he said she cannot have go far so if you have her can you contact Malc on 01606 41046.

Young birds

The young birds were going well until we hit a bad one and of the 22 only 7 made it on the day from 28mls. Most of this is I believe was down to myself through not spending time with them but from the way the pigeons returned it was obvious that they had got in other company and gone well over the top. What was pleasing from my point of view was they had been on the wing for nearly three hours and were coming back looking fresh as if they had not been anywhere. The next morning as I was having an early shower I was thinking about how many would be waiting to go into the loft. So I was somewhat shocked when I went out to see no pigeons around at all. The first pigeon dropped at 7.30am with a further four dropping at intervals over the next hour and all looking nice and fresh. By the end of Sunday there were 16 in the loft and 6 still searching the skies for their home. As we sat having a brew early Monday morning a blue hen dropped on the landing board and it became clear what had happened. She had been struck on her back and with the dried blood you could see it was not a new wound. This hen had been quick to respond to the attack and saved her own life from a bird of prey. She is still flying well so with a bit of care and attention she will be back to normal soon. There are now 18 back and I have decided that they will be staying in the loft until next year.


I believe in being fair and this week I must say that there is an improvement with the Amtrak service and I have an e-mail also in defence of Amtrak. " Hi Les. Just read your piece on your web site regards Amtrak, I must say I have had an account with them for 20 years and have had very few problems in that time regards collections or deliveries, well not enough to lose sleep over. My main problem used to be getting in touch with the dept for collections, the phone always being busy. The online booking has now solved that. The only other problem was getting a regular supply of boxes. Well the reason for this email is that out of the blue a few weeks back I received a telephone call from a man from Netfold which is the company that has taken over Amtrak. He informed me that he was my account manager. He asked me a lot of questions about my account and what I used it for, did I book on line how I paid ect, also what I thought of the service I received from my local depot. I told him it was near on impossible to get them on the phone and boxes were hard to come by. He then said that contact with the local depots would soon be directed straight to head office, which should help. He then emailed me a list of staff at my depot, the positions they held and all their mobile telephone numbers with instructions to ring them direct if I could not get through on the main line. Further to that he said he would contact the depot and instruct them to deliver me some boxes. I had them next morning. He also told me to email him direct if I had any further problems. So Les do you know who your account manager is ? If you do I would suggest you contact him direct regards your problems, if you don't I suggest you find out, your credit controller should know who it is. Hope the above is of some use to you. Regards Derek" Yes I do now have this info from the head office at Aldridge which is why we are now getting it together. I have spoken to my account holder who was explaining the problems that they have had with the change over but all should now be in place, we hope.

National FC

It was great news for the National FC when it was announced that the ban on continental racing had been lifted because it was a bit of a dilemma for the club. Getting a young bird and old hens race into the frame was never going to be easy and with the race points discussed fanciers were always going to get a bit irate. Racing in the National FC from a mainland race point is never going to go down a storm with the members because of the geographical position of the country. It's hard enough for the committee trying to keep everyone happy with out further disruptions that appear to plague the sport from time to time. The club have had four very good old bird races that could not have gone much better so lets look forward to the last race of the season and look back on a year with the National FC as being a great success. We know we lost out with the Saintes National which I was looking forward to but the rest has gone very well indeed.

Doreen Kneller & Fred Sharman

BICC Only the Finest

The lifting of the ban on continental racing was at a good time for the BICC members in one way but a bad one in another. The time scale for change was very short but with the way things have gone the club needed to make a quick decision. That of course was based on the rule book so the change was made to Guernsey. I am sure that this gave Jan a bit of a headache but no doubt she and Alby were always going to be prepared.

Europa Classic

LOFT MANAGERS REPORT THIRD HOTSPOT RACE. The birds are in great condition and indeed on top form at the lofts here, which was made quite clear to anyone that looked at the last Hereford trainer before the third hotspot, which showed over 1100 birds in loft and recorded on the clock in less than 3 minutes! that's 5 per second crashing through the new trap! Also the many visitors we have had in the last 3 weeks all have said the same. 'Derek they look the best you have ever had them in 5 years' Anyway with strong winds and heavy showers forecast for Sunday the race was brought forward to Friday, and the 1,726 birds were liberated at Crewe in blue skies with broken cloud and just a very slight side wind at 1010. Thanks here goes to Carl and Caroline Turner for liberating the birds at their farm and looking after our driver with refreshments. Carl said the birds never circled once and cleared away straight off to the south. The clever money was on that the birds would get home just before 1pm. However just past 1240 we spotted a group of about 20 birds flying at a hell of a speed darting straight for the loft. Sure enough this was them, well ahead of schedule and looking like they meant business and sure enough they trapped straight away! every one of the group of 24 went straight in, the winner for Ray Horten recorded at 1241.36 and the 24 th recording at 1242.11 just 35 seconds to get all 24 on the clock! These were then followed after a gap of 90 seconds, by non stop groups of between 10 and thirty birds for the next half an hour. we had over 900 birds home within 30 minutes of the winner! Then the arrivals slowed down and by the time we turned the clock off we had close to 300 birds missing. However this does equate to 83% of the birds home and if you combine this with 99% home in the first race and 90% home in the second race this gives us average returns for this years race programme to date of 91%, which I think anyone would agree anything better than 90% is all we can expect in the modern era of young bird losses. The hotel is now sold out for the race weekend, and tickets for day visitors are now on sale. These are limited to 800 and I think we will sell out! so book now to avoid disappointment. THIS WILL BE A GREAT DAY OUT SO BOOK NOW. Best of luck to you all Derek Nicholls. Now a look at the Pool and nomination winners for the Europa Classic 3 rd Hot spot race from Crewe 115mls when the birds were liberated in blue skies with a few broken clouds and a head wind. As always all pools and nomination monies are paid out less 15% as per rules. A (£2) = 63 = £126.00 (LESS 15% = £18.90). 1 @ £53.55, 1@ £32.13 & 1 @ £21.42. B (£3) = 55 = £165.00 (LESS 15% = £24.75). 1 @ £70.12, 1 @ £42.07 & 1@ £28.05. C (£5) = 51 = £255.00 (LESS 15% = £33.25). 1 @ £108.37, 1 @ £65.02 & 1@ £43.35. D (10) = 31 = £310.00 (LESS 15% = £46.50). 1 @ £131.75, 1 @ £79.05 & 1@ £52.70. E (15) = 16 = £240.00 (LESS 15% = £36.00). 1 @ £102.00, 1 @ £61.20 & 1@ £40.80. F (£5 NOMINATION) = 18 = £90.00 (LESS 15% = £13.50). 1 @ £76.05. G (£10 NOMINATION) = 16 = £160.00 (LESS 15% = £24.00). 1@ £136.00. Total pools and nominations paid out were £1,144.10. The winners are, 12 th DAVE EVANS with GB 07 N 47541 wins ABCD & £363.79. 24 th JORDAN with WHU 07 N 04806 wins AB & £74.20. 51 st G FOSTER with GB 07 Z 08174 wins AB & £49.47. 56 th DILLWYN LOFTS with WHU 07 S 06348 wins CDEFG & £458.12. 67 th PAT LONG & SONS with IHU 07 S 111611 wins C & £43.35. 131 st NAJE EID with KWT 07 484956 wins DE & £113.90. 259 th HIGHBANKS KERR BEARS with GB 07 B 42012 wins E & £40.80. The 3 rd hot spot prize winners are as follows. 1 st and £700.00 goes to FERNEYBEDS LOFTS with NEHU 07 WAN 488. 2 nd and £500 goes to STANESCU & DOBRE with RO 07 380099. 3 rd and £400 goes to BUY & SELL MEN with GB 07 L 39312. 4 th and £300 goes to P T DOBIE with GB 07 D 04447. 5 th and £100 goes to A GOOCH with BELG 07 3186081. 6 th and £100 goes to WINGNUTS with BELG 07 6188576. 7 th and £100 goes to PREMIER & KOOPMAN with NL 07 1207218. 8 th and £100 goes to T L S with GB 07 P 43559. 9 th and £100 goes to TEAM BEVERDAM with NL 07 1351351. 10 th and £100 goes to RIFLEMAN LOFTS with WHU 07 D 07097. Congratulations to all winners in another good race.

Rodney Muspratt & Elizabeth at the Europa Classic and we will be there again in a few weeks, hope you have got your tickets booked.

Club/fed news

We start this week with news from Carl Turner from the Crewe Premier FC who held their second race of the season from Worcester after the floods finally receded to allow traffic to enter the area. 12 of our members entered 260 birds for the 60 mile plus journey let out in a west wind. Terry Lloyd makes it two on the trot whilst recording 1372 ypm with a blue Dordin cock bred by himself via stock originally from his mentor, which I think tops the fed. George Price clocks one of his smokey cheq w/f young uns after a bit of a mix up, to finish second doing 1356 ypm closely followed by club chairman Gordon Goodwin recording 1350 and taking the Nom with a cheq Busschaert cock sent sitting 14 days and further excited by Gordon when he slipped a two week old young bird under him for an hour before basketing him for the race. M/M C Turner clock for 4 th with a blue cheq Jos Van Limpt 'De Klak' cock driving his hen again. He is bred out of two direct Dutch stock birds out of the family we brought over in 2005, which we are already over the moon with for various reasons. The sire is direct out of 'Kras Witpen' when paired onto a daughter of 'Bont Witoogje', direct De Klaks. The dam is from 'Blauwe Klak 977' when paired to 'Kras 222'. Later in the year I may decide to compile a feature on the source of these 'De Klaks' as it will make good reading during the winter months. Greenbank FC were at Swainswick when the birds were out in a west wind for the journey north. M/M C Turner finish in pole position and also 3 rd . The winner was a blue cheq cock doing 1389 ypm from one of our best racers who won from over the water as a yearling and again on the land this year and is a Dordin x Staf Van Reet. Our third place bird is a cheq 'De Klak' cock bred out of our direct Dutch imports from the lines of Jos 'De Klak's' famous 'De 613' and 'Marietje' and records 1372 ypm. In second place was Gordon Goodwin who clocked a blue Staf Van Reet hen to record 1389 ypm, leaving 4 th to Peever & Parkinson with a ??? doing 1358 ypm. Wettenhall were at Swainswick where M/M A Austin took the first 3 positions with vels of 1413/1411 and 1398 ypm with 1 st being a blue FVW cock whose sire won 1 st in Winsford FC and 2 nd SWCF. Next in the clock was a mealy Staf Van Reet hen bred by Peter & Dawn Latham over in Middlewich with another blue FVW cock in 3 rd whose sire has won twice this year. Jones Bros stop the rot with a cheq Clemens x Healterman cock doing 1362 and flying back to 7 day eggs. Over in the Winsford club it was a mirror image of the Wettenhall result above with M/M A Austin in 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd ahead of Jones Bros in 4 th vels 1298/1284/1274 and 1262 respectively, c'mon lads where are all you other entrants on the result, you'll have to pull your socks up a bit! Albert's first in the clock was a Willy Thas grizzle cock bred by Roy Spann (is that a Middlewich B/B bird by any chance Albert?), next to follow was a blue FVW cock bred out of a son of the Whitty cock when paired onto a hen from the Cherra lines, next is also a FVW blue hen. Jones Bros clock in 4 th with an Andre Clemens blue cock flying to the perch. Another first for the column is the introduction of the Rudheath and Lymm clubs via Derek Woodward from over in Rudheath. Worcester was the race point for Rudheath's first outing with young birds when Derek Woodward won 1 st and 2 nd places with two blue hens via Peter Fox stock, vels 1305 and 1287 ypm. B & G Mainwaring took 3rd and 4th places with a blue cock then a blue cheq pied hen recording 1278 and 1251 ypm respectively. Their winner from Cheltenham was B & G Mainwaring who also take 4 th place with first a cheq cock doing 1721 followed by another cheq cock on 1685 ypm and both are via there own breed cultivated over the years. Derek and Marjorie Woodward themselves claim 2 nd and 3 rd vels 1690/1663 with a blue cock and a cheq cock via Peter Fox stock. The Lymm club were at Kempsey when Derek Woodward took 1 st and 2 nd club with first to trap being a blue hen bred by Peter Fox off Wonderbar, which was bred by the German Champion Peter Trost, vel 1599 ypm. Next was a blue pied hen doing 1584 and was via stock off Peter Fox. Third goes to John Booth with a velocity of 1580 achieved with a blue Vanden Merth cock, which is a previous winner already this year, 4 th was left for Alan Richardson with a blue Van Loon cock recording 1479 ypm. The week previous to this Lymm were at Wollaston when John Booth claimed 1 st and 4 th doing 1251 ypm and 1167 ypm with first in his clock being the Vanden Merth (is this not Van De Merwe Derek?) blue cock followed by a blue Van Braune x Battenberg cock. Apparently John is new to the sport and is doing well in his first season with the support of his father. This may be belated now John but the members would like to wish you and Katie 'all the best' after your recent marriage over in Cyprus. 2 nd and 3 rd club goes to Alan Richardson with a blue Tumley Janssen x Golden Gaby lines cock vel, 1222 followed by a blue Staf Van Reet x Tumley Janssen cock doing 1219 ypm. The result of Holmes Chapel HS's Swainswick race when 9 members entered 240 birds was as follows, 1 st and 3 rd went to Billy Beech doing 1657 and 1655 ypm close by was W Turnock & Son in second place doing 1656 ypm. Fourth place goes to Arnold Tweats recording 1654 ypm, one yard separating each of the top four places. Ron Lloyd breaks his novice status over in Sandbach FC's race from Cheltenham out of the 150 plus entry for the club. Ron who has only started racing this year took 1 st and 3 rd recording 1722 and 1704 ypm with a red hen and a mealy hen and paid an absolute fortune for the parents of these birds, from one of the top studs in the world, wait for it! Chelford Market, yes that's what I said Chelford Market, £2 for a pair that have bred a club winner against some top competitors, Let me know when you go again Ron you can be my scout from now on (CT). 2 nd and 4 th and now in the shadows of Ron was John Allbutt doing 1711 and 1698 ypm with first in the clock for John an Jeanette being a blue cock and the second a blue hen. Both are Staf Van Reet x Janssen youngsters from a son of their Taylor's Choice Eastbourne winner when paired onto a hen off a son of their No1 pair when paired onto a SVR hen via Tom & Richard Baker, North Wales. South West Cheshire Fed had 64 members entering 1150 birds to Swainswick that were liberated into a South West wind. Two fliers led the way miles ahead of anything else over to Brian Heath's at Pipegate vel 1801 and 1794 ypm. The next two positions go to the ex MNFC individual winners Dave & Terry Sherratt who have now joined forces to race together as D & T Sherratt, vels 1749.741/1749.486 ypm. Yours truly M/M C Turner take 5 th place doing 1745 and flying the flag for Greenbank FC. 6 th goes to Geoff Matthews over at Hankelow doing 1735 ypm with Crewe West Ends Colin Lindop taking 7 th , 1731 ypm. Graham Davies is 8 th and 10 th over at Hankelow doing 1725 and 1722.413 ypm. Recyclists M & W Mellor for the Crewe West End finish 9 th fed doing 1722.925 ypm. Club winners not in the top ten are Middlewich winners M & H Smith, Nantwich's P N Jackson, Wrenbury's F H Gregory, Shavington's 'C U Jimmy' M/M Tommy Wright and finally Jones Bros who were the winners over at Wettenhall. Crewe West End's results for Swainswick when 13 members sent 271 birds liberated at 10: 30 into a Light North West Wind. Taking 1 st , 2nd and 4th this week was Colin Lindop on 1433, 1431 and 1414 first home for Col was a Koopman cheq cock bred by Jim Bennett, second was a Wildermeercsh dark pied hen and Cols third an Asda x (buy one get one free) Morrison blue cock. Coming third in the race was Mr & Mrs Keith Lovatt on 1430 with a Maurice Mattheuws x Verheye cheq hen flying to her perch. Winning the nom this week Mr & Mrs A Cooper taking home £19.50. We have also started a knockout this week, 13 members decided to take part each paying £5 making a total of £65 to the winner. Several of the lads have found a new way of passing the time while waiting for the transporter to pick the birds up they have taken up snooker I must say some are better than others Steve Crawley is our best player John Purcell takes a close second while Keith Lovatt and John Clarke are just learning but more would be welcome including you Pete (Floyd) we know you can play a bit but it's all a bit of fun and passes the time, after Keith and John C had gone Steve's wife and myself played darts until the bar staff chucked us out at midnight. (Daffy's words). Meanwhile over in the Lymm FC the birds were liberated from Kempsey at 10.45am in a South West wind. 1 st & 3 rd go to Martin Joy who has had a good season and records vels of 1634/1559ypm with two blue cocks from Steve Carroll. 2 nd goes to John Booth on 1614 with a Vanbzewarm/Battenberg blue cock, the question has been asked if Mr Kipling makes these good pigeons for John. Derek Woodward is 4 th after seeing home a blue hen from the Vandenabeele lines of Peter Fox recording a vel of 1532ypm. The Rudheath club were at Bath when they were liberated at 9am in a South West Wind. The top two positions go to Derek Woodward with a couple of blue cocks from his Peter Fox based stock recording vels of 1630/1624ypm. 3 rd sees the Busschaert's of Ian Cooper collect another card when a chequer hen dropped in on 1605ypm. That leaves 4 th to Robert Kent who saw home a chequer Lefebre Dhaenen cock on 1601ypm. Poynton RBLHS 9 members sent 226 birds to Cheltenham . The birds were liberated at 1.30pm in a south west wind for the approx 100 mile journey. The North section and Macclesfield were liberated before the rest of the Fed for this second YB race. Mr & Mrs P. Stanway had an excellent race taking the first three positions vels 1667, 1656 & 1650. They were also 1 st , 6 th & 7 th in the Fed. Their first bird was a Wal Zoontjen via Stuart Knowles, the second was a Mark Evans Janssen & the third was also a Janssen. Cliff Proctor was 4 th Club, 9 th Fed vel 1646.



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