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Will the lady from the Manchester area who phoned about the PLO she purchased please phone me, I did say I would call you back but your number came up anonymous so I could do nothing about it.

Europa Classic

The race series is going very well and the remaining 1,840 birds were race marked for the third hotspot race due to take place from Nantwich 110 miles on Sunday 10th August. However as most federations were held over on the Saturday before, the officials took everything into account and decided to Fly from Whitchurch 100mls and west of most federations flight paths along the M6 corridor. The birds were loaded on the transporter at 05-30hrs on Sunday morning and they travelled to Whitchurch, which saw a decent day weather wise except for a very strong west wind with frequent very heavy rain showers. As we scanned the sky’s it was obvious to myself and about 50 or so other fanciers waiting at the lofts for arrivals that it was going to be a hard race. Taking everything into account this was going to be the first real challenge for the birds this year. However hard a day as it was we liberated the birds at 09-50 into clear skies and a strong West South West wind and most were predicting a 3 hour fly. What most people don’t realise is that the loft is only 500 yards away from the sea and when the rain and wind squalls come in from the west it is very wild and blustery indeed. These strong winds were just before the birds arrived home and they were so strong my grandson Finn could not even stand up unaided in front of the loft the wind was so strong. Anyway a batch of about 40 birds were sighted at 12-40hrs flying very low and fighting hard against the wind to drop on the loft roof. Hot on their tails were another two groups of about 30 birds in each  batch. As the birds landed a tremendous gust of wind blew in from the sea and the birds all had to crouch down tight against the roof to avoid getting blown off!!!!! A minute later as the wind dropped a little the birds flew down to the trap and 99 birds were recorded on the clock in less than a minute. The remaining birds then battled in at groups of about 50 at a time for the next half an hour indeed we had over 1000 birds recorded in less than 20 minutes and a total of 1,671 birds home on the day which is over 90% on a very hard day. For those who don’t have their own birds in the race all spare birds are now listed as BIRD FOR SALE on the training results and are available to anyone at £100 each. Tickets to the main race are now available at £15 each food and drink included or £20 each seated in the marquee, Dinner tickets for the presentation in the night at the Copthorne Hotel are £40 each to non hotel guests these are included free of charge to those who have bought the hotel package. Best of Luck. Derek Nicholls. 07810 323827.

POOLS/NOMINATIONS FOR THE 2008 EUROPA CLASSIC ONE LOFT RACE 3rd HOTSPOT RACE WHICH TOOK PLACE ON SUNDAY 10th AUGUST 2008 WHITCHURCH 100 MILES. POOLS/NOMINATIONS TO BE PAID OUT: - ALL POOLS/NOMINATIONS ARE TO BE PAID OUT LESS 15% AS PER RULES. A 88 x £2.00  =  £176.00 minus 15% (26.40) =  £149.60 = 1 @74.80 1 @ 44.88 & 1 @ 29.92. B 90 x £3.00  =  £270.00 minus 15% (40.50) = £229.50 = 1 @ 114.75 1 @ 68.85 & 1 @ 45.90. C 74 x £5.00 = £370.00 minus 15% (55.50) = £314.50 = 1 @ 157.25 1@ 94.35 & 1 @ 62.90. D 42 x £10.00 = £420.00 minus 15% (63.00) = £357.00 = 1 @ 178.50 1 @ 107.10 & 1 @ 71.40. E 15 x £15.00 = £225.00 minus 15% (37.75) = £191.25 = 1 @ 95.62 1 @ 57.37 & 1 @ 38.25 F 16 x £5.00 = £80.00 minus 15% (12.00) = 1 @ £68.00. G 12 x £10.00 = £120.00 minus 15% (18.00) = 1 @ £102.00. TOTAL POOLS/NOMINATIONS RECEIVED = £1,661.00. TOTAL POOLS/NOMINATIONS PAID OUT, LESS 15% (£249.15) =£1,411.85. POOLS/NOMINATIONS WINNERS 2nd HOTSPOT ARE AS FOLLOWS:- 11th WALKER BROTHERS with GB 08 PM48321 wins ABC & £346.80. 42nd WIRSL LOFTS with GB 08 A 42854 wins ABCDEFG & £652.20. 70th MARZEL LOFTS with WHU 08 C 04078 wins ABC & £138.72. 90st 1 PIE 1 SAINT with GB 08 A 21414 wins D & £107.10. 94th ALDAHOUM LOFTS with BELG 08 C 3179627 wins D & £71.40. 109th DYSERTH LOFTS UK with WHU 08 D 05579 wins E & £57.37. 164th N G WEBB with GB 08 Z 06302 WINS E & £38.25. PRIZE WINNERS 2nd HOTSPOT. 1st VENTURER NCFC B with GB 08 T 32003 winning £0.00. 2nd GEMVIC with WHU 08 R 11851 winning £500.00. 3rd PREMIER STUD with GB 08 E 16833 winning £400.00. 4th HILLTOP LOFTS with BELG 08 6002029 winning £300.00. 5th DEE & IAN with WHU 08 B 01095 winning £200.00. 6th EVANS & BAMFORD with WHU 08 D 07398 winning £100.0. 7th SPITTING FEATHERS with BELG 08 3179640 winning £100.00. 8th JOE DUNNING with GB 08 X 07546 winning £100.00. 9th VENTURER T&R with BELG 08 3179644 winning £0.00. 10th WINCHAM JETS with GB 08 N 89830 winning £100.00. 11th WALKER BROTHERS with GB 08 P 48321 winning £100.00. 12th STEWARTS TRYERS WITH GB 08 A 42981 winning £0.00. 13th *DURHAM CHAIN GANG with GB 08 L 45237 winning £100.00. 1st, 9th & 12th PIGEONS were NOT ACTIVATED SO PRIZE MONEY MOVES DOWN. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL PRIZE WINNERS.


As usual most of the family go to Dynarth Hall with the caravans for a holiday and the BOSS and myself go along for a couple of days. They have been going for a few years and I have always said that I will visit the lofts in the immediate are because there are always pigeons flying around. When we arrived on the Friday I called local secretary Steve Beardsmore but he was not at home. Then the Saturday was not the best of weather so I didn’t bother but Sunday was a good day. The lads wanted to go for a walk up the lanes and quite a steep walk it is to the top where we found the lofts of Ewan Stevens. The lads knew that the lofts were there because they have done this trip on several occasions.

Ewan Stevens and Les J. Parkinson

Then while on our way down we called at the lofts of D L & E Jones who had just won the race held that day in fact finished 1st & 2nd with Ewan 4th. The set up’s were completely different because Ewan was on farm land and a cracking place to have a loft with great views all round if you go up just that little bit higher. He must have a lot of patience because I couldn’t go to the lofts everyday where they were situated. Our other visit was on the way down where we had the more traditional garden lofts where the fanciers could look down on them and that was the case at the Jones lofts. There is quite a slope down to the lofts as can be expected in this area and they were a smart set at that. We had hoped to have called to see Steve Beardsmore who was not far away but by the time the girls got back from shopping and we had our tea it was getting a bit late to visit pigeon lofts. There’s one thing you can be sure of and that is we will be back because the young un’s like the area.

D L & E Jones with Les J Parkinson & Ebony getting in on the act.

The aviaries at the back of the lofts of D L & E Jones.

Club/Fed News

Poynton RBLHS 9 members sent 169 birds to Cheltenham (2). The birds were liberated in a WSW wind and covered the 100mle journey in a little less than 2 hours. Richard Given took the red card vel 1542 with a Red Daniel Van Reet cock from a loan pair from Chris Knowles, which originate from his good friend Keith Turner. Mr & Mrs Skeen were 2nd & 4th Club vels 1537 & 1531 with two Janssen’s. Mr & Mrs Stanway took 3rd spot with a Petrie Janssen. In the next race from Hullavington approx 130 miles 7 members sent 135 birds. Mr & Mrs Stanway were 1st, 2nd & 4th Club vels 1859,1854 & 1837. Pete Stanway’s 1st bird is out of his good mealy cock, which has won 5 X 1st in the Club & 2 X 1sts in the Fed. D & G Brown were 3rd Club vel 1848. In the Middlewich FC race from Cheltenham Alan Groom takes the top three positions on 1857/1853/1835ypm with three from his Van Den Bosche family racing to the perch. The winner is a blue chequer hen that won the Kempsey race finishing just ahead of a blue cock and a dark chequer w/f cock. W Lyons & Daughters are 4th with a Ron Simpson blue cock on 1784ypm. The Middlewich 5B were a bit further down the road at Swainswick when O’Hare & Woodward recorded vels of 1875/1865ypm. First in the clock is a blue pied Staf Van Reet hen followed home by a blue Vandenabeele hen. Billy Whisker is 3rd on 1830ypm with a chequer hen racing to the perch while 4th goes to Alan Groom who clocked a blue pied Van Den Bosche hen homing to the perch on 1793ypm. Ron Lloyd is back to winning ways over at Sandbach when he collected the red card with a vel of 1705ypm in the second race from Cheltenham with a blue pied hen bred off Bob Bagnall stock. Peter Berry had a good race taking the next three positions’ on 1636/1549/1544ypm this is of course is partly attributed to Claire’s speeding ticket, you must keep an eye on the mirror and what’s in front Clare. Back to the race where a Cattryse/Meuleman Grizzle cock took the red card ahead of a blue Staf Van Reet bred from John Allbutt stock and a red hen bred by this weeks winner Ron Lloyd out of the Chelford cock. The Rudheath club were also at Cheltenham when Derek Woodward took the top two positions with the winner being a blue hen that is a granddaughter of Dirk & Louis Van Dyke stock cross the Bourges Hen. Derek was also 2nd after seeing home a blue hen off Sissi cross Flor Vervoort lines off Peter fox stock, the two leaders clocked up 1775/1764ypm. Ian cooper is 3rd on 1755ypm with a blue Busschaert cock while Barry & George Mainwaring are with after taking the rubber off a blue pied hen from their old well established breed doing 1750ypm. It was a weekend for Cheltenham with the Royal Wires also being at this race point when George Davies had a good race. His winner is a blue Vandenabeele cock bred from Frank Howard’s stock birds while his next in the clock to take 2nd position is a blue Maurice Cassaert hen that has scored before. 3rd goes to John Deakin with a chequer cock that also wins the nom. This bird is bred from a Stichelbaut/Cassaert pairing that have bred birds to win in the club for John and other members. Chris Davies times in the club breeder/buyer with the winner being bred by young Leon Sinnot and shares the prize money. In the Cheltenham race for the Moulton members Dave Dickenson led the way and in fact came home with 1st 2nd 4th on 1429/1425/1249ypm. 1st is a chequer pied cock off the Norman Hughes Welsh hen when paired to the chocolate cock of Dave Gamble while 2nd goes to the nest mate of the winner. 4th is a blue hen out of the widowhood loft whose both parents are winners. Good job Mel Bratt steps in to collect 3rd position after seeing home a Janssen through the late Brian Beardmore stock of Honeysuckle lofts. In the Mid Cheshire race from Cheltenham 65 members sent 1264 birds that were liberated at 12.30pm in a South West wind. 1st 2nd & 10th go to the Moulton young bird specialist Dave Dickenson while Rudheath winner Derek Woodward is 3rd. John Lawson topped the list in the Royal Wires to finish 4th with Mel Bratt 5th after taking the red card at Moulton.Paul Harrison is the leader at Weaverham to collect 6th & 7th fed ahead of Mr & Mrs Roy Croxton 8th. Earlstown saw Bill & Mark Brown top the list with George Davies 11th, C Ingham 12th and Knutsford winners Roy & Wayne Beverley 13th. Mr & Mrs Carl Turner racing with the Crewe Premier are 14th & 17th just in front of O’Hare & Woodward 16th & 19th. 16th goes to Mr & Mrs John Howman with K J. Parkinson 18th and G Moore 20th.

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