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CONGLETON, CHESHIRE, CW12 4RW TEL: 01260 273677,

FAX: 01260 278042

E-mail: bentfarm@btinternet.com




    10.00A.M. ---    6.00P.M.


    9.00A.M. ---    1.00P.M.




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We buy in bulk to give you competitive prices


Stock List






Bamfords Allrounder

Bamfords Young Bird Racing

Bamfords Channel (Beans, peas & tares)

Bamfords Breed & Wean

Bamfords Super Moulting

Bamfords Resting Mixture

Bamfords Super Breeding

Bamfords Super Young Bird High Protein

Bamfords Premier Gold

Bamfords Conditioner Seed

Bamfords Gold Line Breeding Pellets / Racing Pellets

Bamfords Widowhood Express

Bamfords Depurative

Bamfords High Carbo Widowhood

Bamfords Wizard Fat

Bamfords No Bean







Versele Laga Moulting Extra

Versele Laga Junior Plus

Versele Laga Breeding Extra

Versele Laga Gerry Plus

Versele Laga Allround Mix

Versele Laga Moulting Plus

Versele Laga Depurative

Versele Laga Start Plus

Versele Laga Prestige

Versele Laga Superstar Plus

Versele Laga Leige Special

Verslele Laga Depurative Plus

Versele Laga No Bean Mix

Versele Laga Champion Plus

Versele Laga Junior 'O' (no maize)

Versele Laga Energy Plus

Versele Laga Junior UK

Versele Laga Sneaky Mixture

Versele Laga Super Widowhood UK

Versele Laga Success Corn

Versele Laga - Bosmolen PLX Widowhood

Versele Laga Energy Corn

Versele Laga - Bosmolen Diet 200

Versele Laga Optimol Start

Versele Laga - Bosmolen Diet 1000

Versele Laga Floor White

Versele Laga - Bosmolen Expert 1

Versele Laga Combi Mix

Versele Laga - Bosmolen Experr

Versele Laga Pure Redstone Grit

Versele Laga - Bosmolen Expert 3

Versele Laga Grit with redstone

Versele Laga - Bosmolen Irish Mix

Versele Laga Pickstone






Natural Economic

Natural Electrolit

Natural Moulting

Natural Garlic oil

Natural Four Seasons

Natural Vitaminor Brewers Yeast

Natural Breeding

Natural Vitamineral

Natural Concord Widowhood Plate Maize

Natural Nutripower

Natural Diet Mix

Natural Bath Salts

Natural Depurative

Natural Naturaline

Natural Advanced Young Bird

Natural Floor Dressing

Natural Advanced Widowhood

Natural Grit

Natural Advanced Breeding

Natural Soft Block






Bucktons Ruby Gold

Bucktons Diet Supreme

Bucktons Irish Ruby

Bucktons Young Bird

Bucktons Red Widow

Bucktons VIP

Bucktons Conditioner

Bucktons Breeding

Bucktons Super Junior






Elite Allround

Elite Build Up Mix

Elite Junior UK

Elite Energy Mix

Elite Recup Mix

Elite Pick-Pot 6

Elite Condition Seed

Elite Pickblocks 6





Vanrobaeys Breeding Supreme

Vanrobaeys Jonge Duiven (young bird)

Vanrobaeys Super Special

Vanrobaeys Cribbs Maize

Vanrobaeys Red Racerg

Vanrobaeys Special Cribbs Maize(small)

Vanrobaeys Maurice Casaert (light)

Vanrobaeys Diet Extra

Vanrobaeys Maurice Casaert (heavy)

Vanrobaeys Barley

Vanrobaeys Turbo

Vanrobaeys Moulting Plus

Vanrobaeys Dupurative






Beyers Premium Breeding

Beyers Garlic Oil

Beyers Premium Moulting

Beyers Gluco Sport

Beyers Premium Widowhood

Beyers Royal Jelly

Beyers Premium Vandenabeeleg

Beyers Herb Tea Liquid

Beyers Premium Olympiade

Beyers multi-vitamins liquid

Beyers Turbo Cribbs

Beyers Tea in tea bags

Beyers Multi mix

Beyers Belvica Pink Minerals

Beyers Bath Salts

Beyers Wheat Germ Oil

Beyers Garlic Juice

Beyers Energy Oil






Wheat (milling)


Canadian Wheat

Tares Polished

Barley (malting)

Sunflower Hearts

Maize (French)

Black Rape

Maize Cut or Split


Maize Red


Maize (popcorn)

Mixed Oil Seeds

Maize (American)

Red Dari

Blue Peas

White Dari

White Peas

Haiths Red Band

English Maples

Mung Beans

N/Z Maples (Polished)

Redskin peanuts

Tic Beans (2003)

Paleskin peanuts

Tic Beans (2004)

Mixed Poultry Grain

Naked Oats (Groats)

Layers Pellets

Paddy Rice

P40 Pellets

Pinhead Oatmeal






Loft Equipment

Belgian Clay Nest Bowls

Plastic Drinking Fountain (5 pint)

Tobacco Stalks

Plastic Drinking Fountain (3 pint)

Nest Felts

Plastic Bath (Small) Anti-spill

Dandy Nests

Plastic Bath (Large Round)

Smoke Bombs

Plastic bath (Large square)

Wooden set of 4 V Perches

Plastic Single Gallipots (Small)

Wooden single V Perches with bracket

Plastic Single Gallipots (Large)

Wooden Roll Top Feeder

Plastic double gallipot with bracket

Wooden Training Crate

Glazed Gallipots

Hardwood Wooden Floor Grills

Plastic Basket Troughs

Belgian Drinkers

Plastic Anti Spill Drinkers

Leather basket straps

Plastic V Perches

Widowhood Fronts (Wire)

Plastic & Wood V Perches

Bob wires

Plastic Thimbles

Scraper 20cm

Plastic Rings

Scraper 30cm

Plastic Numbered Rings

Long Handle Floor Scraper

Plastic Eggs

Sliding Door Gear

Plastic Eggs (Solid)


Plastic Widowhood Fronts (Belgian)

Carrying Boxes

Plastic Loft Louvres

Pigeon baskets, traps

Plastic Floor Grills


Plastic feed scoop

T3 Thimbles






Club Equipment

Toulet Clock Dials 12 Bird

Clock Test Cards

Clock Books

Race Rubbers

Race sheeet books

Deluxe Prize Cards 1 - 6

STB/Benzine Rolls

Deluxe Prize Cards 1 - 4

Ink Ribbons

Show Cards

Basket / clock string

Pocket Loft Book







Pigeon Health

Teurlings Soft Block

Rohnfried Gervit W

Teurlings Pickstone (pots)

Rohnfried Gervit W

Pigeon Grit + Redstone + Charcoal (Jondo)

Rohnfried Gervit W

Lysan Floor Dressing

Rohnfried Avifarm

Loft litter

Rohnfried Avifarm

Sterilised Wood Chip

Rohnfried Avisal


Rohnfried Avitonikum


Rohnfried Blitzform

Johnsons Tonic (100ml)

Rohnfried Blitzform

Johnsons Tonic (500ml)

Rohnfried Oligo Rennfit

Johnsons Restorer

Rohnfried Hekopheron

Johnsons Insect Powder

Rohnfried Badesaltz

Johnsons Insect Spray

Rohnfried Biokiller

Norvet Multivit (90gms)

Rohnfried Airfresh

Norvet Multivit (500gms)

Rohnfried Flugfit

PLG Water Treatment (250ml)

Rohnfried Zell Oxygen

Black Minerals

Rohnfried Mumm

Pink Minerals

Rohnfried Topfit

Hatchwells Wheat Germ Oil

Rohnfried Pavifac

Colombine Tea (300gms)

Rohnfried Askiramix

Colombine Beer Yeast + Vits(500gms)

Rohnfried Expert Mineral

Colombine Glucose + Vits (400gms)

Rohnfried Kaucabam

Colombine Floor White

Rohnfried Kaucabam

Colombine Form Oil

Carrs Ad-Herb Original

Colombine Ferti Oil

Carrs Ad-Herb Original

Colombine Moulting Seeds

Carrs Ad-Herb Oriiginal

Colombine Purgative Salt

Carrs Turbo Boost Hemp Oil

Oropharma Avicas Wormer

Carrs Turbo Boost Hemp Oil

Oropharma Dextrotonic

Carrs Trapping Oil

Oropharma Biochol

Carrs Trapping Oil


Carrs Ad-Herb Aqueous


Carrs Ad-Herb Aqueous


Old Hand Fortified Calcium

Harkers Coxoid

Old Hand White Sesqui

Harkers Duramitex

Old Hand One-Eye Cold

Harkers Spartrix

Old Hand Manna Plus

Harkers Loft Treatment

Old Hand Sour Crop

Harkers Bath Salts

Stock Nutrition Magic Probiotic

Harkers Adenosan

Stock Nutrition Provit

Harkers Biozine Wormer

Stock Nutrition Clearway

Harkavit Plus

Aviform Ultimate

Harkers Mycosan T

Aviform Micriform T

Clorcarb (Red mite)

Gemthepax (500 ml)

Vanodine Disinfectant

Gem Impact tonic

Panacur Pigeon Wormer (50 capsules)

Gem Matrix

Pantex Small Multi Vits

Gem Trikanox

Pantex Electrolytes

Gem Strike

Pantex Pigeo Star

Gem Liverton

Pantex Pantovit


Neosorexa Mouse/Rat Bait











Dog Food

Bamfords gold

Astbury Pigeon Supplies Working Dog

Bamfords chicken & rice

Chudleys Working Crunch

Bamfords Working Dog Original 19%


Bamfords light & tasty


Bamfords Gundog Rings






Bird Seed

Bamfords Plain Canary

Fat balls

Bamfords Mixed Canary

Redskin peanuts

Bamfords Special Budgie No. 2

Paleskin peanuts

Bamfords Parakeet/Cockateel

Mixed Poultry Grain

Bamfords British Finch

Layers Pellets

Bamfords Wild Bird seed








The farm is situated in Bent Lane which is off the A34 in Astbury Village









Astbury Pigeon Supplies at Bent Farm, Bent Lane, Astbury



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