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How To Benefit The Sport Of Racing Pigeons

Jim Emerton

Wise to take a positive approach to all aspects of the game. Myself, I give good birds away, write articles, books, strain build and promote the sport in global media. The personalities, the human emotions, behaviours, morals and ethics fascinate me. I like the contrast between the commercial men, out to top up his ego with money and the racing purist who develops a strain out to Barcelona International. The human face of the sport is enormous with the illusion of sales techniques and promotional tricks. The icons of pigeon racing share a common trait-their EGOS. Helping the sport is simple by adopting a lofty, wise and good -spirited approach to the game; make it central to a belief system, philosophy and way of life. These psychological factors motivate, drive, focus and dedication to the practical nature of quality birds and racing. RACE REALITY, begins when we have all entered and sent to the target race point. Apologies, if I pontificate.


Study distance and marathon racing in great detail, probe it, analyse it. Why do certain men do a lot better than others, on a regular basis? The fancier is in control of the birds, and it is his mind and personality that needs to be studied, as well bred birds are common. How did Gilbert and Denney do so well? What do you need to do to become like, or surpass them in terms of results? It is not just a question of buying their birds is it.? Now analyse, criticise and look into yourself with an intense eye, develop a winning system and put it into practice in your racing and breeding systems. If you have got it right you will be a champion fancier-SIMPLICITY IS GENIUS. Focus and dedicate for say 25 years then you may crack the code of success.


People in survival situations, under life-threatening situations may develop a core, inner sense of being. Some seek salvation in belief systems, as institutions or inner faiths, depending on philosophy and personality. In Afghanistan I learned the meaning of life and death and in the Himalaya. Personal integrity or individuation equates to insight and self-knowledge, on a primordial and primitive level of experience. On the death of the physical being, the light of truth is extinguished, when the human evolves into a legacy and memories for others - this is my belief born out of insight.


In reality a large sense of the individual self can be life and personality enhancing. Coupled with a high IQ, you may be perceived to be famous or a genius indeed-all relative to individual value judgements. Beware of paranoia, delusions of grandeur and madness, due to an overinflated ego. It is wise to externalise and express yourself in an acceptable medium as an eccentric or in the mainstream consciousness - I have created 8 books and thrived as a journalist. The essence is to nurture and treasure your gift and reward yourself with the subjectivity of objective sublimation and expression of it. Genius level recluses do not function well in society!