Site Fees

Administration Fees

All auction lots are submitted on the understanding that an administration fee will be deducted from the sale proceeds by Elimar Pigeons Services in the event that a successful bid is made for the auction lot. This administration fee will be 17% of the winning bid if the seller enters the auction details themselves or 22% if Elimar Pigeon Services enter these details on behalf of the seller. Please note that there is a minimum charge of £10 for any pigeon/item sold on this auction site. There is no charge for pigeons/items not sold.

Payment of Winning Bids

Payment of the winning bid for your auction lot will be paid directly to Elimar Pigeon Services who will deduct the appropriate administration fee as stated above.
For the avoidance of doubt in the event that a lot fails to attract any successful bids then nothing will be payable to Elimar Pigeon Services. Auction proceeds will be paid to you in accordance with your payment instructions within 3 working days of the payment from the winning bidder being received by us.

Withdrawal of Auction Lots

If the vendor requests that an auction lot be withdrawn once accepted by Elimar Pigeon Services there will be a fee payable of 15% of the leading bid on the
auction lot at the time of cancellation with a minimum charge of £10 payable to Elimar Pigeon Services.

Payment Administration Fees

In order to cover our own administration costs, there that VAT chargeable at 12.5% on all sales will be recovered from the buyer. This will be shown as a separate line item on any sale notification sent to the buyer. For the purposes of VAT recovery the Elimar Pigeon Service VAT Registration number is GBxxxxxxxx.