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Keith Mott writes about winning fanciers past & present




The 1995 season saw Daryll Luxford have his third season on the trot with outstanding performances in the Classic young bird races. In the Young Bird National from Sartilly in 1995 the Luxford loft recorded 4th, 17th & 48th Sect, 40th, 144th & 314th Open, 1st & 6th Surrey Championship Club. At club level the babies recorded three times 1st Club, five times 2nd Club and 1st Continental Club from Poole. Daryll didn't fly many old bird races in the 1995 season but did chalk up 49th & 62nd Sect, 349th & 524th Open, 4th & 6th Surrey Championship Club from the Pau (550 miles) National.

In 1994 Daryll won London & South East Classic Club's young bird Classic from Guernsey for the second year running. The partners' 1994 winner was a March-hatched blue chequer hen named 'Lobelia' which only had two races as a youngster. She was first bird on the clock from Lyndhurst (66 miles) to record 12th Club, then into the Classic Guernsey (154 miles). This game hen recorded 1st Open, 1st SW Sect, lifting £825 prize and pool money and £75 vouchers from Stock Nutrition. Sire of 'Lobelia' flewthe Channel 12 times in three seasons including the Pau National in 1994. The dam was bred by Doug Genders of Storrington and was one of Daryll's favourite pigeons. Daryll won 4th Section, 40th Open Sartilly (NFC), 1st Surrey Championship Club in 1995 with his blue chequer pied cock '12', he is a full brother to 'Lobelia' the 1994 Classic winner. '12' was only lightly raced in 1995 and also won 3rd Club Poole, beaten by two loftmates. Highlight of the 1993 season was when their blue pied cock 'Rufio' won 1st Open, 1st SW Sect L&SE Classic Club Guernsey (1,465 birds). This game blue pied cock was the only pigeon in the convoy to record over 1400 ypm and his nestmate, also a blue pied cock, called 'Peter Pan', won 1st Club Lyndhurst and 2nd Club Lyndhurst in 1993. A fantastic performance by this nest pair which only had three races each as young birds in 1993.

The main loft is 15ft x 8ft with three sections, corridors and Sputnik trapping. The second loft is 15ft x 6ft and houses the young bird team. Daryll maintains warmth and ventilation are very important factors in good loft design. He currently houses 16 pairs of stock as he believes you must have a strong stock team and is always looking to improve the team. Daryll keeps 16 pairs of Natural racers and breeds about 50 youngsters each season. He pairs up all the old birds in late January and the racers rear only one round, then they are trained from 50 miles up to the first race. He doesn't like the race team feeding youngsters and racing. He believes the Widowhood system is the way forward for inland racing although his loft is geared for Channel races, as he maintains an experienced hen will always give that little extra over 500 miles. The birds are fed on Marimans mixes and peanuts are given now and again. The old birds are raced through to Bergerac (420 miles) and Pau (550 miles), with yearlings through to Nantes (275 miles). Youngsters get five races each, including the Channel if possible and get lots of training up to and along the coastline. All Daryll's birds are trained to the coast, with Channel racing in mind and says the youngsters can have as many as 40 coastal tosses before the first race.





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