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East Down Combine News

with Clifford Browne

Special Night Marks E.D.Combine’s 50th Anniversary

Last week I said I would have some more photos and details of the Combine’s 50th Anniversary Dinner /Prize night and the occasion was celebrated in style and as I said last week a lot of hard work had gone into making it a memorable night and this included the special guests present ,the room decorations and the potted history of the Combine included in the booklet of the 2017 prize winners .

Once again some memorable performances were put up by members during the 2017 season and one the highlights is the winning of the EDC Fancier of the Year and for the 13th time in the 50 year history of the Combine this was achieved by the ever youthful John Patterson of the Ballylesson club who at 90 years young can show most how to still race successfully . As well as winning the H Morrow memorial cup for Fancier of the Year John also won , West Section Fancier of the Year , Old Bird Inland Champion , Old Bird Inland Champion West Section , Old Bird Channel Champion West Section ( tied with BCT Foulis & Gill ) ,The Eric Carlisle Cup for the 5th Old Bird race which was Mallow, The 3 bird Channel Championship from 1st Talbenny, 1st Open EDC Thurles, 1st Open Mallow, Champion Old Bird 2017. A very impressive list of achievements .


The Dundonald partnership of BCT Foulis & Gill had an outstanding season and collected a considerable amount of silverware and Diplomas for their 2017 results ,these were The Derek Wishart Memorial cup for Mallow, The McCausland Cup for Penzance, The Mrs Magee Cup for the Young Bird average ,The North Region Cup best average over 4 channel races , The Newcombe Trophy (best average last 4 O/B and last 2 Y/B races) , R Moore &son Cup (Best average over Channel Championship races ), The E Hardy mem.Cup ( Best Average Last O/B and last Y/B races ), 3 bird Channel Championship Penzance ,1st Open Fermoy Classic , Old Bird Channel Champion West Section (tied with John Patterson), The H & S Muckle cup for the Penzance Classic , 1st West section in both Penzance and the Penzance Classic , 1st open 1st Navan Y/b&1st West section 2nd Thurles Y/B.


There were many other fanciers with outstanding results like the six lofts which had the first EDC bird in the INFC Nationals and were all well placed in the

National results these were;
Skibbereen Old Bird National -1st EDC Member- M Foulis (Dundonald ) 2nd North Section 6th Open
Sennen Cove Yearling National ----1st EDC Member -W Catherwood & sons (Ballynahinch ) 22nd Open 22nd North Section
Saint Allouestre King’s Cup --1st EDC member --A Crawford ( Ballylesson ) 3rd open 1st North Section
Lamballe Friendship National---- 1st EDC Member---T Marshall & son (Newtownbreda ) 6th open
Penzance YB National-- 1st EDC Member--Mackey & Lockhart (Ballylesson ) 5th open 5th North Section

Young Bird Skibbereen National--1st EDC Member --M Croskery (Annsborough ) 11th North Section


Then there was the very testing EDC St.Malo OB Derby with just the 2 birds in race time with the winners being J & R Young (Portavogie ) and John Trimble of Annalong with the second arrival.

The final performance that I will mention for this week is the winning of the Young Bird Derby from Talbenny by the Ballylesson partnership of K & B McConaghie & son for the 4th time in 5 years .



There were many other outstanding performances put up by Combine members and these are just highlights of a few .

A Colourful Afternoon at Ballylesson

Saturday November 25th saw me taking some birds up to Ballylesson for their show with a difference ,the classes (6 in all ) being for various colours and was sponsored by Philip Quinn (Blue Sky ) . The various classes were well represented and gave a sizeable task for judge Ken Keery and the club thanks both Ken for doing a great job and Philip Quinn for his generosity . Refreshments were on hand whilst judging was taking place and on a cold afternoon it was nice to be in the warmth .

The results of the various classes were ;

( Any age cock or hen ) red and mealy
1st P&C Johnston, 2nd C Browne , 3rd Myles, Kincaid, McCann ,Auld , 4th R Trimble
5th P&C Johnston , 4th C&D Smyth & sons , 7th C&D Smyth & sons , 8th C Browne
1st P&C Johnston 2nd P&C Johnston 3rd C&D Smyth & sons 4th P&C Johnston
5th Myles ,Kincaid, McCann, Auld , 6th R Trimble 7th C Browne 8th C Browne

Ash Dun or Grizzle ( any age cock or hen )
1st R Trimble 2nd H Ballantyne & son 3rd W Catherwood & Sons 4th C&D Smyth & sons
5th R Trimble 6th R Trimble 7th J Kirk & sons 8th R Trimble
1st W Catherwood & sons 2nd R Trimble 3rd C&D Smyth & sons 4th H Ballantyne & son
5th R Trimble 6th K & B McConaghie & son 7th W Catherwood& Sons 8th H Ballantyne & son

Pied (any age cock or hen )
1st J Patterson 2nd Myles,Kincaid,Mc Cann,Auld 3rd J&S Albert & sons 4th J Patterson
5th C Browne 6th Myles ,Kincaid,Mc Cann,Auld 7th McComb bros 8th H Ballantyne & son
1st J Patterson 2nd Myles,Kincaid,Mc Cann,Auld 3rd J&S Albert & sons
4th J Patterson 5th Myles,Kincaid,Mc Cann,Auld 6th C Browne 7th Mc Comb bros
8th R Trimble
BIS --- John Patterson


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