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The Joe Murphy Column

Received a letter from Jim from Larne in Northern Ireland who wrote ‘Mr Murphy, your weather chart in BHW 21st April 2017 was SPOT ON; the N.I.P.A where racing from Gowran Park in Eire a distance of 160 miles. On release into light wind and the birds were slow to clear, with a ‘dead’ sky and dull. After 4 hours we timed our first bird with large gaps between all the birds with some fanciers reporting awful returns for example; 20 home from 50 and in one instance 1 from 100. I wish the powers in charge would read your Space Weather report. Best wishes and keep up the good work yours Jim’.

First race of the Season

For the first old bird race of the season from Lauder a distance of nearly 60 miles 4 members sent 71 birds with the convoy being liberated at 08-45am with no wind at the race point. Taking the 1st and 3rd positions is Kevin J Murphy with his winner a yearling chequer cock who won this same race as a youngster last year. He was bred by Joe Murphy and is inbred to Tom & Scott McEwen of Elphinstone’s good SNFC Silver winner ‘TMAC’ who won 4 times in the SNFC and unfortunately was lost going for his Gold Award last year. Second place is a new member to the club Glen Cameron the son of Charlie (another club member) Glen flew his pigeons in Aberdeen these past few years (and did very well winning the North section TWICE in the SNFC) He timed a dark chequer yearling cock bred by his dad Charlie from a son of Jos winner of 1st & 2nd section C SNFC and Serendipity 3 times in the first 15 open positions of SNFC including 11th open Reims when paired to a daughter of the ‘Kanon’ of Danny Van Dyck . Kevin was 3rd with a 2 year old cock inbred to his good cock ‘Rocket’ a 7 times SNFC winner for him. Sire of the 2 year old was a brother to Rocket when mated to Little Rachel winner of 4th open SNFC Alencon flying 573 miles. The dam of the 2 year old is a daughter of Rocket when he was mated to a direct daughter of Petite Rose winner of 1st open SNFC Tours 611 miles for Tom & Scott McEwen mentioned above. While on about the McEwen family our best wishes go to Marlene who assists Tom & Scott with the pigeons. Last week while the birds were out they were attacked by a goshawk and a sparrow hawk in the back garden. Marlene saw this happen and ran down the garden to chase the attackers away but tripped and fell and cracked her ribs. Needless to say this is very sore and she has difficulty breathing and is going to have to take it easy for a while. Regarding the birds 2 were badly damaged with another 2 injured and may not make it back into the race team. To the McEwen family we send our very best wishes and hope Marlene’s health recovers and the season improves for them as they are one of the nicest families you could wish to meet.

Tom McEwen see text


Angus Federation sent 749 birds to Lauder with No Wind at the race point the birds were released at 08-45am with David J Liddle of Forfar topping the federation with the only pigeon doing a velocity over 1204. David is also 5th 10th 12th 16th & 19th federation. Club mate Ian Scott is 2nd 6th 7th 8th & 9th with Bob Baldie of the same club in 3rd 4th 13th 14th 15th 17th & 19th federation Macaulay Ferguson & Curran also from the Forfar club are 11th & 20th.

The East Section winners are as follows; the top spot goes to Kevin J Murphy of Arbroath with his 2nd pigeon in 9th section place. Arbroath’s Charlie Cameron is in 2nd place with his son Glen who has moved back down to the Angus Federation from Aberdeen in 3rd place.  D & D Hay of Gourdon club are 4th & 5th with G Campbell of Montrose club in 6th spot. Eddie Main of Gourdon is in 7th place with Chick and Ann Carrie of Inchcape club in 8th & 10th east section. Kevin informs me that Ann Carrie has not been well of late and will have to take it a little easier so we ALL wish you a speedy recovery Ann and please take it easy. Kevin also informs me that his club mate Bill Dorward is not keeping great at this time and I know he is in everyone’s thoughts and prayers and we are thinking of you Bill.

Club winners are as follows: Forfar 518 bird’s winner David J Liddle: Arbroath 71 bird’s winner Kevin J Murphy: Inchcape 56 birds winner Glen Cameron; Gourdon 91 birds winner D & D Hay; Montrose 69 birds winner G Campbell.

Almond Valley Federation

East Calder RPC news from Jimmy Young who writes ‘Hi Joe please find the result of our Stobs Camp race on Saturday 22nd April with 4 members sending 101 birds. Mr & Mrs Fleming had a good race being 1st 4th 5th & 6th with their winner a 2 year old black hen doing 1178 velocity. 2nd place is won by R Anderson with a dark chequer yearling hen and Freddy Jamieson & son are 3rd with a blue GB rung yearling cock. From what I can make out it has been a good race which is pleasing. I am going to send you the Almond Valley Federation result each week when I receive it, I will try and get some more on the winning pigeons but I depend on the fanciers to let me know (good luck Jimmy as sometimes this is like trying to get blood from a stone).

East of Scotland Federation news from John Baillie with the Tow Law race where the birds are liberated at 08-10am into light North West wind; Taking the top spot this week is Spider Rowley of Prestonpans with a 2 year old hen, who the previous week won 4th open she is from Cooreman breeding. In 2nd, 3rd and 10th open is John Bird also of Prestonpans. With Jim McNeil of Tranent taking 4th position and Graham Wardhaugh of Dirleton is 5th open with the same hen that was 2nd open last week.  The 6th, 7th & 8th positions go to yours truly John Baillie of Tranent. The cock that wins 6th open was 3rd open in the previous week’s race and the cock that was 8th open won 5th open last week. Filling the 9th open position is the husband and wife team of Mr & Mrs Burgess from Ormiston.
Prestonpans Homing Club result has the 1st & 2nd places going to John Bird with 2 yearling cock’s the winner is bred from the last son from Bits & Pieces a previous winner of the BHW/Joe Murphy Sporting Challenge when paired to a Dutch rung hen on loan from Jimmy Mark of Tranent. This is the same family that Jimmy bred his 3rd open SNFC Roye winner from. The 2nd position winner was another blue cock bred from a Belgium rung Frans Laerman when paired to a hen bred from Premier Lofts being a Herman Ceusters crossed Laerman. These Laermans were obtained from A Fagg & Son. The 3rd position goes to John Baillie with the same cock who won 3rd federation last week. He is a grandson of Village Lad bred by Fred Jamieson. Piece of news Joe the club is having a young bird sale on Sunday 7th May for funds with ALL club members donating a bird, also the usual gifts from top fanciers out with the club.  SNFC prize winners are amongst those fanciers whose birds will be in the sale which starts at 7pm sharp and viewing is from 6pm in the Castlepark Bowling Club. The usual good refreshments, will be available from the bar yours in sport John Baillie’.


Dunfermline LRPS news from David Kennedy who writes ‘We had 8 members sending 217 birds and taking the first 3 positions this week is Frank Mitchell; His 1st bird with a velocity of 1089.83 is a 3 year old cock on roundabout he is a grandson of the late Jock Traill’s 1st open SNFC Nantes winner when paired to his 1st open SNFC Niort winner. The 2nd & 3rd birds have the same velocity of 1089.48 with the 2nd bird a yearling hen on roundabout again bred from his Jock Traill family of pigeons. The 3rd bird is a 2 year old late bred hen on roundabout from a grandson of Jock Trails 1st open Nantes when mated to his 1st open Niort winner and a sister to  Frank’s 1st section C winner from Ancenis in 2016 with the SNFC.
This week’s nomination is won by Andy Ritchie with John Robertson taking the 2 bird prize. That’s it for this week yours David’. I’ve included a picture of this week’s winner Frank Mitchell taken on a loft visit a few weeks ago with my friend Bob Farmer who is restarting up in the sport.

Frank Mitchell see Dunfermline text

Pentland Hills Federation

News from Andy Miller who writes ‘Hi Joe the Federation had 13 clubs sending 2806 birds to Tow Law, liberated at 08-10 hours into a light north-west wind. The federation winner is Willie Smith from Danderhall who timed his 2 year old widowhood cock with a velocity of 1264. He is bred from stock from the late Tam Young from Danderhall from his original Walters & Broadhurst Wildermeersch family. This bird is a brother to last year’s midweek yearling race winner from Peterborough. 2nd & 3rd positons go to L Mitchell of Castlebrae club with A Young of Danderhall in 4th place. The Brown & Black partnership from Woodburn club are 5th with Willie Pryde and son John of Easthouses taking the next 4 places and Andy Miller of Sighthill makes up the top 10 position.   The 1st to 10th in the federation are the same as the New Lothian.

New Lothian RPC had 64 lofts sending 1703 birds to Tow Law with the convoy liberated at 08-10 hours into a light north-west wind. Taking top spot and winning £153 for his efforts is W Smith of Danderhall with a velocity of 1264. 2nd & 3rd positons go to L Mitchell of Castlebrae club with A Young of Danderhall in 4th place. The Brown & Black partnership from Woodburn club are 5th with Willie Pryde and son John of Easthouses taking the next 4 places and Andy Miller of Sighthill makes up the top 10 position.

Club Winners are as follows;

Danderhall 630 birds; 1st Smith 1264 2nd Young 1254 3rd Anderson 1237

Castlebrae 90 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd L Mitchell 1257.4 -1257.1 & 1171

Woodburn 173 birds; 1st & 2nd Brown & Black 1251 & 1218 3rd Allen 1208 Easthouses 337 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd W. Pryde & Son 1250 -1249.9 &1249.5

Sighthill 154 birds; 1st Miller 1244 2nd & 3rd Girdwood 1238 - 1237

Bonnyrigg 177 birds; 1st Brown 1223 2nd Neill 1216 3rd Watson 1215

Edinburgh Premier 297 birds; 1st McFarlane 1195.6 2nd Dick 1195.4 3rd Gilchrist 1193

Edinburgh West 159 birds; 1st Bennett 1186 2nd Ramage 1145 3rd McLaughlin 1143

Loanhead 146 birds; 1st Simpson 1128 2nd & 3rd Murray 1120 -1119

Rosewell 77 birds;

Peebles 33 birds;

New Lothian 75 birds;

Traprain 400 birds;

Others 58 birds;

Lanarkshire Federation

Cambusnethan & Morningside club news from Andrew Eadie who writes ‘Hi Joe hope all is well and you are living life to the full; with racing underway for the 2017 season here is a rundown of the winners over the last 2 weeks. On Saturday the 15th of April racing with the Lanarkshire Fed from Longtown the 3430 birds were liberated at 11-00 hours into a North West wind. For our first race we had 25 members sending 550 birds. Winning 1st club and 1st section & 7th open are Eadie & Kelly with blue chequer Vandenabeele raced on roundabout. 2nd & 3rd club 11th & 13th open is Tam Richardson with the Eadie & Kelly partnership being 4th club and section and 18th open.


Andrew Eadie with his club winner Lanarkshire text           -         First 2 birds home see Lanarkshire text

On Saturday the 22nd April again from Longtown the convoy of 4995 birds was liberated at 10-00 hours into a North West wind with 25 members sending 563 birds. Taking 1st & 3rd club 1st & 5th section & 15th & 35th open is the partnership of Eadie & Kelly with the winner ‘Krugar’ raced on the roundabout. 2nd club 3rd section 33rd open is Tam McGinn with 4th club 6th section & 36th open being won by Tam Richardson. Hope this is sufficient for you Joe and good to join your well-read column on our Scottish pigeons, yours Andrew’.

North of Scotland Federation

News from George Duthie who forwarded the federation result which informs us that 67 members sent 1795 birds to Brechin and the convoy were liberated into a light west to south west wind. The first 2 places in the East section and open are won by W & A Ross of Inverurie with the winner doing 1628.4 and the runner up on 1612.7 the partnership are also 6th section and open. The 3rd 4th & 5th east section and open are the husband and wife partnership of Jim & Ann Donaldson of Peterhead with Chris Donaldson of the same club in 7th & 8th section and open. Another Peterhead member G Findlay is 9th & 10th section and open.

The West Section had 36 members sending 778 birds with P Sherman of Devern Valley in 1st 2nd & 3rd section and 32nd 33rd & 34th open positions. W Smith of the same club is 4th west section 35th open with J Abel of the same Devern Valley club is 5th 6th & 8th west section 36th 37th & 39th open with A Milne also from Devern Valley winning 7th 9th & 10th west section and 38th 40th & 41st open.

Club Winners; W & A Ross of Inverurie; Peterhead & District; J & A Donaldson; Fraserburgh & District  A W Buchan; Fraserburgh West End R Barclay; Devern Valley P Sherman; Keith R Wilson; Buckie & District J Reid; Forres, Nairn & Inverness C Reid.

Well done to all the club winners with special praise to W & A Ross on topping the federation and P Sherman on winning the west section. Hope this is to your satisfaction Joe all the best to you and Kevin for a good season George Duthie’.


Good SNFC Birds

This will be my last week of highlighting these good Scottish National pigeons as I’m not finding it harder to find the time to do my article with all the results that are now coming in. Therefore I will cover 4 pigeons who compete in the Fife federation these being 2 from Jim Doig of Cardenden the first is a chequer cock SU12F 2765 who as a yearling won 80th section C 245th open from Maidstone a distance of 376 miles. The following year he won 55th section C 168th open from Billericay a distance of 349 miles then last year 2016 he won 8th section C 24th open from Reims a distance of 568 miles. His second pigeon is a dark chequer cock SU14F 4126 who as a yearling won 10th section C 24th open Clermont a distance of 526 miles then last year he won 21st section C 69th open from the Roye national flying 511 miles, he therefore now requires one more section prize to win a SNFC Silver Award with the national and we wish Jim and his pigeon all the best. Our next Fife fancier is Brian Kinnear of Pitlessie whose blue bar cock SU12F 1257 has won 3 times from inland national races. As a yearling he won 89th section C 269th open from Maidstone a distance of 381 miles, then in 2014 he won 47th section C 200th open from Buckingham flying 307 miles then in 2016 he won 89th section C 331st open from Buckingham so requires 2 more inland section prizes to win a Bronze Award. The 4th pigeon I’m going to highlight is raced by Stewart Donaldson of Blairgowrie (who won 1st open SNFC Nantes in 1988 when he flew in partnership with Len Downie) His black chequer cock SU14F 2023 won twice as a yearling from inland nationals these being Portsmouth a distance of 408 miles where he won 2nd section C 24th open then he went to Eastbourne flying 430 miles and won 5th section C 13th open. In 2016 he was sent to the Buckingham race and won 99th section C 371st open flying 331 miles so like Brian above requires 2 more inland national section wins to a Bronze Award so wish Stewart all the best.

Joe’s Joke

A mother was making pancakes for her sons Kevin 5 and Ryan 3. The boys began to argue over who would get the first pancake. Their mother saw the opportunity for a moral lesson and said, ‘If Jesus was sitting here he would say ‘Let my brother have the first pancake, I CAN WAIT’. Kevin turned to his younger brother and said ‘Ryan you be Jesus’.

Please continue to keep the news flowing; to Joe Murphy Mystical Rose Cottage 2 Flutorum Avenue Thornton by Kirkcaldy KY1 4BD or phone 01592 770331 or Email to joejmurphy1@gmail.com REMEMBER THE J IN THE MIDDLE or log onto www.elimarpigeons.com www.fancierchat.co.uk www.pigeon-chat.co.uk and www.Pigeonbasics.com - Pigeon Racing the Basics! Who wish my weekly contribution portfolio on pigeon topics from Scotland

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