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The Joe Murphy Column

Kevin’s federation were racing from Leicester on the 3rd June with 404 birds liberated at 08-15 hours into a west wind this was the same day as the Scottish national who were racing from Buckingham with 495 members sending 4169 birds. These were liberated at the same time of 08-15 into a light moderate west wind. So with both races on the same day Margaret and I looked forward to spending the afternoon in Kevin’s back garden watching for the race birds. When we arrived Kevin informed us that the Scottish national pigeons where being timed in the Solway and Scottish borders area between 1 and 2 o’clock so they would not be long till they would be up in his area. As we settled down to look for the birds just after 3pm Margaret said ‘There’s 2 birds’ as they dropped onto the loft, I shouted to Kevin here is another 2 and all 4 were in the ETS clock in less than a minute and as it happened Kevin won the 1st x 4 places in the club. The winner sire is a full brother to our 4th open SNFC Alencon Gold Cup winner at 573 miles. Dam is a Ritchie & Whyte hen who is the dam of our 18th open Ypres, 19th open Clermont, 86th & 134th open Alencon and has turned out to be one of our top stock hens. The 2nd club winner was bred by my good friend Rob Glover of Nuneaton and she won 159th open SNFC Billericay and has flown Ypres and Roye for us. The 3rd pigeon is from a Guy Reed cock a son of Champion ‘Wingdown’ when he was mated to our 4th open SNFC Alencon winner. The 4th placed bird is the same way bred as the winner being down from the Ritchie & White hen when she was mated to a direct son of ‘Robbie’s Boy’ winner of 1st open SNFC Falaise for Gilmour Brothers of Leven. Kevin had full returns with his 25 birds all home from Leicester with one badly injured having a cut across the chest which could have been done by hitting wires and she had to be stitched up. His Ancenis candidate for this year returned minus some tail feathers so may miss this longest race but might make the Falaise national which is the last old bird race; overall he was happy at his returns. Then 20 minutes later at 15-22 as Kevin was in the loft attending to the Leicester birds Margaret said loudly there is a blue hen on the way into the loft. This turned out to be his first national pigeon from Buckingham and 10 minutes later her sister drop onto the loft and 6 minutes later he timed a yearling hen; and he finished up with 17 home from his entry of 20 birds at the national, so was very pleased with his bird’s efforts on the day. Kevin ended up winning 2nd Angus federation 37th section C 112th open with his first bird she is a half-sister to ‘Lucky’ (same dam) who won 4 times for us in SNFC inland racing. Her mother is named ‘Jenny’ and was bred by fellow scribe Adrian Duggins from his Leo Van Rijn bloodlines and I named her after Adrian’s late wife. The sire of the blue hen was a direct Leo Van Rijn cock I purchased from Holland with the help of Adrian. Kevin’s 2nd pigeon is a full sister to his first bird and she won 70th section C 202nd open and this is her 2nd national certificate as she won 63rd open from Ypres last year. The yearling hen won 88th section C 273rd open and is a full sister to the bird I presented to Blackpool Show of the Year 2 years ago. Her sire is a direct Bernard Deweerdt bred pigeon being a son of ‘Clovis’ one of Bernard’s top racing cocks. The mother of the yearling is a red hen bred by my good friend Mark Gower and is from a son of Kedirtje a winner for Bernard Deweerdt. Mark’s hen is turning out to be a ‘Gold Mine’ at stock. Congratulations to ALL the fanciers who made the SNFC result however I would like to say how happy I was in seeing the west section fanciers having a good day by winning the race. This is long overdue and these lads have a hard race programme in the national as 9 times out of 10 their birds have to finish off their race heading into a WEST wind which makes it nearly impossible to win the national. So hat’s off to these lads when they do well congratulation to each person who made the national result. The outright winners of the SNFC need no introduction to the pigeon sport as they are household names throughout the UK and beyond. Father George; son Willie & grandson Paul Macaloney of Airdrie win 1st & 6th open so well done lads. I have heard don’t know if it is true or not that George is in hospital at the moment if so this will be the perfect ‘pick me up’ he requires. P White of Hamilton is 2nd open with S Fleming of Bathgate winning 1st section D and 3rd open. SNFC secretary Mary Pryde partner Jimmy Smith and partner of Polmont are 4th open and my good friends Jock & Willie Strang & son Tyron of California winning 5th open well done to one and all. East of Scotland press officer John Baillie of Tranent is 1st section B 8th open John has kindly forwarded a photograph of his winning blue hen. Dave Baldie who is having a hard time just now with the passing of his dear wife wins 1st section C and is 11th open. First section A 25th open is W F Van Nuil of Gretna with A Howie of Saltcoats winning 1st section F 56th open; 1st section G 328th open flying 361 miles are E & K Elliott of Aberdeen; well done to all the above fanciers and to everyone else who make the open result this turned out to be a good race and many of these birds will go back to the 2nd inland national from Portsmouth on the 17th June (this weekend so good luck to one and all)

John Baillie's 1st section B 8th open SNFC Buckingham see text


Angus Federation

Arbroath Racing Pigeon Society from the 6th old bird race of the season from Newark a distance of 250 miles 4 members sent 63 birds these were liberated at 06-00am with No wind at the race point. Kevin Murphy continued on his winning ways with a ‘flier’ as this chequer hen won the club by 24 minutes AND a velocity of 115 yards per minute on the 2nd bird. She also won 2 x 1st clubs as a youngster and was raced out to SNFC Roye 540 miles as a yearling. Her ring number is 792 and our national winner Mystical Rose number was 12792 so Kevin has named this hen ‘Rose’ in memory of our very special hen. Rose is bred from a Crammond & Langstaff of Fontwell cock who contains the very best of Euro Diamond bloodlines. While her dam was a direct Bernard Deweerdt hen I purchased when visiting Kortemark. She is from a brother to IBAN when mated back into the old Deweerdt lines. Unfortunately this hen passed away last year at the age of 5 years old in my stock loft. The winner has also topped the Angus federation which takes some doing believe me so well done Kevin. 2nd & 3rd club is Glen Cameron with 2 yearlings

Angus federation liberated their convoy of   birds at Newark at 06-00 am with no wind at the liberation site, this was a good decision as quite a number of organisations did not basket their birds for a Saturday race and flew on the Sunday instead. Topping the federation is Kevin J Murphy of Arbroath with David J Liddle of Forfar 2nd 5th 9th & 15th open Ian Scott of the same club is 3rd 4th 10th 12th 16th & 17th open with Bob Baldie again from Forfar is in 6th 11th 18th 19th & 20th open. Macaulay Ferguson and Curran of Forfar are 7th open. East Section winners are Kevin Murphy in 1st & 6th section with Les McKay of Inchcape in 2nd place M Wallace of Montrose is 3rd with Glen Cameron of Arbroath club in 4th 5th & 9th positions. D & D Hay of Gourdon are 7th with Charlie Cameron of Arbroath 8th section and the remaining position is won by G McKenzie of Inchcape club.

Club winners are as follows: Forfar 354 bird’s winner D J Liddle: Arbroath 63 bird’s winner Kevin J Murphy: Inchcape 54 birds winner L McKay; Gourdon 20 birds winner D & D Hay; Montrose 31 birds winner G Campbell.

The Grampian Combine held their race from Newark with 72 members sending 1189 birds these were liberated at 06-00 hours into a light south east wind. Taking the top spot and also 8th position is Bruce McKenzie of Dundee with John Duthie of the same City winning 2nd 4th & 7th places. Another Dundee member Kris Duncan is 3rd & 10th with Steward Davie again from Dundee in 5th spot he is followed by another city loft of Hansen Brothers with Kevin Murphy the only Angus federation member to make the top ten in 9th place. Bruce wins the Grampian Yearling Cup well done Bruce.

From the Angus federation Leicester race the winner is past SNFC Ypres winner Davie Glen of Forfar he is also 16th open. The partnership of Macaulay Ferguson & Curran of the same club are 2nd & 4th with Bob Baldie in 3rd 5th  & 9th open Ian Scott had a good race winning 6th 7th 8th 15th 19th & 20th federation with David J Liddle of the same club being 10th 11th 12th 13th 17th & 18th open thus making up the top 20 positions.

East Section winners are as follows; 1st M Wallace & son of Montrose; 2nd 3rd 4th & 5th is Kevin J Murphy of Arbroath with Glen Cameron of Inchcape club in 6th 8th 9th & 10th section and his dad Charlie Cameron of Arbroath club splits him up by taking 7th section.

Club winners are as follows: Forfar 238 bird’s winner Davie Glen: Arbroath 49 bird’s winner Kevin J Murphy: Inchcape 56 birds winner G Cameron; Gourdon 17 birds winner D & D Hay; Montrose 44 birds winner M Wallace & son.

Almond Valley Federation

Balerno were at Wakefield on Sunday 28th May with 7 members sending 125 birds these were liberated into a North West wind and 1st place goes to Colin Ross with a yearling chequer cock flying to his nest box. He is bred from Kit Carson’s 1st open combine winner crossed Bobby Caruthers’s blood lines and was doing a velocity of 1145. In 2nd place is yours truly Colin Bain with a blue chequer pied hen who is granddaughter of Robert Cormack’s famous ‘Barney’ crossed with a granddaughter of Richard Combes Gold Award winner and was sent sitting 14 days on egg and was doing a velocity of 1121. 3rd & 4th is Douglas Bald with a 2 year old chequer cock flying spare on 1118 was bought at the SHU sale. Douglas next bird is a blue yearling hen sitting on eggs she was doing 1110 well that’s it for another week Joe all the best wishes to you and Kevin for the inland national yours Colin B’

Ayrshire Federation

News from Archie McIntyre the federation race secretary who informs us that for the 5th race of the season from Wetherby the race marking was delayed 24 hours due to the poor forecast up the east side of the country for Saturday. Glasgow and South Lanarkshire Federations were also at Wetherby this weekend and it had been agreed we would be having a joint liberation. This was a good decision as all the birds were heading over to the west side of the country. Word came through from our race controller Jim O’Hare informing us that the convoy of 661Ayrshire birds in conjunction with Glasgow and South Lanarkshire Federations had been liberated at 09-45 hours into a light south west wind for the journey of between 154 miles to 189 miles for the Ayrshire members. Leading the pack this week and taking 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th Federation is Andy Barbour of West Kilbride to record his 2nd x 1st federation win in 2 weeks. Andy’s close neighbour and club mate Tom Smith also had a great race taking, 2nd, 3rd, 10th and 12th to make it a clean sweep of the top 12 positions to these two Dalry HS members. The winner of 1st federation Wetherby doing a velocity of 1399 ypm for Andy is a 2 year old hen flying on the roundabout system. She certainly stepped up a notch from her previous week’s race from Sedgefield (153 miles) when she won 9th federation from an entry of 1,104 birds. Her sire is a grandson of Hardy Kruger’s top pigeons ‘Black Pearl’ who is in turn a direct son of Hardy ‘Black Power’.  The dam is a pigeon that was down on loan from Andy’s good friend Archie McIntyre of Largs. This hen was bred down from a pair of pigeons that originated from the very successful national partnership of Mr & Mrs Little of Eastriggs and are children from their national winners, 1st open SNRPC Cholet 556 miles (only bird on the day) and 1st open SNFC Newbury and 1st open SNFC Falaise. Taking 2nd & 3rd federation is the ever consistent fancier this year namely Tom Smith his first bird on 1396 velocity is a dark chequer cock flying on the roundabout. His sire is a mealy Tom bred for stock from his good mealy cock that originated from the lofts of J Dalgleish of Ecclefechan and is bred down off ‘Howden Gold’. This prolific racer that won 1st open Falaise, 3rd open Falaise, 110th open Alencon and 37th open Reims to name a few of the outstanding performances this hen put up. The dam is a Corbett Busschaert originating from Louella Lofts and this was a stray pigeon Tom got in and reported. The owner asked Tom if he knew of any young kid in the sport who would like the pigeon, as Tom liked the pigeon so much himself he knew just the young kid who would take it, ‘himself’. The bird was later transferred to himself and what a goldmine this pigeon has turned out to be for Tom as her blood is in most of his top performing pigeons these days. Tom’s 3rd federation Wetherby winner on 1395 ypm is a mealy cock again flying on the roundabout. His sire is the same bird that bred the above winner for Tom and was mated to a hen bred down from Denis Dall of Ladybank national winning bloodlines.

In and around the Clubs starting with the

North Section (326 birds)

Dalry (143 birds) 1st A Barbour 1399, 2nd & 3rd T Smith 1396, 1395

Ardeer (108 birds) 1st J & J & C Nicol 1358, 2nd J Donald 1343, 3rd A Howie 1161

Kilwinning (55 birds) 1st & 2nd J & T Davidson 1201, 1168, 3rd J McNeil 1142

Central Section (140 birds)

Irvine (57 birds) 1st Black & Murray 1360, 2nd & 3rd H Pollock 1283, 1207

Crosshouse (32 birds) 1st, 2nd & 3rd I Noble 1166, 1163, 1151

Kilmarnock (19 birds) 1st & 2nd T Logan 1293, 1215, 3rd J Neil 1192

Darvel (52 birds) 1st & 3rd Cowan & Findlay 1320, 1289, 2nd J & R Bryson 1291

South Section (195 birds)

Mauchline (24 birds) 1st E Stewart 915, 2nd & 3rd J Watters 832, 810

Cumnock (13 birds) 1st, 2nd & 3rd J Caldwell 1042.8, 1042.0, 894

Dalmellington (21 birds) 1st M McLarty 1109

Carrick (46 birds) 1ST J Cannon 1016, 2nd Jamieson & Cameron 936, 3rd H Gray 909

Annbank (52 birds) 1st D Graham 1147, 2nd D Harris 1115, 3rd B Lenachan 980

Whitletts (39 birds) 1st & 2nd M Brown 1337, 1182, 3rd Cuthbert & Cree 988

East of Scotland Federation news from John Baillie of Tranent who writes ‘Hi Joe please find our federation open result from Leicester. Convoyer John Parry had the birds away at 05-40 hours into a south east wind and this weeks open winner is yours truly John Baillie; I also take 2nd, 3rd, 8th and 10th positions. Jim McNeil also of Tranent comes in at 4th and 7th positions and as a matter of interest the 4th open pigeon was bred from a pair Jim was gifted from Jimmy Mark also from Tranent (the Marky Stud). Dougie Grieve our president of Longniddry is 5th and 6th open with Tam Davidson (Davidson Partners) filling the 9th position. When we were doing the clocks Joe the returns were not good, but going by what I have heard Sunday's racing have experienced the exact same losses. Taking to fanciers over the UK it has been the same all over the weekend.

Prestonpans HC. This week winner is yours truly John Baillie who takes the first 3 positions in the club. My winner is a yearling hen who previously won 3rd open Newark as a youngster. She is bred from a son of my House of Aarden pair purchased down from Padfield Invincible. The dam is a daughter of my SNFC Silver Award winner ‘Parksyde Ambition’. The 2nd bird over the pad was the cock that won 22nd open SNFC Ancenis and he also has Padfield Invincible in his breeding. He was bred by I Cousin & Son of Wales. The 3rd bird timed is a 2 year old daughter of the 2nd pigeon when he was bred with another bird from I Cousin & son, (unfortunately she was lost when trying to settle the birds at Tranent).This hen flew SNFC Buckingham and Roye as a yearling for me. Well that's it for this week Joe, still waiting on birds from Saturday's race, but that's pigeon racing now, hard to accept but that's the way it is these days; all the best to you and Kevin for the nationals John B’. 

Fife Federation

Glenrothes & Leslie PC had 5 members sent 161 birds to Wakefield with the 1st bird going to Brian Kinnear (he actually had the first five winners (Well done Brian Joe M) The winner is a 2 year old blue cock who was mated to a late bred hen at the start of the season and reared 2 young birds but she was lost from a training toss in April. She returned injured 3 weeks later however the blue cock now had another hen which won 3rd club Roye last year. Brian put the late bred hen in his box 2 hours before basketting to motivate his new hen but it was the blue cock that was the 1st bird home as a matter of interest he is bred from the last daughter of Stitchy. 2nd club winner is another 2 year old chequer cock bred from a Vandenabeele hen from John Anderson of Anstruther. The 3rd winner is a yearling blue cock, his dam was bred by Frank Mitchell of Comrie from his Silver Award winner and all 3 cocks are raced on roundabout; cheers Joe yours Rosie’.
Dunfermline LRPS news from David Kennedy who writes ‘Hi Joe please find details of our winners from the Leicester old bird open race we had 7 members sending 145 birds. Taking 1st & 2nd places this week with velocities of 1193 & 1171 ypm is Frank Mitchell with his winner a yearling roundabout hen bred by Andrew Lawley of Elson from his M & D Evans family of pigeons. This hen has won 1st Berwick (2) and 3rd club Ripon this year, his 2nd bird is 2 year old roundabout hen from his Jock Trail family of birds. Taking 3rd spot is Andy Ritchie with a velocity of 1168 ypm he timed a homebred yearling hen sitting on 4 day eggs her bloodlines being down through Frank Mitchell Jocky King stock. This week’s nomination was won by Eddie McWilliams and Walker & David Kennedy Loft 1 wins the 2 bird. From the Buckingham race 7 members sent 102 birds. Taking the red card is Eddie McWilliams with a velocity of 1362 ypm he timed a homebred 2 year old cock sitting on 8 day eggs, with the bloodline being Davie Hunter of Plean this bird previously won 2nd club Ripon. Andy Ritchie takes 2nd place with a velocity of 1314 ypm this bird won 3rd club Leicester last week. This homebred yearling hen was sent sitting11 day eggs. 3rd spot goes to Frank Mitchell with a velocity of 1301 ypm he timed a yearling roundabout hen bred by Andrew Lawley of Elson from his M & D Evans family. This week’s nomination and 2 bird were won by Eddie McWilliams; regards David’.

Fife Federation race from Leicester had 71 members sending 1690 birds these were liberated at 06-45 hours into a west wind. Taking top spot is R Anderson of St Andrews who also wins the east section as do the first 5 birds in the race. 2nd is Dave Baldie with near neighbour John Harcus in 3rd place Davie Jack of Tayport is 4th with Brian Chalmers of Kennoway. First & 2nd centre section 6th & 18th open is Erskine & son of Novar club. Jock Hynd & son Ian (who is the race controller and does a good job) are 1st & 2nd west section 7th & 8th open with Jock Brockie of Lochgelly club in 3rd west section 16th open. Alistair McCudden of Crossgates club is 4th west section 17th open with Jim Doig making up the 5th west section positon in 24th open place.

From the Buckingham race flown on the same day in conjunction with the SNFC the convoy were liberated at 08-45 into a west wind. Topping the federation and east section is Dave Baldie of St Andrew with the only pigeon doing 1400 yards a minute well done Dave. Brian Chalmers is 2nd section and 2nd open with Stuart Donaldson of Perth winning 1st west section 3rd open. Young bird national winner Willie Hay is 3rd east section 4th open with Jock Hynd & son Ian of the west section being 2nd & 3rd section and 5th & 6th open. Eddie McWilliams of Oakley is 7th open and 4th west section with Jock Brockie of Lochgelly club in 8th open and he wins 5th west section. A Whittaker is 4th & 6th east section and 9th open and Sean Diamond of Kennoway makes up the top ten in the open and is also 5th east section.  Dave Baldie is 7th east section followed by last year’s SNFC Roye winner Jocky Scott of Kennoway in 8th section place. John Harcus of St Andrews is 9th section with Tam Cook of Kennoway in 10th place. Continuing with the west section Allister McCudden is 5th with George Anderson of Perth club in 6th 8th & 10th positions. Stuart Donaldson is 7th with Andy Ritchie in 9th spot

The Centre section is won by Brian Kinnear who is also 5th 8th & 10th with Turpie & McCord in 2nd 3rd 4th & 7th section and Bob Wilson is 7th with Mick McMurchie making up the top ten in 9th spot.

Lanarkshire Federation news from Andrew Eadie who wrote ‘Hi Joe hope enjoyed your well-earned vacation as you deserve it with the amount of work you do for the sport up here in Scotland. For 7th race of the season the pigeons were at Leicester a distance of 250 miles on Sunday 28th May and the convoy of 2478 birds were liberated at 06-15 hours into a west wind and this turned out to be a tough race. The club had 20 members sending 306 birds and taking 1st ,4th ,5th & 6th club,1st ,4th ,6th ,8th ,12th &14th section; 2nd ,11th ,18th ,27th ,37th & 38th open and winning the yearling average and with their 4th win of the season are the partnership of Eadie & Kelly. The winner a yearling hen was bred by J K Millar and is down from Lindelauf crossed Van Lint raced on the roundabout system. Our next 5 pigeons are all Vandenabeele’s bred down from Icon; Golden Gaby; Bo Jangles; Legend; Queen of Diamonds; Calvin; Sissi; Golden Son; Shadow and his brother Amocachi; Shadows Missile and Cruise Missile  which we believe there are NO Better Bloodlines! 2nd club 2nd section 3rd (equal) open J K Millar with a yearling blue chequer cock raced on the roundabout system and is the ‘uncle’ of our pigeon now named ‘Jack be Nimble’. 3rd club 3rd section 10th open is Willie Gilchrist with another yearling nest mate to our winner and again bred by J K Millar being a  Lindelauf crossed Van Lint. Lastly Joe a big THANK YOU to Jackie and Kevin Millar for breeding the 1st x 3 pigeons on a very testing race and well done to J Wilkinson on topping the federation and the other two section winners Eadie & Kelly of the East and Robertson & Scott of Larkhall for the West section. Next week we are at Buckingham with the SNFC so good luck to everyone yours Andrew Eadie’. Update; I noticed in the SNFC Buckingham result that Tam Richardson won 4th & 7th section E 7th & 17th open with the Eadie & Kelly partnership winning 6th section E 16th open with their 1st bird so well done to Tam & Andrew.


 North of Scotland federation birds at Consett on the 27th May

North of Scotland Federation

Received an email and some photographs from Tommy Diddle who wrote ‘Hi Joe I watched Davie Barrie liberate the North of Scotland federation birds at Consett on the 27th May and the birds cleared the site immediately kindest regards Tommy’.  News now from George Duthie with the Consett old bird federation result was 74 members sent 1483 birds these were liberated into a light south to south east wind. The west section member Ian Coull of Buckie & District won the section (41 members sent 661 birds) and open with a velocity of 1751. C McRae of Fraserburgh & District won 1st east section (33 members sent 822 birds) 2nd open with a velocity of 1741. 2nd & 3rd west section 3rd & 4th open is Ronnie Wilson of Keith club with C McRae of Fraserburgh & District in 2nd & 8th east section 5th & 11th open. J (Ian) Gibb of Fraserburgh & District is 3rd east section 6th open he is followed by the man himself George Duthie of Fraserburgh & District in 4th east section 7th open. Walter Masson of the same club is 5th & 7th east section 8th & 10th open with J S Robertson of Inverurie club making up the top 10 winning 9th open and 6th east section. W Henderson of Fraserburgh & District is 9th east section 12th open and A Higgins of the same club takes 10th & 11th section also being 13th & 14th open.  4th west section 21st open is A Milne of Devern Valley club. 5th & 6th west section 26th & 32nd open is I Coull of Buckie & District. J Abel of Devern Valley club is 7th west section 33rd open followed by club mate P Sherman who won 8th section 34th open he is followed by another 2 club mates in N Raymond who wins 9th section 35th open and A Wilson makes up the top 10 section places and is 36th open.

Clubs first bird are as follows;

Buckie & District won by I Coull

Devern Valley won by A Milne

Fraserburgh & District won by C McRae

Keith won by R Wilson

Inverurie won by W Henderson

Peterhead & District won by S Maskame

Elgin & District won by P W Thompson

Forres, Nairn & Inverurie won by S Taylor

Well done to Ian Coull on topping the federation and west section and to Colin McRae on Winning the East Section.

73 members sent 1025 birds to Ripon on 3rd June these were liberated in a No Wind at the race point but it was a light south east wind at the home end. The West section took the first 5 places in the open result they had 40 members sending 450 birds with R Wilson of Keith club winning both section and federation he is also 7th west section 10th open. A Milne of Devern Valley club is 2nd on both with club mate J Abel in 3rd & 8th west section places. A J Reid of Keith is 4th & 5th section and federation with C McRae of Fraserburgh & District 1st 2nd & 4th east section and 6th 7th & 11th open federation (east section had 33 members sending 575 birds) George Duthie of the same club in 3rd east section 8th open. G R Duncan of Keith club is 6th west section 9th open with A Wilson of Devern Valley club in 10th west section 15th open. A B Geddes of Fraserburgh & District is 5th east section 12th open followed by R Barclay of Fraserburgh West End club in 6th section 16th open. G Findlay of Peterhead & District is 7th & 9th east section 20th & 27th federation. A Foster of Inverurie club is 8th section 22nd open and W Henderson of Fraserburgh West End club makes up the top 10 section places and also wins 31st federation.

Clubs first bird are as follows;

Keith won by R Wilson

Devern Valley won by A Milne

Fraserburgh & District won by C McRae

Fraserburgh West End won by R Barclay

Peterhead & District won by G Findlay

Inverurie won by A Foster

Elgin & District won by P W Thompson

Forres, Nairn & Inverurie won by S Taylor

Buckie & District won by J Cumming

Well done to R Wilson on topping the federation and west section and to Colin McRae on winning the East Section. That’s me of another week Joe all the best to you and Kevin for the national races yours George Duthie’.

Pentland Hills Federation

News from Andy Miller who wrote ‘Hi Joe, what a nightmare of a race we had on Saturday, I took the first 5 in the club by over half an hour and currently have 45 home from 63 sent. I had 5 returned with hawk attacks and probably finished for the season. My returns are excellent compared to most fancier with one reported in Wrexham, a previous winner of 2 x 1st and last season and was my fancied bird for the Buckingham national this weekend, so its ‘Plan B’ I’m afraid. Anyway the federation and New Lothian winner for the second time this season and well done to Jimmy Rogers from Gilmerton who won the race by a good bit. He timed a 2 year old hen, unfortunately I've not been able to contact Jimmy for the details of his winner, however the federation result will follow as soon as I receive it yours Andy’. The Leicester old bird race was flown on Saturday 27th of May with the convoy of 2365 birds liberated at 05-40 am into a south east wind with 13 clubs sending. 1st and 5th open is Jimmy Rodgers of Danderhall club with G Bennett & son of Edinburgh Premier in 2nd place. D & J Allen of Woodburn club are 3rd with L Mitchell of Castlebrae club in 4th spot. Willie Pryde & son John of Easthouses are 6th with McCormack & Fraser of Castlebrae in 7th spot. Martin Bennett of Danderhall is 8th followed by club mates Willie Kinnear & son in 9th spot. W Hume of the same club makes up the top ten.

Club Winners are as follows;

Danderhall 488 Rogers 1816 Rogers 1723 Bennett 1717

Edinburgh Premier 191 G. Bennett 1799 Hutton & Son & McCaig 1701 McLaughlin 1647

Woodburn 88 Allen 1730 Allen 1643 Allen 1579

Castlebrae 80 L Mitchell 1728 McCormack & Fraser 1720 L. Mitchell 1708 Easthouses 293 W. Pryde & Son 1723 Blackhurst 1697 Milne 1678

Sighthill 181 Miller 1713 Miller 1712 Miller 1646

Bonnyrigg 202 Russell 1702 A. Dewar 1677 Brown 1667

Loanhead 144 Anderson 1685 Simpson 1681 Anderson 1661

Edinburgh West 72 Lamb 1683 Lamb 1682 Lamb 1656

Rosewell 73 Cunningham & Ness 1524

Peebles 27

New Lothian 67

Traprain 417 Hunter 1664 Flockhart 1639 Thomson 1638

Others 42

Pentland Hills Federation raced from Wetherby on 3rd June with 13 clubs sending 1388 birds a distance of 150 to 160 miles for the members; the convoy were liberated at 07-30 hours into a west wind.  Winning 1st federation and New Lothian are Owensen Bros from the Golden Mile of Gorebridge; they fly their birds in Danderhall club and won with a velocity of 1398.29. They timed a 2 year old widowhood cock called the Broken Leg Cock as he came back from Ridsdale in 2016 totally smashed up. He was put to aside for the whole season, but, like all birds we give them a chance as this boy has tremendous character about him. His sire is a direct Frans Timmermans from Holland and his dam is a direct Eric Devlaeminck from Belgium. She was given to Eric by Mick Betts of Doncaster. Returns were excellent with nearly all birds home within an hour of timing, yours Andy’. The 2nd federation pigeon belonging to Willie Kinnear & son of Danderhall was just pipped at the post as it had a winning velocity of 1398.22. Their club mates T Nolan & son is in 3rd place with A Dewar of Bonnyrigg in 4th spot followed by L Mitchell of Castlebrae. C Winter & son of Bonnyrigg are 6th with Danderhall’s A Young in 7th place. J Simpson of Loanhead is 8th followed by D & J Allen of Woodburn club just ahead of Helen Aitken & son in 10th place.

Club Winners are as follows;

Danderhall 319 birds; Owenson 1398.29 Kinnear 1398.22 Nolan 1397

Bonnyrigg 106 birds; A Dewar 1395 Winter 1390 Smith 1359

Castlebrae 40 birds; L Mitchell 1391 and 1291 A Mitchell 1269

Loanhead 83 birds; Simpson 1386 & 1297 Anderson 1267

Woodburn 105 birds; Allen 1384 Lapinski 1368 Halley & Kelly 1356

Sighthill 62 birds; Miller 1374 Girdwood 1346 & 1345

Easthouses 151 birds; J Pryde 1373 W Pryde & Son 1366 & 1348

Edinburgh Premier 95 birds; Gilchrist 1340 & 1323 Hutton & Son & McCaig 1327

Rosewell 45 birds; Power 1295 Cunningham & Ness 1204 G Tytler 1192

Edinburgh West 80 birds; Bennett 1287 & 1270 McLaughlin 1255

Peebles 31 birds;

New Lothian 49 birds;

Traprain 222 birds; Thomson 1320 Bosworth 1317 & 1316

Others 42

New Lothian RPC from the Leicester race the winner and 4th & 10th places go to Jimmy Rogers of Danderhall club. D & J Allen of Woodburn are 2nd with L Mitchell of Castlebrae club in 3rd place. Willie Pryde & son of Easthouses are 5th with McCormack & Fraser of Castlebrae club in 6th spot. M Bennett of Danderhall is 7th with Willie Kinnear & Son of Danderhall in 8th place followed by club mate W Hume in 9th place.

Joe’s Joke

For those of you who watch what you eat, here's the final word on nutrition and health. It's a relief to know the truth after all those conflicting nutritional studies.

1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits. 
2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits.

3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits.
4. The Italians drink a lot of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits.

5. The Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer    fewer heart attacks than Brits.
 CONCLUSION:  Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you.


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