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Reports by Joe Murphy


Received the following from David Liddle who wrote ‘Hi Joe, I’m sorry this is a bit late but I have been meaning to send details of the trophy presentation for season 2018 for Angus Federation, Dundee Federation and Grampian Combine which was held in Forfar just before the new season started. Angus Federation trophies were presented by John Wiseman as follows: Old Bird Average, Young Bird Average, Combined Average, 3 Longest Race Average, 1st Federation Roye, 2 Bird Average Roye and Fancier of the Year were all won by Ian Scott. 1st Federation Maidstone and the Ian Gray Memorial for the lowest winning velocity were won by Davie Glen. 1st federation Wakefield young bird was won by Gordon Campbell. I do not have the full list of Dundee Federation winners, but trophies were presented to Bruce McKenzie and John Wiseman. Unfortunately, Billy McEwan who was the ‘Fancier of the Year’ was unable to attend as he was on holiday. Bruce McKenzie paid tribute to the late John Duthie who had won federation and combine trophies during 2018. The Grampian Combine trophies were presented by Grant Caird who has recently retired from the sport. The winners were Danny Henderson winner of 1st Combine Newark; John Duthie 1st Combine Leicester; Joe Hunt 1st Combine Tow Law; Bruce McKenzie 1st Combine Maidstone; Billy McEwan 1st Combine Ypres; Ian Scott 1st Combine Roye and Gordon Campbell winner of 1st Combine Wakefield young birds. The trophy for Best Average ALL Combine races was won by Ian Scott. I have attached some photographs which you may want to use. Thanks once again Joe and all the best to you and Kevin for the national races kindest regards David Liddle’.


Graham McKenzie and John Wiseman

John Wiseman & David Glen

Grant Caird and Ian Scott.


Grampian Combine

Leicester race flown on 1st June with 54 members sending 816 birds liberated at 06-00 hours into a south west wind. Top spot goes to Billy McEwan of Dundee federation with Angus federation member David J Liddle in 2nd 10 & 23rd open. The Macaulay Ferguson & Curran partnership are 3rd & 22nd open with Gordon Telfer in 4th & 5th open he is followed by Bob Baldie who wins 6th 13th 14th & 21st open his club mate Ian Scott of Forfar is 7th 8th & 19th open. D & C McCleary are 9th & 26th with Davie Glen in 11th 15th 16th & 18th open. Jim McCafferty is 12th Graeme McKenzie is 20th open with Gordon Telfer in 24th place following him is Bruce McKenzie in 25th & 28th open with Danny Henderson in 27th place and Johan Hansen in 30th open.


Race Results


Angus Federation

The federation decided with the poor weather forecast for the Saturday to bring their Tow Law race forward with Thursday night basketting for the 296 birds these were liberated at 08-30 hours on the Friday morning 7th June into a north wind. Ian Scott from Forfar had a great race being 1st 4th 5th 16th 17th & 18th open. The Macaulay Ferguson & Curran partnership is 2nd 7th 8th 10th 13th 14th & 15th with Bob Baldie in 3rd spot. Charlie & Glen Cameron from Arbroath club break into the Forfar domination of the result by winning 6th open. Davie Glen is 11th with David J Liddle is 9th 19th & 20th open.


The east section 1st & 6th places are won by Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath with club mate Les McKay in 2nd 3rd 4th 5th & 9th with Kevin J Murphy in 7th & 10th places.


 Club winners are as follows; Forfar 203 birds’ winner I Scott; Gourdon 20 birds winner D & D Hay; Arbroath 63 birds winner Charlie & Glen Cameron. Montrose 15 bird’s winner G Campbell.    


Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club

From this week’s result from Tow Law a distance of 128 miles and was flown on Friday the 7th June with 5 members sending 63 birds. Taking the top spot is Charlie & Glen Cameron with a 2-year-old blue hen winning her 4th x 1st prize of the season she was a clear winner in the club and high up on the federation result. As a yearling she was 11th open SNRPC Arras. She is bred from ‘Duracell Dorrie’ who is a son of ‘Little Dorrie’ a winner of 3rd open SNFC Reims. The dam of the winner is a daughter of Leon Messiaen’s base pigeon ‘The Perpignan’ 2nd and 3rd club is Les McKay from Carnoustie with velocities of 1626 & 1621. His birds were bred from Dave Pirie of Aberdeen crossed Grant Caird crossed Bert’s Boy and was sent on 7-day young birds and his 3rd club winner was from the late John Duthie crossed J Proctor sent on 14-day eggs.


 Ayrshire Federation

Please find attached report for the Buckingham race and at long last I have finally caught up with all my reports so hopefully should be sending them weekly to you now. It has been a bit of a struggle this year trying to get information from some regarding their winning pigeons and you can only wait so long then you need to get the report away to yourself. This is something I do like you Joe giving up our own time just to try and give fanciers a wee bit of recognition for their performance. I have attached the race report and a picture of Robert Reid who takes the first 3 positions in the federation this week. Many thanks for your support and keep up the good work Joe yours Archie McIntyre Ayrshire federation race secretary. The federation had joint convoying with the SNFC from Buckingham which was the next race on the calendar for the membership with the marking of the pigeons taking place in the Kilmarnock club rooms. The federation membership sent a total of 401 pigeons but not all of these pigeons would have been duplicated into the SNFC, but still a good turnout from the federation. Buckingham to the membership is between 268 miles up to 305 miles to the top end of the federation. Once again it always seems we get one disaster from the inland national and I am afraid to say, we have started off the SNFC programme with a race nothing short of a tragedy certainly for the Ayrshire members from reports I have been hearing from our membership and further afield. Leading the way into Ayrshire from Buckingham taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th and 17th Federation, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 11th, 13th 19th and 27th Section F with the SNFC is Robert Reid of Beith flying in Dalry HS. Robert, Ayrshire Federation Champion in 2018 has certainly kicked off the 2019 season with a top performance from his pigeons. His 1st fed, 2nd section F on 1137.7 is a 3-year-old blue bar cock sitting eggs. This cock won 9th section H from the Ypres race last year. He nests on the bottom of the sloping perches and Robert did not realise till after the race, he had developed a rivalry with a neighbouring cock. His sire has a national diploma from Maidstone and is bred from the hen which Tom Smith a fellow club member doesn't like. Dam of the winner is a dark chequer hen which has always been stock. She is sister to 1st region 12th open Buckingham amongst other prominent positions. Her sire and dam have 4 national diplomas between them with the breeding almost all Ken Buchannan blood lines. 2nd fed, 3rd section F on a velocity of 993.2 for Robert is a 2-year-old hen ‘49’ she was sent sitting eggs Robert say’s, she seems to be a bit of a merry widow now with her 3rd mate of the season. Her sire is a stock cock, son of the above previously mentioned 12th open when mated with a club winning hen. Dam of ‘49’ is a 16 bred that won 19th section F at this weekend race from Buckingham she was bred from the John Anderson of Anstruther cock which has bred 2 club winners this year so far. Robert’s 3rd federation 6th section F winner on 980.0 is a blue yearling hen sent sitting eggs. Robert holds his hands up with this one as when he looked at his loft record book up look to see her breeding he had forgotten to enter her parents so basically does know her parentage, but on the positive side, he says, ‘I still have her and her nest mate in the loft following a hard previous years racing and she has certainly earned her place in the race team this year’. I would firstly like to congratulate Robert from the membership of our club Dalry HS on another great performance and for taking the time to send me the above information well done.


Robert Reid

Winners in and around the clubs:

North Section 184 birds; 1st Dalry HS Robert Reid 1137.7: 1st Ardeer HS Stirrat & McKenna 898.1:1st Kilwinning HS J & T Davidson 733.2:


Central Section 90 birds: 1st Darvel HS Robert Donegan 967.8: 1st Irvine HS Robert McFedries 872.3: 1st Kilmarnock Invitation Ricky Young 840.2: 1st Crosshouse HS Andy Wilson 825.5:


South Section 127 birds; 1st Annbank & District J Mathieson 973.4: 1st Whitletts & District Cree & Cuthbert 886.1: 1st Cumnock & District J & A McDougall 697.5:


Almond Valleys Federation

News from Lynne Stewart who wrote ‘Hi Joe, Almond Valley Federation were at Melton Mowbray on Sunday 9th June with a 06-00 hour’s liberation of 502 club birds Taking top spot as well as 4th open is Dougie Bald of Balerno club his club mate Colin Ross is 2nd 5th & 16th with another club mate Ian Jamieson in 3rd 6th & 12th open. Freddie Jamieson & son of East Calder are 7th 11th & 24th open with John Bird of West Calder club in 8th 9th 17th 18th 20th to 24th & 26th open. The partnership of Colin Bain & W Fairley of Balerno club win 10th & 15th open with East Calder’s John Jamieson in 13th 14th 19th & 25th open 


Club Winners are as follows;


Balerno 78 birds; D Bald 1370 & 1311, C Ross 1325, I Jamieson 1320


Bonnybridge 58 birds; V Couper 1243 & 1189 I McLelland 1192, Cairns & Hardie 1179


Carnwath 58 birds; Thomson Bros won 1164. 1139, 1090 & 1078  


East Calder 78 birds; F Jamieson & Son 1296 & 1287 J Jamieson 1276.460 & 1276.203


West Calder 70 birds; J Bird 1296, 1293.1270.1262


Balerno Club

News from Colin Bain who writes; ‘Hi Joe we were at Melton Mowbray on the 6th June 2019 with the members sending 78 birds these were liberated at 06-00 hours. First place is won by Douglas Bald with a 4-year-old blue chequer cock on 1370 velocity he is a Vandenabeele crossed with Willie Hay Andre Clément’s flying spare. Colin Ross is 2nd with a 4-year-old blue cock doing a velocity of 1325. Ian Jamieson is 3rd with a dark chequer cock on 1320 he wins 1st yearling derby which is incorporated into this race. Douglas is 4th with a blue cock on 1311 he is a David Reed Vandenabeele and was flying spare he is the same way bred as Douglas last federation winner. Best wishes to you and Kevin in the national races keep well yours Colin B’.


Central Federation

News from Martyn Brown who writes ‘Hi Joe, please find enclosed Leicester open result which saw the first weekend in June the first race for the Scottish Central Combine, with birdage for Leicester being 691 and the winner of the Central federation was Gordon McKenzie of Broxburn recording a velocity of 1421ypm so well done Gordon. This race also incorporated the yearling derby with a total of 472 birds entered in the Combine, and the winner being timed into the Broxburn loft of John McNeill so well done to John and his wife Marion.


1st & 2nd Fed Leicester open and below the winner


Bo’ness result now with 220 birds from the Combine heading for Bo’ness club; Taking 1st club 6th federation and 5th Combine was yours truly with a blue pied yearling hen flown on the roundabout system. She recorded a velocity of 1375 ypm this was my fancy this week, so she was sent with every x on the sheet. She has scored for me before being 2nd section 3rd open Scottish Central 3 bird club young birds. Her sire is Cooreman cock that also scored in the Combine being 1st club 6th federation and 6th Combine as a young bird. He is bred from 2 Cooremans I purchased at the entire clearance sale of Michael Ward of Blandford Forum. The dam is a Thass hen that scored as a young bird but unfortunately, I lost her from the bad Leicester last year. The dam’s sire was 11th section 153rd open Billericay SNFC 2015. The dam’s mother is direct daughter of what was my Number 1 stock cock when paired to a Jim Gibbon hen. 2nd club 8th federation was Andrew Brown with a velocity of 1342ypm achieved by a 2-year-old chequer hen racing to chipping eggs. This hen is a Van Den-Bosch crossed Soontjen and her sire was bred by yours truly from my Dad’s old Van Den-Bosch family of Ernie Williams. 3rd club 14th fed 10th combine was again myself this time I clocked a yearling blue roundabout cock doing a velocity of 1310ypm. He is a Cooreman crossed Thass. His sire another Cooreman I purchased from the entire clearance sale of Michael Ward from Blandford Forum. His dam is a retired racer of mine named ‘81’who won 1st club 1st federation on the road for me, the same hen that bred me 2nd club 18th fed Ripon winner earlier in the season. She is a daughter of what was my number One stock cock when paired to a Hession Van Reet hen that was gifted to me from my dad’s good friend George Appleton of Denton near Manchester. This hens’ blood can be found in a large number of pigeons in my racing loft. Once again can I give a massive ‘well done’ to both Gordon McKenzie and John McNeill on terrific performances.


Broxburn & Uphall RPC

News from Bernie Britton who writes ‘Hi Joe, I’m sorry to start off with some very sad news on Tuesday 28th of May Carolynn the wife of our secretary Davie Gullane passed away. Our heart goes out to Davie and his two children Laura and David from all the club members.


Back to the results with 5 members’ sending 153 bird’s to Rippon on the 9th June with a liberation at 07-00 hours into a light west wind. 1st club is John McNeill with a Lambrecht mealy cock on roundabout, he has scored in club and federation results before. His dam has an Irish connection being a winner of the Celtic Trophy in the SHU for performances up to 300 miles. John is also 2nd club with a black white flight cock also a Lambrecht on roundabout this bird won 4th club Appleby and 6th Federation; 12th club Rippon, 2nd club 2nd section 1st open Scottish Central Combine and was a gift from his good mate Gary Gibson of Northern Ireland. In 3rd club is Gordon Mackenzie flying a blue bar hen a Van Loon from Davie Gullane mate Bobby Logan from New Cumnock this hen won the federation race the week before. Thanks once again Joe and keep well yours Bernie’.


East of Scotland Federation

News from Tom McEwen who informs us that the federations open race from Melton Mowbray was flown on Sunday 9th June the convoy were liberated at 06-00 hours into a light south west wind. Carrying on his great season is the top form loft of Jim McNeil of Tranent club finishing 1st 3rd 4th & 9th open. Keith Howie of Prestonpans once again is well to the fore in 2nd open position. Former Gold Cup winner is George Veitch of East Saltoun is on a great run finishing in 5th open. Brain Lavery from Prestonpans is now making a move with a 6th open position. Graham Wardhaugh of Dirleton has a good bird in 7th open and once again John Bird of Prestonpans is well to the fore with a nice double in 8th & 10th open.  


Prestonpans Homing Society

1st club 2nd federation is Keith Howie with the same 2-year-old roundabout Vandenabeele cock that won 2nd club 7th federation from Newark last week and previously this season won 1st club 2nd federation Weatherby. This Hawkins and Evans bred bird is turning out to be a very good pigeon. 2nd club is Brian Lavery unfortunately at my time of sending this away to you Joe I have no information on this bird. Third club is John Bird with a 2-year-old Vandenabeele cock on roundabout, he has previously won 4th club 6th federation Newark. This cock was purchased from Bryan Shipley of Woodside Lofts, that’s it for another week Joe and thank you once again for adding our result to your weekly column Tom.  


Fife Federation

The federation of homing pigeon societies sent 638 birds to their open race from Melton Mowbray flown on 9th June liberated at 06-00 hours into a light south wind. 1st 5th 11th 14th & 18th open 1st & 3rd east section is Brian Chalmers of Kennoway he also wins the Frank Walker Trophy for the 2-bird average with a velocity of 1446.82. John Harcus of St Andrews in 2nd 6th 8th 9th 23rd 29th & 30th open J Hynd & son of Crossgates club are 1st & 2nd west section 3rd & 4th open. Jimmy Mackie of Leven club is 7th & 10th open with Brian Kinnear of Glenrothes & Leslie club winning 1st & 4th centre section 12th open he is also 26th & 27th open. Tam Laing of Kennoway is 13th 15th open with Jim & Gary Peggie of Methilhaven club in 16th & 22nd open. Turpie & McCord are 2nd centre section 17th open with R Anderson of St Andrews in 19th & 28th open Sean Diamond of Kennoway is 3rd centre section 20th open with Allister McCudden is 3rd & 4th west section 21st & 24th open with David Brown of Leven club in 25th open place.


Glenrothes & Leslie Pigeon Club

News from Rosie Armit who writes ‘Hi Joe, we had 4 members sent 48 birds to Newark with 1st & 2nd Brian Kinnear with his winner a blue yearling hen doing a velocity of 1342, she has been a very consistent bird and last year won 1st club Sedgefield and 2nd club, 2nd centre section, 4th open young bird Wakefield race from an entry of 517 birds. Her sire was bred by Ronnie Evans from Sunderland from his champion ‘Blue Flash’ and her dam is a granddaughter of ‘Stitchy’. Brian’s 2nd bird is a dark chequer yearling hen doing a velocity of 1332 she was racing celibate. Her sire is a son of Brian’s dark hen that won 1st section 4th open SNFC Ancenis in 2013 and her dam is a granddaughter of the same dark hen. 3rd club are Turpie & McCord with a 2-year-old mealy hen doing a velocity of 1329 she was sent sitting 14-day eggs. Her sire is Hugo Morris and dam are down from Mike Ganus, both parents were gift birds from Alan Wright of Lincolnshire.


Traprain Homing Society

Result from John Baillie who writes, ‘Hi Joe, please find the result from the Melton Mowbray race for the Traprain HS. Taking the first 3 positions in the club is the partnership of Sinclair Thomson & son Sinclair from Port Seton. With their bird taking poll position is a Soontjen yearling hen, which scored in the Pentland midweek race from the Peterborough race point, and she has had every race in the programme. Their 2nd bird is another Taylor Brother's bloodlines as a matter of interest George Whitson selected this bird to win the race but was beaten on the trap. Last year's SNFC Maidstone winner is in 3rd spot after coming in late on the Saturday night from Buckingham this year, he was sent back to this race to sort out his head! Another terrific result from the Thompsons partnership with their team of pigeons well done! May I also add a special ‘congratulations’ to the race controller Tony Young on another good race with all local federations and Fife who had a simultaneous liberation from Melton Mowbray thanks once again John B’.


Pentland Hills Federation

News from Andy Miller of the New Lothian RPC with the Pentland Hills federation held their race from Newark (2) on Saturday 1st June with 13 clubs sending 1390 birds flying a distance of 211-222 miles for the members. Race controller Tony Young gave the go ahead to liberate at 07-45 into a light south to south west wind. The winner was L Mitchell of Castlebrae with a velocity of 1425, unfortunately Joe now information on the winner. 2nd & 8th is Willie Pryde & son of Arniston with A Mitchell of Castlebrae in 3rd spot, the partnership of Brown & Black of Woodburn are 4th followed by J Rogers of Danderhall club. 6th federation is J Lamb of Edinburgh West club with D & J Allen of Woodburn club are in 7th & 10th positions with Helen Aitken & sons of Danderhall in 9th spot.


Club Winners 

Castlebrae 51 birds; L. Mitchell 1425 A. Mitchell 1419 A. Mitchell 1387

Arniston 140 birds; W Pryde 1421 W Pryde 1402 W Pryde 1389

Woodburn 95 birds; Brown & Black 1417 D. & J. Allen 1404 D. & J. Allen 1402 Danderhall 399 birds; Rogers 1415 Aitken 1402.8 Anderson 1402.0

Edinburgh West 54 birds; Lamb 1409 Verth 1341 Lamb 1261

 Easthouses 53 birds; Sanderson 1389 Lang 1382 Bertram 1310

Edinburgh Premier 129 birds; McLaughlin 1386.9 Gilchrist 1386.5 Hutton 1373 Sighthill 92 birds; Girdwood 1384.3 Girdwood 1384.2 Girdwood 1351

Bonnyrigg 86 birds; Simpson 1373 Stark & Benson 1359 Russell 1291

Loanhead 29 birds; Murray 1355 Murray 1266 Murray 1222

Rosewell 35 birds; Mackie 1311 G. Tytler 1222 G. Tytler 1218

New Lothian 16 birds;

Traprain 168 birds; Thomson 1400 Thomson 1397 Bosworth 1390


Others 43 birds;


New Lothian RPC

From the Newark (2) on Saturday 1st June 47 members sent 1007 birds with L Mitchell of Castlebrae winning £76-30 with W Pryde & son of Arniston in 2nd & 8th places winning £128 for their efforts. A Mitchell of Castlebrae in 3rd spot winning £23-50 with the partnership of Brown & Black of Woodburn lifting £44.00 in 4th place. J Rogers of Danderhall club is 5th winning £20-50 with John Lamb of Edinburgh West club winning £4.00 with D & J Allen of Woodburn club are in 7th & 10th positions winning a total of £44-00 with Helen Aitken & sons of Danderhall in 9th spot winning £4-00.


Pentland Hills Federation

From the Melton Mowbray old bird race flown on Sunday 9th June 2019 13 clubs sent 1370 birds these were liberated 06-00 hours into light south west wind. D & J Allen of Woodburn are 1st 3rd & 6th open with their winner doing a velocity of 1457. A Young of Danderhall club is 2nd 4th & 5th with Willie Pryde & son John from Arniston in 7th & 8th positions S Gilchrist of Edinburgh Premier club is in 10th place.


Woodburn 110 birds; Allen 1457 Allen 1452 Allen 1450

Danderhall 342 birds; Young 1452 Young 1450.4 Young 1450.3

Arniston 144 birds; W. Pryde 1438 W. Pryde 1437 W. Pryde 1419

Edinburgh Premier 109 birds; Gilchrist 1428 Gilchrist 1406 Gilchrist 1401

Sighthill 84 birds; Girdwood 1401 Bremner 1386 Miller 1380

Castlebrae 48 birds; McCormack & Fraser 1397 A Mitchell 1370 Willis 1364

Bonnyrigg 85 birds; Stark & Benson 1371 Russell 1368 Smith 1351

Edinburgh West 30 birds; Lamb 1331 Lamb 1297 Lamb 1268

Loanhead 23 birds; Anderson 1306 Anderson 1284 Anderson 1274

Rosewell 24 birds; Mackie 1281 G. Tytler 1265 Cunningham & Ness 1262

Easthouses 41 birds; G. Thomas Sanderson

New Lothian 13 birds;

Traprain 248 birds; Thomson 1466.6 Thomson 1466.4 Thomson 1465


Others 69 birds;


New Lothian Racing Pigeon Club

From the Melton Mowbray old birds flown on Sunday 9th June 2019 we had 47 lofts sending 894 birds these were liberated at 06-00 hours into a light south west wind.   The winners are D & J Allen of Woodburn who lifts the total of £1160.90 with their chequer hen who was sent sitting eggs and on the coloured water system. (Wonder what this is?) She was 3rd club Ridsdale and 1st club 11th New Lothian Whitley Bay already this year so obviously we fancied her going into this race. She was bred by Jason at Foxwood Lofts from East Cottingwith and is a Geerinckx pigeon being a granddaughter of the ‘Super Blue Miracle 126’ (inbred). Their next 2 pigeons winning 3rd & 6th open are also GB rung birds from Jason and are also Geerinckx. The partnership also won 9th & 19th open so had a good day. 2nd 4th & 5th is A Young of Danderhall club Willie Pryde & son John from Arniston are 7th 8th & 13th with S Gilchrist of Edinburgh Premier club in 10th place. Brown & Black of Woodburn are 11th & 15th with D Noble of Danderhall club is in 12th spot. Helen Aitken & sons of Danderhall club are 14th with club mate F Robertson winning 16th 17th & 20th open Mr & Mrs Lindsay of the same club make up the top 20 winning 18th open.


 North of Scotland Federation

News from George Duthie who informs us 58 members sent 791 birds to Worksop racing on Sunday 9th June with the convoy liberated into a south west wind. Topping the east section and open is A W Buchan of Fraserburgh & District club he is also 5th section 6th open. Jim & Ann Donaldson of Peterhead & District club are 2nd east section and open J (Ian) Gibb of Fraserburgh & District club is 3rd & 8th open 3rd & 7th east section his club mate A B Geddes is 4th section and open with G R Duncan of Keith club winning 1st & 7th west section 5th & 25th open. G Findlay of Peterhead & District is 6th 10th 14th & 19th east section 7th 11th 16th & 27th open. R Barclay of Fraserburgh West End club is 8th & 9th east section 9th & 10th open. S Glew of Peterhead & District is 11th east section 12th open. Fulton & Ritchie loft 1 are 2nd west section 13th open Stuart Maskame of Peterhead & District is 12th east section 14th open with his club mate Chris Donaldson winning 13th 15th & 16th east section 15th 17th & 18th open with Robbie Higgins of Fraserburgh West End winning 17th & 18th east section 19th & 24th open. John Thomson of Elgin & District club is 3rd & 4th west section 20th & 21st open. J Able of Devern Valley club is 5th west section 22nd open with Fulton & Ritchie Loft 2 of Devern Valley club are in 6th west section 23rd open with their club mate A Wilson winning 8th section 26th open and R Wilson of Keith club wins 9th & 10th west section 28th & 29th open making up the top 30 are Eric & Nicky Yule of Inverurie club who win 20th east section into the bargain.     


Clubs First Bird

Fraserburgh & District winner A W Buchan; Peterhead & District winner J & A Donaldson; Keith winner G R Duncan; Fraserburgh West End winner R Barclay; Devern Valley winner Fulton & Ritchie Loft 1; Elgin & District winner J Thomson; Inverurie winners E & N Yule; Buckie & District winner R Bain; Forres, Nairn & Inverurie winner B Duncan. Well done to A W Buchan on topping the federation for the 3rd week in a row and well done to G Duncan on winning the west section thank you once again Joe yours George Duthie.


Joe’s Joke

A few weeks ago I received a nice letter from a lady Pauline Rickson who informed me that she was reading her partners (Stephen G William) BHW manual and came across my article. Which mentions a poem that a pigeon fancier had sent to me; this poem is from her own book on poetry called ‘Nostalgia’. Pauline used to organise reunions of former neighbours and compiled her book. This has now been going around quite a few places now and she was pleased that it brought back quite a few memories for her former friends and neighbours who lived nearby years ago. The poem you were sent is actually entitled ‘Turning Back the Clock’ and it is one of many that she made up to go into her book, and she hoped that I enjoyed it. I phoned Pauline and spoke to her and what a nice lady she was. She has forwarded another poem for the column which I thank her very much and wish her and Stephen all the best for the future.  


‘A Pensioner’s Right’

 I just need to mention, when one gets a pension, the things your’ ENTITLED to do;

Walk around in slippers; go out with day trippers; and read, when you sit on the loo.

Perhaps, once in a while certain things make you smile, and suddenly turn back the clock. Not for your daytime strolling, you’d be rocking and rolling, and your action to others would shock’.

In your heart, your still 20, when boys were a plenty and Elvis and Cliff made you swoon –

You’d have mates round to stay – play records ALL day, till you knew – off by heart-Every tune.

But now, years have flown and your children have grown.

 Sadly –you’ve had to slow down but, once in a while, you can look back and smile At the oldest swinger in town!!!!


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