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The “Original” Around The Up North Combine


£300 Donation to The Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre, South Bank


By Good Corn



First off I hope everyone enjoyed a great Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year. Now on to  news on the Show Scene from Ingrid & Colin Farndale, The North East Counties Show Racer Society held their Championship Show on Sunday 16th December at the Snainton Village Hall, Scarborough. The event had been arranged for the judges to come from Cumbria which included Alan Spedding, John Barnes & Basher, but unfortunately the three judges cancelled their journey through to Snainton Village early due to the bad weather which would have stopped the lads getting there, because they informed the organisers in good time it was possible to get three adequate replacements. With Alan Myers, Robert Parnaby & Peter Brookshaw stepping in to do the judging duties with all three of them doing an excellent job for which The North East Counties Show Racer Society were very grateful for.


Class 1 Old Cock was won by Dixon & Dodgson while J K & J D Lynn were the winners of Class 2 Old Hen. Things started to look good for the partnership of Dixon & Dodgson who racked up their second red card of the Show after winning Class 3 Yearling Cock; J K & J D Lynn were also up for it because they achieved their second red card when they won Class 4 Yearling Hen and also winning Best in Show. P Littlewood did some damage when winning Class 5 Young Cock and also winning Best Young Bird & Best Opposite Sex. Dixon & Dodgson were on a roll when they chalked up their third win after winning Class 6 Young Hen, and then A Tankard won Class 7 Old Cock Odd Colour. The partnership of J K & J D Lynn netted their third class win when they won Class 8 Old Hen Odd Colour; and then A Tankard started to catch up after winning Class 9 Young Cock Odd Colour. Dixon & Dodgson with three class wins so far, day got even better when they won Class 10 Young Hen Odd Colour. P Littlewood came back in to win Class 11 Old Wire Cock, while Class 12 Old Wire Hen was won by the inform Dixon & Dodgson who now had five class wins to their credit. P Littlewood hit back by winning Class 13 Young Wire Cock, while J K & J D Lynn recorded their fourth win by winning Class 14 Young Wire Hen and Best Wire Bird. “The Darlington Dynamo's” struck again by winning Class 15 Matched Pairs to pocket their fifth class win which was a fantastic achievement.

The Yearly Points Trophy's which include: Most Points Old Bird, Most Points Yearling, Most Points Young Bird, Most Points Coloured Bird, Most Points Through Wire and Most Points Matched Pairs were all won by “The Dynamic” Dixon & Dodgson. The Trophy's for the Championship Show were: Best in Show Trophy was won by J K & J D Lynn with a Yearling Blue Bar Hen, while Best Opposite Sex and Best Young Bird Trophy was won by P Littlewood with a Mealy Cock. With J K & J D Lynn winning the Best Wire Bird Trophy with a Young Dark Chequer Hen. Well done to all the winners, and thank to Ingrid & Colin Farndale for the info and photos of the winners.


BIS, J K & J D Lynn with their Yearling Blue Bar Hen.                     -                        BOS & Best Young Bird P Littlewood with a Mealy Cock.


Best Wire Bird J K & J D Lynn with a Young Dark Chequer Hen.   -  Dixon & Dodgson Blue Bar Cock, helped win the yearly points trophy.   -  Dixon & Dodgson Dark Chequer Hen, that helped win the yearly points trophy.


Dixon & Dodgson Mosaic Hen, helping win the yearly points trophy.   -  Red Chequer Cock helped Dixon & Dodgson win the yearly points trophy.   -  Dixon & Dodgson Silver Chequer Hen, helping win the yearly points trophy.


Once again I wish to thank everyone who sent sympathy cards and messages of support after my Wife Carole's death in September; we all know too well it’s always going to be very hard after losing a loved one. Thanks also go out to the present and former fanciers who attended Carole's Funeral Service at Skinningrove Methodist Church it was very overwhelming to see so many Pigeon people there because a lot of them would not have seen Carole for a number of years due to her very long illness. It was also very fitting to see the beautiful floral tributes; I respect each and every one of you. Sadly Carole had suffered Multiple Sclerosis for 30 years and gradually the terrible disease took Carole's life, I cared for Carole through her disabled years and saw the pain but throughout all the 30 years Carole never ever showed any anger and never ever moaned about her suffering. There was a collection plate after the Funeral with all donations going to the Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre, South Bank while Carole used to attend for treatment a number of years ago. The East Cleveland Federation Secretary Bill Dowey and Chairman Bill Heslop had kindly started a collection in Memory of Carole, at the young bird Maidstone National Federation marking station. The total from both collections raised £300.00 which was brilliant, thanks to everyone who made this possible. My sister Shirley and I went to South Bank with the cheque for £300.00


MS is an incurable and unpredictable disease of the central nervous system. It can strike anybody, any time, with little warning and its cause is unknown. As with all chronic illness, the problems are both physical and emotional. The severity and frequency of symptoms varies from person to person. Obvious systems include loss of co-ordination, slurred speech, visual disturbance, bladder problems and difficulty with fine movements.

Emotional problems arise from the uncertainties associated with MS. The disease is usually characterised by attacks, followed by periods of remission, although each attack tends to leave residual problems. Some people have a more continuously progressive form of the disease. The unpredictable nature of the disease means that no one knows how or when it is going to strike or how long the symptoms will last. As a result, financial and social difficulties may arise and great stress can be be felt by both the MS patient and their family. It is difficult to know where to turn for help.

Chamber operator Keith and Alan Riddiough of the Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre, South

Bank, with the cheque for £300.00.

The Middlesbrough MS Therapy Centre (South Bank) is an independent self-help charity that provides a unique service of low cost therapies for MS sufferers, their carers and their families. Although MS is at yet incurable, much can be done to improve the quality of life of MS sufferers. The MS Therapy Centre opened in 1985 by local people affected by MS, Its aim is to provide MS sufferers in Tees Valley and surrounding areas with therapy, support and information. The Centre provides a range of vital therapies aimed at limiting the problems of MS. Currently these are Oxygen Therapy, Physiotherapy, Yoga, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Shiatsu. The Centre also provides support and therapies to sufferers with other neurological disorders. There is a small annual membership fee, which allows members to use the facilities at the centre and receive Therapies at a low cost.

High Dosage Oxygen Therapy. This involves breathing pure Oxygen in a pressurised vessel for 1 hour. Normally after an initial intensive course, members have a weekly session. It is not a cure but patients have found relief from various symptoms, including bladder problems, visual disturbance and fatigue. Reflexology. Massage of various points on the feet, stimulating healing in other parts of the body. This is very relaxing and promotes a feeling of well-being. Aromatherapy. Gentle massage with essential oils, administered by a trained practitioner, which helps the body relax and reduces stress. Shiatsu. Traditional healing therapy. Uses hand or finger pressure and gentle stretches to balance the body's energies and enhance its ability to heal itself. Exercise Class. This takes place on a Wednesday Morning. Motomed Bikes, Vibro Gym, Etc. The members find the use of Motomed bike, Vibro-Gym, treadmill and other equipment extremely helpful, as it enables them to move parts of the body which would otherwise be immobile and thus improve circulation in the limbs.

A members led management committee runs the Centre and they have a team of volunteers who help with the day-to-day tasks. The Centre is not part of a larger organisation and are totally self-funding and raise their income through member's donations towards the cost of treatment along with the fund raising efforts of their members, volunteers and local businesses. I myself had raised money for the Centre in the past, one year my brother Bri, friends Ian Purver, Ian “Evo” Everington  & me raised money for the Centre from a bike ride we did from Skinningrove to Whitby and back. Mike Johnson & myself did the same ride together twice and then I did it myself another year where we again raised some much-needed money for the Centre. I also used to run a old bird and young bird charity race for the Centre which was flown for by the members of the North Yorks Federation & the East Cleveland Federation, where there was 10 prizes on offer for each event that were kindly donated by the members of both Federations. I have also run a number of raffles in the past and a young bird charity sale which like the charity races; they were always very well supported and raised some very good money to help in the everyday running of the Centre.

Carole had not attended the Centre for a number of years, and on my visit to present the cheque I only knew one lady member who had been receiving treatment for a good few years now. I did not know Keith who was operating the pressures on the Oxygen chamber, but like the rest he will have been doing a very good job. Alan Riddiough is still the Chairman of the Centre and is still working very, very hard to keep the Centre going, which is not always easy. Alan really needs that consistent flow of cash coming in each week, so every cash donation is always most welcome and appreciated.


I'm a retired I.C.I. Wilton worker, the Company had donated large amounts of money and equipment to the Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre, South Bank over the years, which was always a great help to the members. I can remember when I was Shop Steward and going to the Centre with the other lads to present a cheque for £500 which was donated by I.C.I and raised for a working safely scheme. And there was another time when the Centre were raising funds for a treatments room, the cost of the building work was priced at £7,000 with I.C.I kindly donating the full £7,000 which was brilliant. Sadly the Wilton site is no longer I.C.I so the Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre will have lost a very good provider. The Centre has done very well and come a very long way since opening in 1985, providing treatment to many in the North East. I can remember a lady from America attending the Centre with her child a number of years ago, I'm sure it was her little girl that was attending for treatment in the Oxygen chamber. The same treatment came at a very high cost in America, so they flew over and stayed at the mother's relations in South Shield and then drove down daily to the Centre for treatment. After the couple of weeks of treatment they returned home to America, by coming over here for the treatment they saved thousands of pounds.


News from the Shotton & Trimdon Federation Secretary John Luke, who are holding a Moot on Friday 1st February 2019 at the Wingate Constitutional Club, With the top panel consisting of Ronnie Evans, Terry Elliot  & Chris Jayne, with Ste Wheatley in the chair. Pie & Peas, raffle and young bird auction. Plus open register for the first channel race, open to all members of the NEHU £5 a bird plus pools. Tickets are priced at £5, contact Peter Stout 07780451574 or John Luke 07719414339.


Right that’s me done for another week.

Any news to Good Corn 6 Boulby Drive Loftus Saltburn Cleveland TS13 4JN.

Tel: 01287 643624 or Email: goodcorn@vitginmedia.com
















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