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Hessle and Dist. News and Results


Joint prize presentation evening


On Friday 2nd. December at the William Gemill S.C. a joint presentation took place between Chalk Lane FC. South Newingington FC. and the Hessle FC.

After welcoming members and guests from each club Dave Coates M.C. for the night who did a great job throughout the evening proceeded with the presentations.

First up the Hessle FC. and top prize winner for 2016 were the partnership of Pete and Carol Carmichael winning 10-1st's 5-2nd's and 15 3rd's. Second Vanessa Colby with 4-1st's 7-2nd's 4-3rd's.next Barry Shaw 4-1sts 3-2nd's 1-3rd.Then Barry Milburn 3-1st's1-2nd.1-3rd.Dave Chaffer 2-1st's 4-2nd's 1-3rd.then Alan Jones 1-1st. 2-2nd's and Trevor Tasker 1-1st.

Chalk Lane were up next and their champion for 2016 are Franciosy and Bennet with 10-1st's O.B. inland ave.& Y.B. average.next George Rudd 8-1st's Com.ave.O.B. ave. Channel ave.Wiliams Bros. with 3-1st's and Duffin and Beasley 3-1st's.

then South Newington's turn,having had a marvellous season and winning 11-1st's were Clive & Les Bowes next Jason Knaggs 5-1sts. Mr. Mrs. Franciosy & son & Bennet 4-1st's. Dave Thompson 2-1st's and Brian Rowson 2-1st.Presentations finished everyone then settled down to enjoy the rest of the evening's entertainment and dancing etc.




Now to all members and pigeon fanciers it's that time of year when Y.Bird sales come around and we are no exception. The Hessle FC. Breeder/Buyer sale will take place on Friday night 24th. March at the Ex.Serviceman's Club Hessle.

Everyone should help and support their clubs!! Fund raising can be a life line for survival producing extra revenue for club equipement etc.Has in our case a new computer is needed before racing.

Andy Colby as agreed to come along and sell the youngsters for us that's a Plus!Another plus is as well as the Breeder/Buyer prize 50%x50%,an extra prize will be given to the Breeder only of y.bird judged to be the best performance or performances of all youngsters which are in the pen day of sale. Only those in the pen will be eligible. all other young bird donations of course warmly welcome.


Barry Shaw.

For any clarification ring Pete Carmichael

Mob. 078916118196.


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