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Hunt Joseph (Joe) I was very shocked to hear of the sudden passing of one of Scotland’s nicest fanciers; Joe Hunt of Dundee at his home on Tuesday 11th June. Joe continued to race in the old name of father and son partnership of J & J Hunt into Dundee federation. In 1973 we had a calamity when losing all our young birds that year and only had 5 babies’ home plus a stray Dundee pigeon. This happened to belong to the J & J Hunt partnership and Joe’s dad came over to get the bird. On seeing that we only had a few pigeons he gave us the pigeon and we duly transferred it and called it ‘Dundee Joe’. I visited Joe last year when I took the short journey from John Wiseman (who won 1st SNFC Reims race) to the Hunt family home and told him of the above event. I have previously highlighted Joe in my ‘Good SNFC Birds’ feature as he had an exceptional blue bar cock named ‘Cool Hand Luke’ that actually won from last week’s national race from Buckingham. This win of 67th section C 180th open position wins him a SNFC Meritorious Inland Bronze Award for 5 times a winner from inland national races plus he has also won a SNFC Silver Award for winning 3 times from over the English Channel. ‘Cool Hand Luke’ performances are as follows; as a yearling he won 8th section C 29th open from Eastbourne with a convoy of 2494 birds. Then in 2016 he won 105th section C 428th open Littlehampton where 510 members sent 4482 birds he was then sent over the channel to Ypres and won 21st section C 54th open from an entry of 2323 birds entered by 440 members. In 2017 he was sent to Bedhampton with one of our highest convoys’ participating into a Scottish national race for years when 6065 birds were submitted by 634 members and he won 49th section C 167th open. Joe then sent him to Ypres with 2320 birds participating from a membership of 409 lofts and he won 21st section 57th open. Last year he had the same routine and was dispatched to Buckingham and won 68th section C 357th open from a convoy of 2941 birds enrolled by 441 members and on return was set up again for the Ypres race were he won 2nd section C 5th open from a convoy of 2541 birds submitted by 433 members and consequently won his SNFC Silver Award. He also won ‘The Cher Ami Trophy’ for the first nominated pigeon in the race. On the 1st June 2019 Joe entered 5 birds into the SNFC Buckingham race and he won 1st section C 12th open flying 324 miles with his first bird, he was also 29th section C 90th open and then timed in ‘Cool Hand Luke’ to win 67th section C 180th open and therefore succeed in winning a Meritorious Inland Bronze Award. He therefore is one of the very few pigeons in the national to win both a Silver and Bronze Meritorious Award. Joe was a much-loved husband to Alison, a loving dad to Graeme and Amanda, and father-in-law of Paul and Tony, a loving grandad of Leo and Nina, also a brother and good friend to many many people. The service to celebrate Joe’s life was held at Perth Crematorium. Rest in peace my dear friend you may not be with us, but I can assure you that you will never be forgotten.

Joe Murphy Scottish Scribe




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