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The Joe Murphy Column

News from Andy Miller with the Pentland Hills Federation open result from Buckingham flown in conjunction with the Scottish National: with the federation winner ‘Super Ally’ Robertson from Gilmerton who flies in Danderhall club. Ally he timed his blue hen now known as ‘Teenie’ to win 1st section B 3rd open SNFC flying 284 miles with a velocity of 1057 ypm. She was flown on the darkness system and separated she is a previous winner of 10th federation Wakefield and a pools and prize winner of nearly £1800 this season, being in the money most weeks: although he forgot to nominate her in the Eddie Newcombe Memorial race. Ally wins £433.00 with Teenie doing a velocity of 1057. Second & 9th are D & J Allen of Woodburn winning £292. Helen Aitken & Sons of Danderhall are 3rd winning £50. Willie Kinnear & Son of Danderhall are 4th & 5th winning £79.  Mr & Mrs Keenan of Sighthill are 6th winning £198. With F Robertson of Danderhall club next winning £476. 8th spot is won by J Watson & Daughter of Newtown-grange who won £76. With T Nolan & son of Danderhall making up the top 10 winning £14; I have added a photograph of ‘Teenie’ sent in by Jim Hannah of Blantyre many thanks Jim.

Teenie AW Robertson see text

Good SNFC Birds

I start this feature by reminding fanciers of these outstanding birds that they MUST apply to the secretary of the SNFC claiming for their awards; Bronze; Silver or Gold. Otherwise they will miss out and their pigeon excellent performances will not be recorded in the annuals of the clubs history.

My first participant is Derek Hay of Kirkintilloch whose good blue hen ‘Little Owl’ was timed at 23-00 hours (in the dark) from 06-15 liberation from the Ancenis race. Derek and his wife were just going to bed when Linda on shutting the curtains said ‘There’s an owl landed on your loft’. Derek ran down the stairs and out into the back garden and low and behold it was his little blue hen from Ancenis recording a velocity of 605 ypm for the 605 miles flown and she won 2nd west section 11th open. This win achieves her SNFC Silver Award for winning 3 times from this longest race point. In 2014 she won 10th west section 46th open then in 2015 she won 5th west section 23rd open. In 2016 she missed winning silver award by an hour from Ancenis but now has completed the task in 2017 so well done to Derek and his wife Linda on this wonderful achievement. Their son is away on a course in Birmingham this week and was booked into a hotel and when he arrived he could not believe the name and sent his mum and dad a picture as it is named after their winning blue hen ‘The Little Owl’ what a coincidence.


                                                                   Hotel                                                                  Derek Hay's Little Owl (see text)

While on about Derek he has had an excellent season in both the Glasgow Federation and SNFC winning the following positions: In the SNFC he won from Buckingham - 8th section E 8th West Region 19th open and 105th section E. From Bedhampton he won 58th section E 457th open; Alencon disaster - timed ONE yard off the result with a velocity of 399 (national races close at 400 ypm) From Ancenis he won 2nd section E 2nd West Region 11th Open: and from Falaise he won 4th section E 5th West Region 28th Open. In the Buckingham young bird National he won 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th , 6th , 7th , 8th section F ( only 8 birds  recorded in this section in race time) He also won 1st , 6th ,7th ,9th ,13th , 18th  ,19th  West Region, 65th , 152nd , 155th open SNFC. From the Peterborough race with the SNRPC young bird national he won 1st , 2nd  , 4th section F, 2nd , 5th  11th West Region, 90th , 137th and 171st open. In his club he won 12 x 1st , 10 x 2nd , 11 x 3rd , 11 x 4th, and in his federation he was over 40 times in top 10 in his section, including having the 1st x 5 federation birds in last young bird race. One of Derek’s top youngsters this year is known as The Watchman see photograph. This cock claims the board inside the entrance trap within the loft and will not let birds in if he is in the loft hence Derek has named him ‘The Watchman’. This young cock has won the following positions 2nd club 3rd section 11th federation 1st Gold Ring from Alnwick 102 miles (beaten by loft mate): 1st club, 1st section 1st federation (by 20 ypm) from Seaham a distance of 133 miles; 3rd club 3rd section 3rd federation probably 3rd Combine (beaten by 2 loft mates who dropped with him and they won the federation by 40 ypm) from Wetherby 177 miles; 1st federation 1st section F 2nd West Region 90th open SNRPC Peterborough flying 280 miles (in a head wind): 4th section F 9th West Region SNFC Buckingham 300 miles again into a head wind. ‘The Watchman’ is a bad trapper and as you will see from above he has been beaten twice for 1st place by a loft mate.


                                            Derek Hay with the Watchman                                                    The Watchman patrolling his area.                               

Continuing with the Good Birds theme we come to George Veitch of Pencaitland has also won a SNFC Silver Award with his chequer cock known a ‘RA’ named after the Egyptian Sun God (see photograph) this 7 year old was on the probable result from Portsmouth in 2015. He scored from Maidstone winning 82nd section B 210th open and he was then sent to Ancenis and won 6th section B 27th open flying 594 miles. The following year 2016 he again scored from Ancenis winning 9th section B and 49th open and now wins 2nd section B 6th open to win his SNFC Silver Award. When you also take into consideration that this chequer cock bred ‘Karamojo’ winner of 1st open SNFC Reims Blue Riband Gold Cup race in 2016 it is little wonder that George has retired him to the stock loft.


                                     George Veitch                                                                             'RA' raced by George Veitch see text

I come to Colin Crees of Ladykirk in the Scottish Borders who timed in a mealy cock which an exceptional pigeon known as ‘The Florizoone’ as he has won 6 times in the top 70 in 6 national races. In 2014 he won 25th section B 68th open Alencon flying 512 miles that same year he also won 13th section B 61st open from Clermont flying 480 miles. Then in 2016 he competed in the Gold Cup race from Reims a distance of 520 miles and won 21st section B 70th open he was then doubled back into the Roye race and won 10th section B 15th open flying 464 miles and now he has come up to win 1st section B 2nd open Gold Cup race from Alencon flying 512 miles winning his SNFC Gold Award for 5 times a winner from France. However this brave man sent the mealy cock back to the Falaise race which turned out to be another very hard race and he was timed on the 2nd day to win 3rd section B 58th open flying 482 miles, a truly good honest pigeon.

Do not think the above winner is a flash in the pan because Colin won a SNFC Gold Award last year with a chequer cock ‘The Banker’ who won 6 times in the top 63 open positions within 5 nationals. Before going on about this bird you will notice the distance is different from the above winner and I’m assuming that this is because Colin is now measured by the GPS system. In 2014 the chequer cock won 4th section B 10th open from Alencon a distance of 511 miles that same year he competed from Clermont and attained 3rd section B 25th open flying 480 miles. In 2015 he accomplished 1st section B 3rd open from Alencon and in 2016 he succeeded twice being 10th section B 35th open Reims Gold Cup flying 520 miles then into the last old bird race from Roye to triumph being 24th section B 63rd open flying 464 miles to gain the Gold Award. HOWEVER he was sent to this 2017 Alencon race and he was also timed on the day of the race to win 3rd section B 3rd east region (only 3 birds on the day) and won 11th open. What a fantastic pair of cocks and when you see from the pigeon press that Colin’s brother Davie won 1st & 2nd open SNRPC Reims last week. My congratulations to the brothers on making history within the pigeon sport in Scotland.

Joe’s Joke

The mother of a 17-year-old girl was
concerned that her daughter was having sex.

Worried the girl might become pregnant and adversely impact the
family's status, she consulted the family doctor.

The doctor told her that teenagers today were very wilful and any
attempt to stop the girl would probably result in rebellion. He then
told her to arrange for her daughter to be put on birth control and
until then, talk to her and give her a box of condoms.

Later that evening, as her daughter was preparing for a date, the mother
told her about the situation and handed her a box of condoms.

·         The girl burst out laughing and reached over to
hug her mother, saying,

'Oh mum! You don't have to worry about that! I'm dating Susan!'


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© Compiled by Joe Murphy

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