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The Joe Murphy Column


In my last article on highlighting Jock Alston of Ravenstruther who won 1st open SNFC Ancenis in 2017 I stated in her breeding that Jock’s famous pigeon the ‘Stirling Cock’ was bred by Mitchell Brothers. However this was wrong as Mitchell Brothers gave Jock Stirling & son of Burnbank a cock containing their Rennes bloodlines this was mated to a Stirling Hen and they in turn bred a youngster who was given to Jock Alston that then to become known as the ‘Stirling Cock’. Another interesting point is that Jock Alston has won the west section 5 times from the channel with 3 of these times from the longest distance race point. My apologies once again for making this mistake getting old you know.

Falaise to Sweden

Kevin had 4 bird returned from Falaise this past week and he has just informed me that he has had another one of his entries from this same Falaise national reported by a fancier Steffen from Molndal in Sweden. Kevin checked this out and it is 786 miles from the Falaise race point. Steffen also informs Kevin that another lad in his area also has a SU rung pigeon but he will try and get the number and let Kevin know. As I say Kevin can now account for 6 of his entries into the Falaise national and the last one 2 days ago homed at 20-45 hours and he says it was so tired it could have flown from Sweden that day; poor little bird. While on about lost pigeons hear is another interesting story for readers of the column. I received word from Brad Foster of Canada who wrote ‘Hi Joe I had to share this story with you as you remember I had one 2 year old cock bird end up in Cape Town New York and Gregg Knapp who lives on a farm had never kept pigeons. The bird landed there and Gregg fed it for a week then he let the bird go close to the Canadian border but the bird never arrived home to me: it went back to Gregg’s farm in New York. He could not believe it came back to the farm and he continued to just feed it every day with scratch corn that he fed to the chickens. You would not believe it but the cock bird returned home today and I let him in the loft at 17:00 pm Tuesday evening. Gregg informs me that he fed the bird this morning and he has come through fog and the heat as it was 86 degrees here today with the humidex. This cock birds parents have been very good pigeons for me winning races from 100 to 600 miles and I believe this cock bird all total has flown around 1500 miles. Some people say pigeons are stupid but this cock made a mistake on a very hard day for racing and has flown his last race for me. I still have his father a black chequer cock CU Port Hope 2013 1430 he is ¾ Larsom Aarden and a quarter Stichelbaut he has won and top the combine from 200 miles to 600 miles. However his mother was Janssen but I lost her this year. Mike Taylor will send a couple of pictures sometime today talk soon Brad’. (Sorry I have deleted the pics)


Received a couple of photographs of  ‘Rose’ winner of 1st section C, 1st open SNFC Ypres flying 445 miles from an entry of 2320 entries for Dave Baldie of St Andrews in Fife. This 2 year old Frans Zwols originates from the direct stock Willie Donachie purchased from Frans Zwols in the Netherlands in 2010. ‘Rose’ was flown on roundabout earlier in the year and she won 1st section C 11th open SNFC Buckingham flying 308 miles from an entry of 4169 birds. As a yearling she scored won 172nd open from the SNFC Ypres race from an entry of 2324 entries thus proving she is a top quality pigeon. Well done to Dave and Willie with their fantastic hen ‘Rose’.


"Rose" with her nest mate.

Willie Donachie, David Baldie jnr & Dave Baldie

I have also attached photographs of pictures I took on Saturday 29th July at the liberation of the North of Scotland federation and the Aberdeen federation liberation. As you will see the N of S birds cleared in minutes heading in 2 batches one directly north while the other headed north east into a strong South West wind.

Aberdeen Liberation

Within 5 minutes of the liberation the dark clouds started to roll in and I advised the Aberdeen convoyer Bob to liberate the birds at 07-15. As you will see from the photographs the sides were closed on the Aberdeen transporter to save the birds from being hurt while the North of Scotland birds were released. Bob phoned back to his race controller but the line was engaged and he left a message saying the birds were going at 07-15. You will see from the photographs that the birds took a while to come out of the transporter. Was this due to being in the dark for 20 minutes prior to liberation or was it because some of the youngsters have not had enough basket training.  


                                                    Heading North                                                                                           Heading North-East



Angus Federation;

From the first young bird race from Arniston on 29th July the convoy of 708 birds were liberated at 08-00 am into a south west wind. First & 2nd places go to Kenny Droog & son of Forfar with Ian Scott taking the next 5 places plus 15th 19th & 20th open. Davie Glen of the same club is 8th 9th 10th 11th & 12th with Bob Baldie in 13th & 14th places and Willie MacKnight also of Forfar in 15th 16th & 18th places.

East Section winners; A & S Whyte of Montrose is 1st 7th 8th & 9th with G McKenzie of Inchcape in 2nd place with M Wallace & son of Montrose are in 3rd place with D & D Hay of Gourdon in 4th spot they are followed by Eddie Mann in 5th spot with club mate B Craig is 6th Inchcape’s Chic & Ann Carrie make up the top 10th place.

Club Winners; Forfar 482 birds winner K Droog & son; Inchcape 50 birds winner G McKenzie; Gourdon 76 birds winner D & D Hay; Montrose 69 birds winners A & S Whyte; Arbroath 31 birds as trainers.

East of Scotland Federation;

News from John Baillie who writes as follows; the start of the youngsters this week Joe with our first race was from Ridsdale approximately 64 miles to me in Tranent. The convoy of birds were liberated at 09.15 into a south west wind and taking top position is Tam Hunnam of Port Seton. 2nd place is the president Dougie Grieve of Longniddry with Graham Wardhaugh of Dirleton taking 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th positions. John Bird of Prestonpans is 7th open with Andrew Bishop of East Linton is 8th spot and yours truly John Baillie of Tranent is 9th open. Rab Waddell of Prestonpans fills in the top 10th position.

Prestonpans HC we have the consistent Tam Hunnam with his loft manager Corker Thomson. The young grizzle cock is from a Bricoux crossed Braspenning when crossed with a Braspenning. In second spot we have John Bird with a Herman Clusters cross. Taking 3rd place is John Baillie with a hen inbred to my 9th open Ypres winner. At clock checking there were a few birds missing, but the majority worked in over the afternoon and the following day. Makes a change having a time in after the disastrous national race programme we all have endured cheers John B’


Lanarkshire Federation

News from Andrew Eadie who writes ‘Hi Joe with the old bird season over (thank God) we move onto the Racing from Longtown on Monday 24th July (due to adverse weather conditions over the weekend) the convoy of 3287 were liberated into a North Wind at 10-45 am

Cambusnethan & Morningside had 19 members sending 632 birds and taking the First x 7 positions and their 6th win of the season was the Eadie & Kelly partnership. In the Federation they also take the first 7 positions in the section and 5,6,7,8,9,10 & 11th open from 3287 birds competing. The pigeons are all Vandenabeele’s raced on the roundabout to their 12 x 6 foot loft. Sadly the shine was taken away with the poor returns which and in my opinion was down to the race point and liberating too late .The heat factor certainly played its part in these circumstances as the youngsters were sitting at the race point at around 06-30 am and the losses could have been avoided. With the 2018 AGM race programme not too far away circumstances have to dictate new polices and the members / officials need to show a willingness to bury hatchets, look at race points and not East v West routes. Lastly I would like to congratulate D Wood of Uddingston on topping the federation and well done to the other section winners and members who were fortunate enough to take positions in their respective clubs. Joe I have included a photograph of my granddaughter’s Cherys and Georgi celebrating their Popis magnificent 7th win in club and federation yours in sport Andy Eadie.

Chery & Georgi

North of Scotland Federation

From the Thornton 1 young bird race flown on the 29th July the convoy of 1082 birds were liberated at 07-00 hours. I attended this liberation and have included some photographs to go with this report. The east section had 20 members sending 672 birds and this section took the first 10 open positions in the federation. The winner was A W Buchan of Fraserburgh & District club with the winner doing a velocity of 1857 he is also 5th open. Two yards behind the winner in 2nd 3rd & 4th places is George Duthie of the same club with another club mate C McRae in 6th & 7th places and J (Ian) Gibb of the same club takes the next two positions; The west section had 24 members sent 410 birds topping the section and 33rd open is G Wilson of Devern Valley with the winner doing 1480. Club mate N Raymond is 2nd section 34th open with A J Reid of Keith in 3rd & 10th section 35th & 43rd open with A Wilson of Devern Valley club in 4th spot also winning 36th open J Abel of the same club has 3 birds to win 5th 6th & 7th section 37th 38th & 39th open and A Cruickshank of Keith is 8th & 9th section 40th & 41st open. Club First Bird winners are as follows; A W Buchan wins Fraserburgh & District; H McAllister wins Peterhead & District; D Ward wins Fraserburgh West End; G Wilson wins Devern Valley; A J Reid wins Keith; A Robb wins Inverurie; M Stephen wins Elgin & District and H Mullan wins Buckie & District. Well done to Alex Buchan on topping the federation and also to Gordon Wilson on winning the west section.

North of Scotland liberation at Thornton

Pentland Hills Federation;

News from Andy Miller of the first young bird race of the season from Ridsdale with 12 clubs sending 2684 birds on 29th July; the convoy were liberated at 09-15 into a south west wind. Winning 1st federation and New Lothian is the loft of Davie Brown and the late Jim Black who fly with Woodburn club from silent partner Peter Forbes' house in Whitecraigs. Their timer was bred from stock obtained from Foxwood Lofts in Yorkshire, from the Geerinckx strain out of an inbred grandson of King Gladiator when paired to granddaughter of Witpen Gladiator. The partnership is also 2nd fed with Helen Aitken & sons of Danderhall in 3rd place. Willie Kinnear & son of Danderhall are 4th & 9th with W & B Dunsmore also of Danderhall club are 5th & 7th with R Graham & son from the same club are in 6th federation and W Hume of Danderhall make us the 10th & 11th places.

Club Winners;

Woodburn sent 240 birds; 1st & 2nd Brown & Black 3rd Allen

Danderhall sent 852 birds; 1st Aitken; 2nd Kinnear; 3rd Dunsmore


Premier sent 190 birds; 1st Black & Grandson; 2nd Hutton Son & McCaig; 3rd Affleck

Castlebrae sent 134 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd L Mitchell

Easthouses sent 340 birds; 1st J Pryde; 2nd W Pryde & son; 3rd Ferguson

Edinburgh West sent 137 birds; 1st & 2nd C Bennett 3rd Verth 

Bonnyrigg sent 172 birds; 1st Stark, 2nd Neil, 3rd Smith

Sighthill sent 123 birds; 1st Summer’s; 2nd Bremner 3rd Girdwood

Loanhead sent 52 birds; 1st & 2nd Murray; 3rd Lawrie

Rosewell sent 54 birds; 1st Cunningham; 2nd & 3rd G Tytler

Peebles No birds;

New Lothian sent 103 birds;

Traprain sent 218 birds

Others sent 69 birds. 


New Lothian RPC had 63 members sending 1771 birds with the first 2 places won by the loft of Brown & Black of Woodburn. Helen Aitken & sons of Danderhall club are in 3rd place. With Willie Kinnear & son of Danderhall in 4th & 9th positions club mates Willie & Barbara Dunsmore are 5th & 7th with R Graham & son from the same club in 6th place and club mate Willie Hume is in 10th & 11th places.

Joe’s Joke

(Well a true story about an Assailant who suffered injuries from fall).

Orville Smith, a store manager for Best Buy in Augusta, Ga.. Told police he observed a make customer, later identified as Tyrone Jackson of Augusta, on surveillance Cameras putting a laptop computer under his jacket. When confronted the man became irate, knocked down an employee, drew a knife and ran for the door. Outside on the sidewalk were 4 Marines collection toys for the ‘Toys for Tots’ programme. Smith said the marine stopped the man, but he stabbed one of the marines. Captain Phillip Duggan, in the back; the injury did not appear to be server. After police and an ambulance arrived at the scene Captain Duggan was transported for treatment. The subject was also transported to the local hospital with 2 broken arms; a broken ankle; a broken leg; several missing teeth; possible broken ribs; multiple concussion;  assorted lacerations; a broken nose and a broken jaw …… Injuries he sustained when he slipped and fell off the curb after stabbing the marine; according to the police report.   

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