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The Joe Murphy Column



Received an email from Billy Holland who wrote ‘Hi Joe I hope you and your family are keeping good, it’s nice to see you are keeping up the good work with the lemon’s again in last week’s article. I took some photos of my breakfast for you, it’s important to note that the lemons have got to be (Un-waxed) as the waxed ones will upset your tummy. I find it much easier to put lemons in a Nutr-Bullet with a little water as frozen lemons are difficult to grate. Depending on size of lemon sometimes a half is enough and a little natural sweetener always helps (stay away from sugar at all costs as this feeds cancer) And in the beginning I found a half a lemon plenty then after 4 weeks you can increase to a full one per day.


Billy Holland



Although I took them 7 days a week I now take the lemons 5 days a week with my breakfast. The milk thistle powder is good if you’re want to flush your liver out as I did, you should find a difference in your weight with this. In the afternoon a tea spoon if sodium bicarbonate (baking powder) in water will do you no harm and you should search how this can help the cancer. As you no Joe I’m NOT a doctor or even have a medical background I can only give you my experience with all of the above and none will do you any harm. This is will be 8 years I’ve been on lemons and baking powder with no side effects.


my breakfast


Please feel free to use any of the above if you wish to assist your readers, I have also enclose some photos for you to highlight if you so wish. Yours in sport and I’m always in your dept. yours Billy Holland. Billy you are not in my dept. I’m only glad to hear of your wonderful progress since you started the lemons (can’t believe it is 8 years) keep healthy Joe M. 



Scottish Birds to China

On return from holiday I contacted my dear friend Billy Bilsland to congratulate him on his outstanding achievement in the SNFC young bird national. I also contacted the outright winner Freddie Robertson to congratulate him as well. Billy then contacted me and informed me that he had received a visit from a fancier from China named Zhongjie (says his Scottish name is Kevin) who had birds from him last year and was interested in obtaining another 2 this year. They picked out 2 youngsters who had competed in the young bird national 1423 who was Billy’s first pigeon home from the national winning 9th open and 1188 winner of 34th open. (You cannot get any better than this Joe M)  Zhongjie is going to race their off springs in China next year.

He has named 1188 as 'Shanghai Billy' and 1423 as 'Star of Ayton'. They will enter his uncle and his partner's loft in Shanghai (picture attached) when the pigeons arrive in China. )  Zhongjie will make sure as many as their off springs are raced in China next year! His uncle and partner entered 30 birds into 5 one loft races in China this year and they are happy to send off springs from 1188 and 1423 to the one loft races in China in March/April next year. Hopefully we will hear of some results from Zhongjie next year.


'Shanghai Billy'



'Star of Ayton'


 His uncle is very keen to develop a new line around Billy’s bloodlines, he had a bird (Gaby x Soontjens) last year who won 11th in the 400 km race (hot spot 2) competing against 5439 birds in the one loft race but didn’t do so good in the 500 km final race (winning 372nd). He says ‘Let’s give it 2-3 years and see how your pigeons will do in China!  He posted a short video of Billy’s loft on the Chinese social media and within a week this video has had over 41 thousand views and 400 plus likes.


'Shanghai Billy'



'Star of Ayton'



In fact 2 fanciers queried the possibility of purchasing a pair of racers and one asked the possibility of introducing a breeder from Billy! Billy has sent me a few photos of 'Shanghai Billy' and 'Star of Ayton' and Zhongjie son a happy Woody! Walkers collected the pigeons and they were delivered to Belgium to catch the upcoming shipment to China. Zhongjie is going to keep Billy informed of the progress of 'Shanghai Billy' and 'Star of Ayton'. A great little story and we wish Zhongjie all the best for the future Joe M.  



happy Woody




Jackie Herd

Received an email and photo from John Hood from Kirkintilloch: who along with his late father and fellow scribe John Harwood used to attend my Sporting Challenge presentation evening; John wrote ‘Hi Joe, I have been going through piles of my old doo stuff (a mountain full) and have sent you a photo of my old pal Jackie Herd who was an excellent fancier be it club federation or national races.

The photo is circa 1990 and that year Jackie topped the Lanarkshire federation back to back from Worcester and Cheltenham respectively. Jackie was a great pal who was always up to something and I have great memories of training our birds from Peebles before going to work and my mini-van that had a top speed of 50 miles per hour!! Jackie worked his socks off for the club alas he no longer keeps the birds but is still on the go enjoying a wee flutter at the bookies.


Jackie Herd



Cheers Joe and hope you are well, and keep up the good work in promoting Scottish fanciers John H. While talking to Billy Bilsland I happened to mention about John’s letter above and Billy informed me that Jackie helped him when he flew in the Chryston club with the Lanarkshire federation and had some good results.

Billy was working full time running two cycle shops so with Jackie’s help during the 2007 – 2008 seasons. SU 05 L 1533 won 7th section E 27th open SNFC Falaise and SU 07 L678 won 157th open Falaise SNFC in 2008. SU 06 L 2389 won 22nd open SNFC Tours in 2008 then won 2nd Lanarkshire Social Circle Gold Cup and 127th open SNFC Alencon 2009.  In 2009 Billy also won 36th open SNFC Andrezel with SU07 13944; then SU 08 L 119 won 1st yearling Lanarkshire Social Circle from Falaise winning the Hugh Brown trophy in 2009. SU 08 L 81 won 3rd open SNFC Ypres 1st section E 1st Lanarkshire federation and  SU 08 S 533 won 13th section 43rd open SNFC Ypres in 2009 plus a pile of 1st club and federation positions.

Jackie Herd was there every morning cleaning out and his general management first class and he was also a great ‘Stock Man’ who gave me a great hand Joe happy memories and my best wishes to Jackie yours Billy Bilsland’.  



Joe’s Joke

It's the semi-final at Wimbledon and a man makes his way to his seat at centre court. He sits down and notices that the seat next to him is empty. He leans over and asks his neighbour if someone is sitting there. He responds, "No, the seat's empty." "The first man exclaims, "What?!? Who in their right mind would have a seat like this for the semi-final and not use it?" The neighbour responds, "Well the seat is mine, but my wife passed away and this is the first semi-finals we haven't been together." The first man responds," I'm sorry to hear that. Wasn't there anyone else, a friend or relative that could've taken that seat?" The neighbour responds, "No, they're all at the funeral."


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