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Tom Corrie jnr


This week we had two races available to members on the same day. Kelso was a non-average race for those who wished a short spin for pigeons that they felt weren't ready for a 300 miles race from Buckingham. The members supported the Kelso race with an excellent convoy of 2,500 birds.



The Kelso race was liberated at 0700hrs in a light south west wind. The winners took around 1hr 25 minutes to cover the 60 odd miles and the returns were excellent. Well done to Tommy McDonagh our race controller/Convoyer for his excellent care and attention. Tommy also generously sponsored the race and again we thank him for his support.


Tam McDonagh wins Blantyre club ,Kelso race


The membership thanks big Tam and our federation Secretary Jim Cameron for their dedication and work for the members!


Jim Cameron (L) wins Uddingston & Dist Kelso race


The Buckingham race was a Thursday marking and central marking with SNFC convoy. The birds were liberated with over 4,500 birds taking to the Skye at 06 45 in a light south wind in lovely weather. It turned out to be a most testing flight for the majority of the convoy, with a large amount of the covoy not homing on the night. More unhappy fanciers than happy with this really difficult race. 


Tam Richardson (L) had a brilliant day winning 1st Open Lanarkshire Federation from Buckingham race &1st section SNFC


The federation winner was timed at 13 13hrs into Newmains for Tam Richardson. The winner is a yearling blue hen who recorded a 1300ypm which was a country mile in front of the others. Tam is working away at moment and unfortunately no details at present of the winner. Well done Tam and the icing on the cake was the section win for Tam in the SNFC.




Again, members are not getting the credit they deserve as i have a lack of photos of the winners, so club secretaries please ask to take a wee photo and send to myself.


Kelso race (non-average race)


Coatbridge SC. 1st,2nd Sharp Cummings Durning. 3rd Pollock/Cairney. 4th R Valentini

SharpCummings Durning win 1st,2nd Coatbridge SC Kelso race

Sharp Cummings Durning winning set up


Newmains. 1st,2nd T McGinn. 3rd,4th,5th. Eadie & Kelly


Tony McGinn wins Newmains Kelso race


Airdrie. 1st,5th I Rankin. 2nd,3rd,4th GWP Macaloney

Ian Rankin (L) wins Airdrie Kelso race


Greenfield. 1st,2nd,3rd D Allison. 4th G Baird. 5th K Buchanan


Blantyre. 1st,4th Tallis & McDonagh. 2nd,3rd,5th W Semple


Carluke. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th A Blyth

Alec Blyth (R) wins Carluke ,Kelso race


Clarkston. 1st,2nd,3rd,5th T Corrie Son G/son. 4th Muir Bros

Tom Corrie Son G/son win Clarkston ,Kelso race 


Chryston. 1st,2nd,5th C Gray. 3rd Mrs C Grant. 4th A McConnachie




Dalziel. 1st,3rd,5th J Boyle. 2nd J King. 4th O & J McFadden 

Joe Boyle wins Dalziel club Kelso race


Cambuslang. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th W Gordon

Billy Gordon (L) wins Cambuslang Kelso race


Burnbank. 1st ,3rd Cook/Hannah& Cairney. 2nd,4th,5th P White


Uddingston. 1st,3rd,4th,5th J Cameron. 2nd J Cullen



Fauldhouse. 1st ,2nd J Hadfield 1311 & 1303. 3rd Lumsden Colligan /Hope 1263. 4th J Burt 1255



Buckingham race section winners


East section 26 sent ,209 birds


1st T Richardson 1300. 2nd,4th Mr & Mrs Elliot 1148,1119. 3rd ,5th J Lawrie & Son 1129,1113


Centre section 39 sent 339 birds


1st G Mann 1185. 2nd A Selfridge & Son 1180. 3rd C Gray 1177. 4th J Spiers 1133. 5th J Cullen 1119


West section sent 26 sent 209 birds


1st M Krivokapic 1201. 2nd D Allison 1156. 3rd A Nelson 1130. 4th Torrance & Man. 1097. 5th R Jukes snr 1059


Dave Allison (L) wins Greenfield Kelso race


Around the clubs


Newmains. 1st T Richardson. 2nd ,4th Mr & Mrs Elliot. 3rd,5th. J Lawrie & Son


Airdrie. 1st G Mann.2nd J Spiers. 3rd,5th J Hendrie & Son. 4th M Hilley

George Mann wins Airdrie club & Centre section LF ,Buckingham race,his winner is out of his Scottish Central Combine winner which was the Old GWP Macaloney ,Busshaert lines X Wullie Gault of Plains lines

George Mann of Airdrie winning loft


Greenfield. 1st M Krivokapic. 2nd D Allison. 3rd J Hannah. 4th K Buchanan. 5th J Leggate

Mio Krivokapic wins Greenfield club & West section LF ,Greenfield club


Blantyre. 1st ,3rd,5th A McInnes. 2nd Tallis & McDonagh

Alec McInnes wins Blantyre ,Buckingham race


Lanark. 1st,2nd,3rd T Greenfield.


East Kilbride. 1st R Jukes snr. 2nd,3rd J Meikle. 4th D Gillespie. 5th G Orr

Richard Jukes snr wins East Kilbride Buckingham race


Clarkston. 1st D Mitchell & Son. 2nd,3rd,4th,5th T Corrie Son G/son

Danny Mitchell & Son wins Clarkston, Buckingham race


Lanarkshire Social Circle, 33 sent 288 birds


1st T Richardson 1300. 2nd E Jones & G/son 1238. 3rd J & C O Hara 1198. 4th G Mann 1185. 5th D Allison 1156


Chryston. 1st,3rd C Gray 1177. 2nd W Holland. 4th J Harwood 

Colin Gray wins Chryston club Buckingham race

Larkhall & Dist. 1st,2nd R Smith. 3rd ,4th,5th J Newbiggin

 Robert Smith wins a fine 1st & 2nd Larkall & Dist club ,Buckingham race

Dalziel. 1st A Selfridge & Son. 2nd W McDonald. 3rd C Murphy. 4th J Graham. 5th G & J Palmer

Stephen Selfridge(A Selfridge & Son) win Dalziel club,Buckingham race


Cambuslang. 1st,4th E Robin jnr. 2nd W Gordon. 4th T Houston

Eddie Robin jnr wins Cambuslang ,Buckingham race


New Stevenson. 1st J J K Gillon. 2nd,3rd,5th R Clark. 4th J L Kerr

JJK Gillon win New Stevenson,  Buckingham race


Burnbank. 1st A Nelson. 2nd Torrance & Mann. 3rd A McInnes. 4th J Green & Son. 5th P White

Alan Nelson wins Burnbank ,Buckingham race


Uddingston. 1st J Cullen. 2nd ,3rd J Wood. 4th W Graham. 5th D Wood

Jim Cullen wins Uddingston & Dist Buckingham race


Coalburn. 1st A Suckle. 2nd W Mitchell & Son. 3rd,5th D Mathieson & Son. 4th T G  Steele

Andrew Suckle wins Coalburn,Buckingham race


Cambusnethan/Morningside. 1st,2nd J Lawrie & Son. 3rd Eadie & Kelly. 4th J J K Gillon. 5th J Carley

John Lawrie & Son win Cambusnethan/Morningside Buckingham race

John Lawrie & Son loft


Carluke. 1st,4th M Findlay. 2nd A Blyth. 3rd A Wilkie


Fauldhouse. 1st J O Hara 1198. 2nd,3rd LumsdenColligan/Hope 1173,1171. 4th J McLaughlan 1085

Jim O Hara ( right) wins Fauldhoue Buckingham race



Average Leaders Board


1st T Richardson 1294

2nd M Krivokapic 1281

3rd J Cullen

4th D Allison

5th G Mann

6th A Nelson

7th T Corrie Son G/son

8th J Wood

9th Eadie & Kelly

10th J J K Gillon



Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Press Officer 







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