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Loft of Eddie Robin jnr.



I took the time in the company of my dad on a beautiful  sunny September day, to visit the highly successful loft of Eddie Robin jnr in Cambuslang, Glasgow.


Cambuslang is located just south of the River Clyde and about 6 miles (10 km) south-east of the centre of Glasgow. It has a long history of coal mining, from at least 1490, iron and steel making, and ancillary engineering works.


What a season Eddie Robin jnr has had a young bird season you would describe as outstanding.To win five section wins in seven races is truly brilliant. Is this possible a west section record? The youngsters really have been in top form winning 37 federation tickets  from 105 up for grabs. All in seven races. This is a remarkable achievement!


Eddie has a great approach to his sport,energy,enthusiasm and a good sense of humour that obviously work and provides the zest in his pigeons. He has many friends who help him achieve the goal of racing ,successful pigeon for  which he is very grateful. He doesn't drive which can be a difficult management issue but with friends and club mate he manages to get the birds to the races. His enthusiasm really is infectious!


To put you in the picture Cambuslang lies in the west of the west section and isn't conducive to the main drag of the federation racing.


Eddie Robin jnr showing his very nice pencil blue C that won Ypres race in club 2019



The winning system


Old birds paired 1st January with racers rearing youngsters from stock pigeons. A double darkness team is worked in two sections and eventually exercised together around the loft twice per day ,until they receive short training flights. Then onto the federation transporter for training every day for two weeks before first race. Like everyone this year he experienced significant losses before racing and also the first race from Kelso, which can only be described as a disaster!


The birds are loft flagged with three very large poles positioned to encourage the birds to fly. Eddie laughed stating some days the poles are bent over with the high winds. The birds fly well twice per day and some weeks during the season he will utilise the Glasgow federation transporter training on a Tuesday ,which he feels is beneficial. You have to work at pigeons! The birds are kept healthy with natural health products, Avidress in water three days per week and muli vitamins once per week.


New YB loft designed and built by Wullie Millen, raced to in 2019.



Darkness system from 7pm till 8am .One section out at 1pm the other 3pm until all old enough to be out together. I got the feeling Eddie isn't interest what a pigeon handles like, just good breeding ,no specific size or shape.Concord protein mix for six weeks after weaning and once on wing are moved onto the Vanrobaeys mixtures .He feeds Matrix grit on the Monday only;they love it he said. Black minerals and hopper feed of beans are always available inn stock loft to supplement mixture to rear healthy robust youngsters 


The feed is very important, everything in moderation with a sense and feel for what the pigeons need!


Feeding tray inside all the sections on top of granules


Eddie says the pigeons have to show vigour with other fanciers commenting on how well his youngsters exercise. If they don’t fly, then something isn't right. And observation is key. 


He suffers the dreaded young bird syndrome, usually around the month of May and like most self-stresses that his pigeons are ill. He lost some birds to this virus this season. When the symptoms show he gives no food for 24hrs and then half feed of barley until they respond.Multi vitamins in water.


Main racing loft with YB section 2 at the end



All sections within loft have a healthy coating of vesela laga granules on floor which he feels helps with the loft atmosphere. Nice and dry. Which helps prevent other problems like cocci and canker.


Newsflash the birds have "smooth radio "to listen to  24hrs seven days per week. Eddie thinking it keeps the cats away from the loft and settles the pigeons. I heard listening to smooth radio makes you a better driver, maybe it makes content pigeons!


Eddie is a routine fancier with strict times around his darkness youngsters. Out to fly and no lounging around.They race the full federation programme and what is left are wintered for the following season. He races his old birds on the roundabout system with both hens and cocks racing.



Inside new YB loft with box aviary


The youngsters pair up naturally and look like yearlings when in good feather. He feels there are no comparisons with racing darkness with natural youngsters. Men against boys come to mind. They still looked in good feather and handled well.


Eddie has changed all his breeding pairs over the last few years to great benefit and all the top lines are available for sprint to middle distance racing. All new lines making an impact on his results.


Youngsters in new loft enjoying some late September sunshine 



Results over the young bird programme


6 x 1st clubs and 5 x 1st West section Lanarkshire Federation in 7 races

He was 2nd,3rd,4th in the other club race 


37 federation tickets in 7 races


In the last two years 19 x 1st clubs and 7 x 1st west section


Eddie also won four old bird club races including the three longest in the programme 2019.


Section positions in seven young bird races


Kelso 28/7/19  30 members sent 779 birds


7th & 8th west section


Dunbar 03/08/19  46 members sent 1270 birds


1st,5th,7th,10th 11th west section


Kelso 17/08/19  66 members sent 1486 birds


1st,5th west section


Hexham  24/08/19  41 members sent 956 birds


5th,6th,10th,12th west section


Catterick  01/09/19  36 members sent 607 birds


1st,4th,5th,8th,9th west section


Ripon  Pool race  07/09/19


1st,2nd,3rd,5th,6th,8th,9th,10th west section


Kelso 13 members sent 137 birds


1st,2nd,7th,9th,10th,11th,13th,15th west section


Another view of loft set up



Eddie would like to thank the following people 


Special thanks to Wullie Millen for all the advice over the last three seasons, his management system has won me 19 x 1st prizes in the last two seasons.

Thanks to George Slavin of Tarbolton,Ayrshire ,Mr & Mrs Archie Price of Cheshire/Liverpool ,Wullie Donnachie of Dundee & John Dunigan of Kilmauirs ,Ayrshire for their birds that have gave me a fantastic season. 


Special thanks to my wee pal Billy Allison who picks me up every week to go to the club and also his advice. I would be lost without him! And last but not least by M8 Buba who is always there to take me with the birds to go training or for feeding as I don’t drive ,so without all these guys it would be impossible for me to win the way I have the last two seasons.


I wish to wish my good friend John Jamieson all the best and a speedy recovery. What a gentleman!



We really enjoyed Eddies hospitality including some very nice foodstuffs and tea. Congratulations on a dream season. 


Stock section that also has large aviary


Tom Corrie jnr 

Lanarkshire Press Officer