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Tom Corrie jnr

Well we have arrived at the last race of the season, thank goodness said a lot of fanciers. It’s been a very difficult campaign for losses this season. As usual everyone has their opinion but the only one that counts is turning up to the AGM and make your vote count. Change is required as the status quo just isn't an option! The future of your great sport has never been more at risk, we have to rethink our young bird racing.


GWP Macaloney set up

Paul Macaloney showing his recent 1st Open federation winner "Mayday"


This week takes us to Kelso, a race point that is a hit or a miss for youngsters, old birds seem to race well out of it, but already this season the federation had one of its worst races in decades from here with the youngsters. Anyway, we arrived back at Kelso in the Scottish borders. Only 900 birds plus 2 Fauldhouse club baskets were liberated at 08 00hrs in a light south west wind. The winning birds took around 1hr 24 minutes for the 64-mile journey. The birdage speaks for itself!


Like most weeks the early birds made good time, in the 1300ypm with others struggling. This week’s winners of 1st Open federation is the brilliant GWP Macaloney who win the first 12 in the federation. What a performance recording over 60ypm faster than any loft in the federation. What can you say about these fanciers that already has been said? There is no one that can put in team performances like these guys. The federation all-time record holders have a record that will never be repeated!


This week’s winner is “Mayday” bred by the May family, from their Spider-Man lines x their Belg Yves De Witt Birds. This cock was also 2nd Federation 3,553 Birds, beaten on drop by loft mate few weeks. Well done to Wullie & Paul who also win the Combine average.


Well done Jim Cameron, had a "brilliant" YB season winning the Centre section YB average topping the leader board.



Jim Cameron(L) wins Uddingston  the YB average east section and tops the leader board

Well done to Ian Lindsay on winning the East section young bird averages.


Lindsay & Henderson win the East section YB averages


Well done Eddie Robin jnr winning the West section YB average


Eddie Robin wins Cambuslang club and the West section YB average

Well that’s it for another season, enjoy the rest and recharge the batteries because it not long coming back around again.


Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Federation Press Officer



Around clubs


Airdrie & Dist. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th GWP Macaloney



Coatbridge SC. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th Sharp, Cummings & Durning


Sharp Cummings & Durning win Coatbridge with Sire direct son of Syndicate x Blue Magic  , Dam  daughter of Man O War x  Bouddica


Clarkston & Dist. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th D Mitchell & Son


Danny Mitchell wins Clarkston & Dist


Carluke. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th ,5th A Wilkie


Alex Wilkie (L) wins Carluke


Chryston 1st,2nd J J Hood. 3rd,4th,5th Mrs R Grant


John & Ann Hood ,winner of Chryston club


New Stevenson. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th J J K Gillon


JJK Gillon win New Stevenson club


Low Waters 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th G Lightbody


George Lightbody wins Low Waters club


Newmains 1st ,4th T McGinn. 2nd,3rd W Smart. 5th A & J Cook


Tony McGinn wins Newmains & Cambusnethan clubs


Cambuslang 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th E Robin jnr



Burnbank. 1st Torrance & Mann. 2nd,3rd,5th A Nelson. 4th J McGuire


Alan Torrance (R) wins Burnbank club


Dalziel 1st,2nd J Boyle. 3rd W McDonald. 4th,5th J Cassidy



Joe Boyle (L) wins Dalziel club

Blantyre 1st,2nd,4th W Semple. 3rd,5th A Wylie jnr


Wullie Semple (L) wins Blantyre


Final Average Leader Board


Combine Average


1st GWP Macaloney 1195

2nd J Cullen 1187

3rd G Mann 1172

4th Eadie & Kelly

5th J J K Gillon

6th J & K Miller

7th A Nelson

8th Lindsay & Henderson

9th E Robin jnr

10th T Richardson



YB Average


1st J Cameron 1069

2nd Lindsay & Henderson 1061

3rd GWP Macaloney 1056

4th E Robin jnr 1051

5th Sharp Cummings & Durning 1034

6th I Rankin

7th J Forsyth

8th W Smart

9th T McGinn

10th JJK Gillon


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