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Tom Corrie jnr

The Lanarkshire federation committee have developed a programme this year to include some short races on the same days as the SNFC inland nationals. This is to provide the members with some flights for those that didn't fancy the later or looking for some extra sport. The members have backed these races with excellent birdage ,they have been a great success. Long may it continue! 


The convoy of 2,100 plus 8 Fauldhouse club baskets were away at 7am in a light south east wind for the sixty odd mile race back into central Scotland. The winning birds took around the 1 hr 10 minutes to record high into the 1500s and again it was a terrific race with excellent returns.


Thanks again to Tommy McDonagh for his dedication to role of race controller and convoyer. Tommy also takes the time to collect lost pigeons and return to their owners." Top Man"


Around the clubs


Airdrie 8 sent 114. 1st I Rankin 1545. 2nd,3rd,4th,5th GWP Macaloney


Ian Rankin (L) wins Airdrie club


Newmains 1st J & K Miller 1540. 2nd Lindsay & Henderson. 3rd,4th T McGinn. 5th T Richardson


Kevin & Jackie Miller win Newmains club


Uddingston 9 sent 159. 1st ,2nd D McCaig 1549. 3rd R Hotchkiss. 4th,5th J Cameron

Dave McCaig (L) wins Uddingston Alex Wilkie (R) wins Carluke


Dalziel 1st,4th,5th J King 1505. 2nd J Boyle. 3rd J & H Brown & Higgins

John King (R) wins Dalziel club


Coatbridge SC 13 sent 166. 1st,2nd Sharp, Cummings, Durning 1562. 3rd J Forsyth. 4th,5th R & M Neil

Cummings Durning win Coatbridge SC club


Clarkston 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th T Corrie Son G/son 1519


Tom Corrie Son G/son win Clarkston


Chryston 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th R Anderson 1497


Robert Anderson won Chryston club

Burnbank 1st Baird & McMillan 1543. 2nd A Nelson. 3rd J Green & Son. 4th Cook Hannah & Cairney. 5th A McInnes


Jimmy McMillan(R) wins Burnbank 

Blantyre 1st,2nd Tallis & McDonagh 1568. 3rd,4th,5th W Semple


Tommy McDonagh (L) wins Blantyre club


Low Waters 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th   G Lightbody 1548 

George Lightbody (L) wins Low Waters


Cambuslang 1st,3rd,4th W Gordon 1477. 2nd T Houston. 5th W Shields 

Billy Gordon (R) wins Cambuslang


Carluke 1st,4th,5th A Wilkie1489. 2nd, 3rd A Blyth 

Marshall Findlay recent winner of Carluke club


Greenfield 1st R Richardson 1522. 2nd,3rd K Buchannan. 4th D Allison. 5th G Baird


Coalburn 1st,2nd,,4th,5th D Morrison & Son. 3rd D Mathieson & Son


Dougie Morrison   won Coalburn club


Fauldhouse 13 sent 236 1st J Hadfield 1634. 2nd Lumsden Colligan & Hope 1540. 3rd J Burt 1510. 4th W Sneddon 1484




Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Press Officer 




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