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Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Longtown 1 Young Bird race 24th July 2017

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Longtown is situated on the English/Scottish border, three miles from Gretna Green and six from Carlisle. Lanarkshire members sent 3,300 birds for the first young bird race of the season.


Due to poor weather over the weekend ,the committee agreed to race mark on Sunday for a Monday race.

The morning broke with clear blue skies and a light NNE wind and the birds were up at 10:45 for the seventy two mile race.

Well as usual the winners made good time with the velocities in the high twelve hundreds, but a big "but" was the quality of the race and the

returns,horrendous can only describe this race. Apparently the local areas around the race point was awash with Lanarkshire pigeons.

Returns at clocking 7pm are totally unacceptable for this distance, some lost most of their team and we are scheduled to go to Uttoxeter for the last race, ha ha who are we kidding.


Why with excellent visibility and a big convoy these birds should haven't made their way home. The answer is BOP, they had a field day turning these pigeons and thats three races out of this liberation site and three stinkers this year. Others flying out of Dunbar that day had excellent returns, I once proposed racing from there and got told its North you cant race from there..If others are consistently getting good racing from there, then why cant we?


This weeks federation winner is David Wood of Uddingston & Dist in the Centre section of the federation. David's winner a blue hen, racing natural to the perch and her sire was bred by my father Jim Wood, he was 3rd centre section 2500 pigeons 10th open fed 6600 pigeons from Otterburn and is of Heremans ceuster x Leo van rijn breeding.

The dam was also bred by my father and also won for me 1st Uddingston club 3rd open Lanarkshire fed young bird duplication race from Ingleton and is of Edd Sittner x Leo van Rijn.


Well done young Dave.



Cambuslang HC


1st G.Baird 1231
2nd G.Baird 1230
3rd G.Baird 1229
4th G.Baird 1228
5th G.Baird 1228 


Blantyre HC


1st E.Barrett 1192.313
2nd Tallis & Mcdonagh 1187.619
3rd E.Barrett 1181.671
4th A.Morrison 1174.489
5th Tallis & Mcdonagh 1110.530

Congratulations to Eric just joined club this year to fly young birds .


Chryston HC


1st Grant & Cairns 1157

2nd D Greechan 1089

3rd D Greechan 1011

4th A McConnachie 972


Dalzel FC


1st J King 1227

2nd O J McFadden 1211

3rd W J McFadden 1198

4th O J McFadden 1194

5th J McCourt 1174


New Stevenson HC


1st P Kerr  1199

2nd J L Kerr 1079

3rd J L Kerr 1066

4th P Kerr 926


Clarkston & Dist


1st T.Corrie,Son,G/son
2nd J.Short
3rd J.Short
4th J.Short
5th T.Corrie,Son,G/son


Burnbank HC


1st J Mc Guire 1247
2nd J Mc Guire 1245
3rd R Cushley 1237
4th S Callaghan 1233
5th R Cushley 1227

Well done Jim ,good  racing

Walter Boswell wins the pools 


Uddingston & Dist


1st D Wood 1249
2nd J Cameron 1243
3rd J Cullen 1243
4th J Cullen 1243
5th McCormick & Hughes 1227


Well done David,top performance



Low Waters HC


1st A.Nelson 1216
2nd A.Nelson 1206
3rd J.Green & Son 1200
4th J.Green & Son 1199
5th A.Nelson 1197


Well done Alan


Carluke HC


1st M Findlay 1135

2nd A Wilkie 1109

3rd S Lammie 1084


Well done Marshall


Larkhall & Dist HC


1st R Smith 1242

2nd R Smith 1241

3rd R Smith 1241

4th R Smith 1241

5th R Smith 1240

 Great flying Robert 


Lanark & Dist HC


1st J Frood & Son 980

2nd D K Burnside 942

3rd D Imire 784


Well done John


Newmains HC


1st Eadie & Kelly 

2nd Eadie & Kelly

3rd Eadie & Kelly

4th Eadie & Kelly

5th Eadie & Kelly


Brilliant flying Andy




1st Eadie & Kelly 

2nd Eadie & Kelly

3rd Eadie & Kelly

4th Eadie & Kelly

5th Eadie & Kelly


Brilliant flying Andy


Greenfield HC


1st Tallis & McDonagh 1197

2nd Tallis & McDonagh 1181

3rd Tallis & McDonagh 1169

4th Tallis & McDonagh 1087

5th Tallis & McDonagh 1087


Well done Tommy


Airdrie Dist


1st GWP Macaloney 1247

2nd G Mann 1236

3rd I Cumming 1225

No other details


Coatbridge SC


1st Sharp Cummings Durning 1210

2nd R Valentini 1209

3rd Sharp Cummings Durning 1209

4th Pollock & Cairney 1190

5th J Forsyth 1182


Well done lads, it was a photo finish


GWP Macaloney continue their brilliant season winning Airdrie Dist


                              Tommy McDonagh has a clean sweep in Greenfield club                            Alan Nelson wins Low Waters


David Wood (R) wins Uddingston & Dist and 1st sect,1st Open


                                         George Baird has a great race winning Cambuslang HC                        Tom Corrie Son G/son win Clarkston & Dist



John Frood (L) wins Lanark & Dist


Andy Eadie (L) had a brilliant team performance winning Newmains & Cambusnethan/Morningside


                                                       Jim McGuire (L) wins Burnbank                               Sharp Cummings Durning winning loft at Coatbridge SC  



                                   Sharp Cummings Durning winner in Coatbridge SC                             David Wood outside his loft holding this weeks federation winner


Report Stray Pigeons Here