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Lanarkshire Presentation 2018 Season

This year we attended the Blantyre Miners Welfare for our presentation (A cracking venue). John Leggate our social convener had organised a great panel of National winners from the South of Scotland. Billy Smith of Dumfries, National winner and SNFC President. Billy Jamieson National winner from Annan & Dave Jamieson of East Calder, Scotland's fancier of the year. All experts in their field!
John called a minute silence for respect of all members who had passed before commencing the night.


Photo 1 Callum McMillan(L) with guest Billy Smith, Callum winner of Billericay Open 339 miles with his check hen , timing four birds in the top fourteen of Open .also two bird average 1st & 4th Open Outstanding! - Photo 2 Gordon Orr winner of 1st Open federation Alnwick 5,433 birds with his top BC who is a great winner of many prizes- Photo 3 Wullie McDonald (L) with guest Billy Jamieson,Wullie wins best average Billericay & Ypres with 1st sect ,6th Open Billericay with check hen and 4th sect,4th Open Ypres with RC .Two top class performances from one of Lanarkshire most consistent racers over the past few years. - Photo 4 Billy Gordon,winner of west sect Y/B averages competing against 5487 birds over 6 races.


Photo 5 Dave Allison(L) with guest Dave Jamieson, Dave Allison wins 1st Open Retford 3299 birds with CH C - Photo 6 Its the brilliant partnership of GWP Macaloney principle winners of Lanarkshire federation.Best Old bird average beating 43,128 birds,and Young bird average 17,531 birds .Combine Average winners total 60,659 birds!The first seven bird average ,first opposite sex Ypres.Best two bird average Ypres.1st nominated bird Ypres.Best average first five young bird average and Ypres.Best YB average centre section.SHU fanciers of the year 2018 & SHU Bird of the year 2018 up to 300 miles with their Champion Denman, CHC. Latest news release GWP Macaloney again finished 2nd place for the second year running in the famous Golden Duif trophy, best loft in UK & ROI.Simply the best! - Photo 7 John Leggate winner of first federation SNFC Gold Cup race with his CH H winning 2nd sect ,9th Open ,530 miles - Photo 8 Gary & James Green winner of 1st Open Yearling derby with BC from 247 miles,1st yearling Billericay,with BPH ,2nd sect,3rd Open.Best individual Old bird average over twelve races beating 42,176 birds..Best averages Melton Mowbray 3rd Open,Billericay 3rd Open& Ypres 16th Open 4,134 birds combine .West sect OB Averages 16620 birds.West sect Combine Average 22,107 birds,Truly outstanding season!


Photo 9 Jamie Glackin wins 1st Open Dunbar ,4th Aug 3,940 birds with his BPC. - Photo 10 Wullie Smart wins best average Billericay 5th Open & Ripon 17th Open - Photo 11 Joe & Kelly Gillon of JJK Gillon win East section averages beating 15,307 birds over nineteen races. - Photo 12 Jim Cullen wins 1st Open Ypres 449 miles with his BH also winning the SNFC section E

The event was well attended by members and friends of the federation who enjoyed the excellent atmosphere of the evening event.
Jim Cameron and Dave McCaig had all the federation trophies on display for each winner to take pride and receive the accolade from those present.
John Leggate arranged the panel for some top question and answer of the top subjects in the pigeon sport. Nothing held back! It was great to hear how they all have different ideas, systems but they still win!It was good to speak with Wullie Bothwick this year’s Gold Cup winner who took the time to come along from Annan.
After the prize giving there was some comedy and then onto a fine buffet.
Back to the panel for further information. After the experts the tables were in full flow talking pigeons into the late hour.






Photo 1 Andy Eadieof Eadie & Kelly wins the east section on four occasions.Berwick x2,Retford,Catterick - Photo 2 Tony McGinn wins east section from Aycliffe& Dunbar - Photo 3 Peter Kerr wins east section at Melton Mowbray - Photo 4 Jackie Miller of J & K Miller win east section Alnwick - Photo 5 Dave Penman wins centre section Retford - Photo 6 Ian Rankin wins centre section Dunbar - Photo 7 Jim Cameron wins centre section Berwick,Alnwick,Aycliff -  Photo 8 Sam Callaghan wins west section Ripon race - Photo 9 Jim Hannah wins west section Alnwick race - Photo 10 Billy Allison wins west section at Ypres - Photo 11 Wullie Semple wins west section Dunbar race -
Photo 12 Tommy McDonagh of Tallis & McDonagh wins west section at Berwick & BillericayPhoto 13 George Baird wins west section Dunbar - Photo 14 Denman Champion racer for GWP Macaloney - Photo 15 Poppy winner of 1st Open Ypres for Jim CullenPhoto 16 Brookes Girl 1st Open foe Callum & Liz McMillan


It was a very enjoyable night with excellent feedback from those present. Thanks to John and others who worked towards making everyone's night.
And also who took the time to support Lanarkshire federation.

Lanarkshire members have voted on their race programme for 2019 season.

Old Bird Programme

20/04/19 Kelso 65 miles
27/04/19 Kelso
04/05/19 Hexham 97 miles
11/05/19 Catterick 138 miles
18/05/19 Ripon 155 miles
25/05/19 Wetherby 169 miles
01/06/19 Buckingham 293 miles with SNFC convoy
08/06/19 Workshop Yearling Derby 220 miles
15/06/19 Maidstone 367 miles with SNFC convoy
22/06/19 Kettering 274 miles
29/06/19 Kelso
06/07/19 Ypres 448 miles with SNFC convoy

Young Bird Programme

27/07/19 Kelso
03/08/19 Kelso
10/08/19 Hexham
17/08/19 Catterick
24/08/19 Ripon
31/08/19 Kelso

Tom Corrie jnr
Lanarkshire Press Officer


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