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Midlands National Flying Club

Young Bird Chale

‘Nice One Bill’

Click here for the Chale Provisional Results


This latest race was something of a rarity this season with the 3,800 plus entry being released from Chale the Isle of Wight racepoint at 9.00am on the planned date. The wind direction in the island was from a North Easterly direction but once in the mainland the winds were more variable with something of a Southern influence in many locations enroute.

This allowed the Provisional leading bird to record a velocity of 1502 to the Leicestershire loft of Bill Marbrow of Whitwick. The bird is a hen which was bred by fellow farmer the well-known ‘Woodfield Wizard’ Derrick Jones of Wrexham. I am delighted for Bill as he was one of the people who helped us to purchase our first Geraldy transporter over 12 years ago and of late he hasn’t been in the best of health so this win when it is confirmed as expected will be a massive boost to a thoroughly nice bloke. Obviously, I will give more details of the bird and it’s breeding in the full report in a couple of weeks.

Bill Marbrow

Looking at the Leaderboard we see several sections represented in the first 14 Open placings and though this could well change if any of the pace setters have other arrivals close to their first clocking. That said it is pleasing to have no less than 5 sections feature so prominently. This has no doubt been aided by the light and varying wind directions. Please take a good look at the sectional leaderboards and you will see some crackers in the result and as ever if your name is in the top four of any of these sections please get in touch at mikelakin16@yahoo.com . According to comments that I am hearing returns are good with several that I have spoken to having 100% returns. This is obviously music to our ears.


MNFC Hot Spot 3 race from Kingsdown

The final hotspot race which was postponed twice due to inclement weather before the birds were finally released on the Friday morning at 8.15am into bright and sunny conditions and with a light Northerly wind blowing the audience who were waiting at the home end were confident of a good race and excellent preparation for the final race from Northern France.

In the ‘guest the time’sweep most predictions were for the first arrivals to land in between 3hours 45 minutes and 4 hours for the 165 miles race. Something though went drastically wrong as the first two birds dived in over an hour later in just under 5 hours. It was clear as the birds turned in that they had experienced major problems because even after six hours plus the birds flew around the loft obviously frightened to death with many not landing for up to 15-20 minutes after their arrival time. We can only speculate what was the reason behind the failure of so many birds to home on time but something certainly spooked the pigeons with only 39 birds making it back on the day.

Lets look at things because I was there to help to mark the birds at basketing and can assure entrants that their birds were in tip top shape with all of them having snow white wattles and tight feathering. So the health of the birds couldn’t be considered as the root of the problem as any of the many visitors to the lofts will testify. In regard to the fitness of the birds well these birds have received 33 training flights leading up to the two hotspot races from 78 and 105 miles. So with this in mind fitness can also be ruled out surely. An indication of the general health and fitness of the inmates is highlighted by the fact that now returns are over 100 strong and it is hoped that many more will turn up over the next couple of days.

It is especially galling as pigeon for pigeon until this latest hot spot race the Midlands One Loft figures were the equal or better than the rest of the other O L races in the UK. That said the Loft Management team did say that ‘a possible disaster was only one toss away’. How right they were but a possible pointer to the problem has come in the shape of two of the absentees uneaten remains being reported around the Bristol and Exeter areas. All of this points to the fact that the birds clearly ‘ran the gauntlet’. The Managers have asked me to thank the many entrants who have sent their messages of support for the superb job that these dedicated lads are doing even after this latest ‘severe kick in the teeth’. Telling them that they don’t hold them responsible or to blame for this major setback. Anyone who questions these comments saying that they have never experienced a bad training flight when conditions on the day looked perfectly good either hasn’t kept pigeons very long or have a very short memory!


The Hot Spot 3 result:

1 Mr & Mrs McLaughlin & Son 979.4                   £679

2 Moorland Boys + one              979.3                   £384

3 Chasewater Lofts                     959.0                   £150

4 Kevin Whitham                        908.6                  £100

5  G T Wallett                               908.2                   £50

6 Cannock Connection                905.6                  £50

7 Chasewater Lofts                      904.8                   £50

8 Raffles                                         904.6                  £50

A decision about the Final race and date will be made after a One Loft Committee Meeting which will be held in a couple of days and announced on the website and on Facebook. As the Managers point out the welfare of the pigeons is of paramount importance and if a few days rest is needed the birds will get it by way of a postponement of the final event. Which all genuine pigeon fanciers would both understand and applaud.

Mike Lakin

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