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The fourth race of the season from Hullavington saw yet another rise in birdage at Packmoor with 456 birds entered by 17 members. Well I can tell you with all these birds it might be good for the Fed and the Club but it makes basketing night very hectic. This Friday was no different but Rob and the lads and lasses got the birds basketed and sealed ready just in time for the transporter. Is this a record for birds at Packmoor? I can’t remember this amount of birds going whilst I have been the secretary - no doubt Pete Bailey or Tommy Simpson will put me right on this. With a good day forecast and a helping wind for the birds we were all expecting a fast race.
The call telling us the 2300 plus birds were liberated at 11-15hrs in a fresh south west wind so we thought at 60mph it would take till just after one o’clock for the 107 miles to Packmoor. So we got the ETS system in place in good time and everything else ready nice and early - so about five to one we started looking out for the birds. About this time six birds went over the loft but we did not have to wait long and as last week we saw a bird coming up from Packmoor - it was heading straight for our loft just as last week the bird was racing right up to the loft and trapped first time. I thought it was the checker hen that won last week but it was a Lambrecht cock that is paired to her. This bird was purchased off Andy Wood from Norwich way. Then birds started dropping in at regular intervals, great to see them diving in and of the 36 that we sent 29 were in the loft in no time and the other six came in the next couple of hours - the last one home being the hen that won last week - glad to see her back!
The first three races of the season it has been hens that have been coming for us so we decided to give the cocks a 30 mile chuck with Geoff Silvester to Cannock during the week. Well it did the trick as the first two on the clock this week are cocks.
Saturday night up at Grapes it was a good turnout with all the members saying what a good race it had been with good returns - nobody knew any times so it was really quiet while Rob read the clocks and ETS sheets off - nobody was sure what the first six places were, so we waited patiently for the print out off Kath. Then problems with the printer and after about five minutes Kath got the printer to burst into life and the result was out.

1st Roberts Bros Vel. 1835.410
2nd Roberts Bros Vel. 1821.030
3rd Roberts Bros Vel. 1816.673
    4th T Woolrich & Son Vel. 1813.817

5th Roberts Bros Vel 1809.744
6th Roberts Bros Vel. 1806.307



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