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Everything went well at Packmoor for the seventh old bird land race but with Midland National race taking place this weekend the birdage was down with only 259 birds going to Hullavington from 15 members. With the race being put back 24 hours it was Saturday night marking for us, anyway Rob Slack, Dave Scragg and Baz Yeomans had the birds ready for the transporter in plenty of time and so there was plenty of time for a few beers it was a good night with plenty of good banter.
On the Sunday we all expected an early liberation and we got one, with a 7-30am lib in a South South West wind. After all the members were notified (and got some out of bed) it was up to the lofts for my brother and myself (Roberts Bros) as expected it was going to be a fast race. The distance from Hullavington to Packmoor is 107miles plus and we were giving them one hour 35mins for the journey back. Just after the time we expected them a blue flyty Lambrect cock arrived at the lofts of Roberts Bros but it decided to do a lap of honour and while doing so 2 blue hens trapped followed by the Lambrect cock - after that the birds just rained in (35 birds sent 35 birds home in forty mins), so the Lambrect cock ended up being 3rd club with the two hens coming 1st & 2nd club.
Up at the clubhouse Sunday night everyone was saying what a good and very fast race it was with a lot of birds very close and nobody knowing who would take the red card until all the clocks were read out. Kath and Janet fed all the info into the laptop and the result is.

1st Roberts Bros Vel 1966.285
2nd Roberts Bros Vel 1965.267
3rd Roberts Bros Vel 1964.928
4th Dave Jones Vel 1961.168
5th Dave Jones Vel 1961.168
6th Bill Burgess Vel 1955.503
7th Bailey & Proctor Vel 1952.003

The winner for Roberts Bros this week is a Lambrect hen, a grand daughter of Kingpin. In second place is a Herman Cuester hen which is a sister to the hen that won a couple of weeks ago. Taking third place for Roberts Bros is a Lambrect cock a full brother to the winner but a year older.
In fourth and fifth are Dave Jones’s widow cocks followed Bill Burgess with a yearling hen.
That’s the lot for this week, off to the water next Saturday

Cheers for now.

Jeff Roberts
Press Officer – Packmoor &DHS




If you remember a couple of weeks ago I predicted that the members of Packmoor who like their water races, notably T Woolrich & Son, J & R McLatchie together with Lee Khan, Roy Taylor and Bailey & Proctor, to name a few, would soon be rising to the top of the leader board once the birds went over the channel. Well that prediction came true on Saturday 17th June when 14 club members sent 123 birds to Fougères, a distance of approximately 331miles to Packmoor. The race team libbed the birds at 7-30am into a light North East wind.
Having not sent ourselves I didn't give much thought on how long it would take the birds and when I went up to the clubhouse (The Grapes) to do the clocks I only knew of one bird home and that belonged to Mr & Mrs Roy Taylor - so it was a bit of a surprise to see so many members wanting their birds read off.

The atmosphere at the clubhouse was good, so after the results team got to work, with the girls feeding the information supplied to them by Rob Slack into the laptop, and only ½ hour later the result appeared, with T Woolrich & Son taking the red card with a 2 year chequer cock that is also provisionally 1st Fed, this was only his 2nd time over the channel (didn't he do well). This cock raced a full young bird programme then, as a yearling he got 2 minor prizes before taking the big one.
The sire to the chequer cock is one of T Woolrich & Son’s best ever channel pigeons winning 2 x first Saintes, 4th Saintes and 3rd Saintes beaten only by loft mates on the last two races, also he has won 2nd Messac plus 4th Carentan plus winning many prizes racing on land.
The dam of the chequer cock won 2nd Saintes, 2nd Messac plus 2nd Carentan and both the sire and dam are now in the stock loft hopefully breeding some more for the channel races to come.
In second and third is another of the top pigeon fancier partnerships of father and son J & R McLatchie


Sadly I don't have particulars about these birds but as Rob & his dad always do well over the channel you can bet these have been bred for the job, I believe they are also 3rd Fed so well done Jim and Rob. In 4th & 6th is T Woolrich & Son with some more good channel birds, 5th place goes to the likeable man Lee Khan of L Khan & Sons.
This week we are back to land racing from Hullavington before we are back over the channel in a few weeks time where I expect the Packmoor members to excel once again

The result 1st T Woolrich &Son. Vel 1332.409 1st Fed (provis)

2nd J & R McLatchie Vel 1323.861 3rd Fed (provis)

3rd J &R McLatchie Vel 1287.301

4th T Woolrich & Son Vel 1284.405

5th L Khan & Sons Vel 1282.770

6th T Woolrich & Son Vel 1279.944
That’s all for now, see you back on the land next time.

Jeff Roberts
Press Officer – Packmoor & DHS



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