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Pride of the Potteries One Loft News

The One Loft race team have been extremely busy getting a simple but efficient website up and running.  We are very proud of the job that our website builder has made of it. If you wish to take a peep at it simply put https://prideofthepotteriesoneloftrace.co.uk into your computer search engine because we are sure that you will be quite impressed. Everyone who has spoken to us about the site have given us the thumbs up and tell us that it very easy to use and in no way complicated.

Another thing that we have had designed is an attractive logo which accompanies this report. We think that it will look great when it is in place on our van and trailer and will be a positive advert to both promote our one loft races series and additionally the sport of pigeon racing, which surely must be a good thing.

One of our sponsors Jumbo Skip Hire have put up a trophy and a cash prize of £250 for the first bird home in the final belonging to any local owner with an ST postcode. This should add a little extra spice and competition for North Staffordshire entrants especially those who are in attendance on the final race day. Thanks to Ray and Ben for this kind gesture.

The three hotspot races will take place on the following dates: 10th August Hullavington, 17th August Wincanton and the 24th August from Portland. The final race is scheduled to be flown from Carentan in Northern France and arrangements have already been put in place for the birds to be convoyed by the MCC who just like our own trailer is a Geraldy vehicle so we know that the birds will be travelling in first class conditions and well looked after under the watchful eye of Brent Brammer.

It must be stressed here that the One Loft Birds will have a separate liberation.

The Loft Managers have asked me to once again point out that on their arrival they must have a transfer form and breeding details accompanying the birds and owners are advised tot to vaccinate their youngsters as they will be inoculated on their arrival. A reminder that the rules and an entry form can be viewed and downloaded off the new website.

The Managers are delighted with the response so far from many new entrants but have noticed that a number of people who competed with us last year are ‘dragging their feet somewhat’ and Snook is worried that they may leave it too late to get their birds into this year’s new event which would be a great shame if they are to miss out as we have filled all of our places or should that be perches?

It is well worth remembering that pigeon for pigeon and £ for £ both our Hotspots and Final offer the greatest rewards in prizemoney.

A final piece of information we have been invited to attend the Epsom Spring Show on Saturday the 23rd March and the Managers will be happy to accept entries if you give him a call on 07849214640 beforehand to notify that you are bringing them to the show.  Late entries could book a place(s) if there are still vacancies in the lofts, but my advice is why take the gamble when places can be booked now to avoid any possible disappointment. So, if you are planning to visit the show why not come and have a chat with us on our stand. 

To report a stray pigeon, please paste the following link in your web browser and select Go: