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As the “Rumour Season” comes to an end and pigeon fanciers start to become normal human beings again, getting on with their young bird breeding programmes and getting ready for the rapidly approaching racing season, the job of the scribe should theoretically become easier with more information being channelled through to them that will stimulate their creative juices and result in yet more editorial material for the Fancy Press.

If you believe that you will believe anything because, as any scribe will tell you, they are the last ones to receive anything that is likely to be capable of being developed into anything that resembles a meaningful article. Scribes have to be creative in every respect if they are going to be able to submit editorials to the media on a regular basis.

However, scribes are notorious for being criticised for some of the editorials they write and I am no exception to that rule – many of the topics I write about are designed to be a little controversial and to encourage my readers to think about matters and promote discussion within the pigeon   community, thereby possibly changing the way our sport is being run and maybe resulting in stimulating change, where change is deemed necessary.

For example, I have just been criticised (although not directly of course) for including a reference in a recent article, which also appeared on the Staffordshire Moorlands Federation website, of the forthcoming Open Days of the Midlands National Flying Club One Loft Race loft. Now, I make no apologies for making reference to other clubs on the Moorlands website or in the media, if I feel that the information is of benefit to SMDF members – after all, one of my jobs is to communicate to our members and provide news which may be of interest to them. The loft in question is situated in the heart of the Moorlands Federation territory and is spectacular to say the least and as such should be of interest to our members!

Now I’ve got that off my chest, I’ll come back to reality and just remind everyone that the Auction Sales for this year’s SMDF Breeder/Buyer race entrants are rapidly approaching, the first one being at Kidsgrove Working Men’s Club on Sunday 5th March (full details are available on all Auctions is on the Fed website www.moorlandsfedpigeons.co.uk)  and we are all hoping that you ALL find it in your hearts to donate a youngster or two, from the hundreds that you have bred, for this worthy cause – after all, if you’re the breeder you can also pick up a decent sum in Prize Money if the bird performs well. I believe we have about 180 flying members in the Fed and if every one of you donated just one bird we would have sufficient youngsters to make it an even better event than in 2016 – Just think about it.

Scribes do have moments when their chosen job becomes a real pleasure and one of those times is when it comes to their notice that one or more of their Club or Federation colleagues is credited with having reached a pinnacle in their racing careers and are presented with a tangible reward for those efforts.

Such a piece of news has just come into my computer and I am delighted to add my own congratulations to those of the RPRA to SMDF members Andy Webb from Kidsgrove Club, the Federation’s hard working secretary and Adam Bros, who are members of the Berryhill Club who were both presented with RPRA Awards at the recent West Midlands Region meeting.

Andy was the proud winner of an RPRA Sprint Diploma (0 – 250 miles) for his performances of topping the highly competitive Staffordshire Moorlands Federation three weeks on the trot from firstly Carentan, then Hullavington and finally from Hullavington again on the third Saturday – quite a performance I’m sure you will agree.



Whilst mentioning the RPRA I am reminded that later this month it will be the AGM of this austere body which will probably be one of the most important meetings in their history as I am sure they will be discussing the initial report of the independent body who were commissioned to examine the ways in which the RPRA operate and make recommendations for improvements and changes. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that common sense prevails and that political posturing is banished from the stage for ever.

When we came to the 250 - 400 miles category, where the Adam Bros partnership came into their own by winning the Roland Berry Trophy for the incredible performances of their 2 year old blue cock that claimed 1st Sect Midlands National Flying Club, 1st Section MCC, 2nd Sect MCC and 1st Section MNFC 2 bird race and all in the 2016 season. Wow, I wish they’d tell how they do it.

I’m sure all the members of the SMDF would like to join the Press Office in sending heartiest congratulations to both fanciers.

That’s just about the lot for this week but I will finish with just a reminder that if there is a topic you would like including or a particular point you would like to raise, my contact details are at the bottom of the Home Page on the Federation website.

So, for the time being, Cheers and don’t forget to donate those young birds!


Brian T Smith

Press Officer – SMDF