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The Joe Murphy Column

Saturday the 1st June saw us hold our first race of the new season with the Scottish National Flying Club with 464 members sending 3876 birds to Buckingham; broken down into the following sections; Section A 579 birds; Section B 604 birds; Section C 817 birds; Section D 312 birds; Section E 1024 birds; Section F 379 birds & Section G 161birds. There was a shock to the membership with the news on the web pages stating ‘We have just learned that the Lib-Line facility is no longer available for reporting arrivals however if you wish to record the arrival of your first bird please e-mail details to the secretary’. During the day I had a number of fanciers telling me that the BHW had stopped this service. On making enquires I was informed that in the Editorial of the 19th April issue of the BHW it stated that: ‘Aquarius Communications have notified us, that due to technical difficulties, they will no longer be able to provide Lib-Line services. They have been in contact with organisations affected and any 2018 rebates have been transferred into organisations’ bank accounts.’  Yet members, on the 1st of June found this out for the very day of their first race.  We have up to date technology nowadays were you can send a picture or messages to anyone in the WORLD in seconds.  I will agree that not EVERYONE has an IPhone that can send emails direct to the secretary. Plus, who has the time to go into the house to send an email, when they have a national race on going. The point of racing pigeons in the national is to compete against the best fanciers and birds in the country. So to go away from your loft to find out if any birds are reported home and miss your bird arrive home is suicidal and no one will ever do this. I know that I and many of my friends would never do this as we want to watch out for our birds returning home. Margaret and I travel all the way up to Arbroath to watch for Kevin’s pigeons coming home from a national not for watching club racing. As a matter of interest   Kevin timed 3 birds within a minute to win 129th 131st & 132nd open so he was well pleased but his 5th pigeon is the one whose arrival will live with me. We were watching the sky and there was nothing going about when up in the heavens I noticed something, it was a bird closing its wings and dropping like a exist-missile landed on the aviary roof and ran into the trap. It was Kevin’s good hen that has been racing well all year; I will never forget the sight of her dropping down onto the loft. It’s sights like this that we keep racing pigeons. Charlie & Glen Cameron had the 1st x 3 birds in the club from the national winning 31st 67th & 102nd open well-done lads. You will also read in John Baillie’s Traprain race report that there were a lot of losses with birds being reported in North Wales and Ireland. One lad in the west section had 2 birds’ home from an entry of 20 birds, others had 1 out of 10 and some top fanciers did not have a bird home. I have also heard that some top-quality pigeons are missing I will not mention their names as their owners are going through a bad time at the moment as none of us like losing our best birds. 


The winner of the Buckingham race winning 1st section A 1st open is David T Owen of Coldingham who previously won 1st SNFC from Eastbourne in 2009 we send our congratulations to David on winning this Buckingham race. 2nd & 3rd section B 2nd & 5th open is my dear friend Billy Bilsland of Ayton. The Peterhead club had a great race with   4 birds winning taking the top section G awards and were all in the top 10 open from an entry of 3876 birds. H McAllister wins 1st section G 3rd open flying 389 miles with C & M Williams in 2nd section G 4th open flying 379 miles. Jim & Ann Donaldson are 3rd section 8th open with Gordon Willox 4th section 9th open both fly 382 miles. Truly outstanding result to have 4 birds from the North section in the top 10 in the national, well done to one and all on the above performances. 1st section A 11th open is G Turnbull of Annan with J & J Hunt of Dundee winning 1st section C 12th open, other section winners are 1st section D 42nd open is J Smith of Polmont with Tam Richardson of Newmains winning 1st section E and 104th open and Dumbarton’s S Jones & son are the winners of 1st section F, well done to everyone who made the national result.    



Race Results


Angus Federation

Angus Federation result of the Leicester race flown on Saturday 1st June liberated 417 birds at 06-00am into a south west wind. Topping the federation is David J Liddle with other birds in 6th 17th 18th 7 20th open positions. Macaulay Ferguson & Curran are 2nd & 16th open with Bob Baldie in 3rd 9th 10th & 15th open. Ian Scott is 4th 5th |& 14th open with Davie Glen in 7th 11th 12th & 13th places. W Nicol makes up the top 20 winning 19th open.


The East Section is won by Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath winning 1st 4th 7th & 8th section with G Campbell of Montrose in 2nd & 3rd places.  W Dorward of Gourdon club is 6th & 10th with Kevin J Murphy from Arbroath club in 9th spot.


Club winners are as follows; Forfar 289 birds winner David J Liddle; Arbroath 88 birds winner Charlie & Glen Cameron; Montrose 19 birds winner G Campbell; Gourdon 21 birds winner W Dorward;


Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club

3 members sent 88 birds to Leicester a distance of 281 miles liberated into a light south west wind. Taking the first 3 place is Charlie & Glen Cameron with their first club was a blue 2-year-old hen winning her 3rd x 1st prize of the season. As a yearling she won 11th open SNRPC Arras. The blue hen was bred from ‘Duracell Dorrie’ who is a son of ‘Little Dorrie’ a winner of 3rd SNFC Reims.  The dam is a daughter of Leon Messiaen’s base pigeon ‘The Perpignan’. Second club is a 2-year-old chequer hen; her sire is from Philip Geerdink being from Van De Wegen origin being a direct son of ‘Philip’s Blue Boy’ who won amongst other prizes was 4 times in the first 100 in Dutch national races (Pau, Perpignan and Narbonne). The dam is direct daughter of the ‘Castres’ of Leon Messiaen the ‘Castres’ won 5 prizes from Barcelona. Third club is a 2-year-old blue cock line bred to the ‘Castres’ of Leon Messiaen as a matter of interest his next mate was 2nd open SNRPC Arras in 2018.


 Almond Valleys Federation

News from Lynne Stewart who wrote ‘Hi Joe we had 622 club birds away to Newark on 1st June with a liberation taking place at 07-45 hours.  Dougie Bald of Balerno club tops the federation on 1381 velocity he is also 19th & 21st open. Colin Ross of the same club is 2nd & 12th federation with Colin Bain & W Fairley again from Balerno in 3rd & 4th positions. John Jamieson of East Calder is 5th & 7th open with A Robb of West Calder club in 6th spot. Robert Anderson of East Calder is 8th with J Paton of West Calder club in 9th place. Ian Jamieson of Balerno is 10th with West Calder John Bird in 13th 14th 15th 17th & 18th open with Freddie Jamieson & son of East Calder making up the top 20.  


Club Winners are as follows;


Balerno 81 birds; D Bald 1381.054, C Ross 1361.918, C Bain & W Fairley 1316.375, 1304.375


Bonnybridge 87 birds; Law & Brady 1220.371, 1219.721, Mr Mrs Conlin 1188.564, I McLelland 1162.012


Carnwath 51 birds; I Thomson 1161.832, McArdle & Thomson 1156.292, 1091.076, 1088.302


East Calder 76 birds; J Jamieson 1302.775, 1283.405, R Anderson 1281.065, J Jamieson 1268.718


West Calder 81 birds; A Robb1296.711, J Paton 1279.616, J Bird 1262.057, 1261.922


Basketting as early as possible for Leicester with Bill Bresneham entries starting this week


Balerno Club

News from Colin Bain who writes ‘We were at Newark on Saturday 1st June with 7 members sending 81 birds; these were liberated at 07-45 hours into a west wind. Taking 1st place is Douglas Bald with a blue 3-year-old cock on 1381. Colin Ross is 2nd with a blue chequer cock on 1361 3rd & 4th are Bain & Fairley with a 5-year-old Staff Van Reet blue cock on1316 he topped the federation from Wetherby. The 4th club winner is a blue cock a son of Colin’s SNFC Silver Award winner ‘Abigail’ crossed with a Louella Jan Aarden doing a velocity of 1316 that’s me Joe for this week best wishes to you and Kevin from the Scottish nationals yours Colin Bain’. Many thanks Colin wishing you the same after you’re bought in hospital keep well my dear friend.


Ayrshire Federation

J MacKenzie 1st Fed Wetherby


News from Archie McIntyre who writes ‘Hi Joe, hope you are doing well. I have attached Ayrshire Fed race report for the 5th race of the season from Wetherby. I have also attached a photo of J MacKenzie who tops the fed, but this is the same picture I have used in the previous week’s reports. I have also attached a picture of J MacKenzie federation topping pigeon. Also attached is a picture of J Simpson winner of 2nd fed. Unfortunately, I was not able to get anything on the 3rd federation winners this week. Ayrshire Federation 5th race of the season was due to be flown from Retford on the 26th May but due to the ever changing forecast for the worst, the race controller late on the Friday night (when he should have been enjoying a wedding reception) was making arrangements to have the birds go to Wetherby instead, approx. 43 miles shorter on the hope to get an early liberation and beat the weather front coming in from the west. The federation has been very unfortunate this year between breakdowns and poor weather, we are out at our 6th race and we have not reached the 200 miles mark. Not great preparation for the lads who are looking to enter their birds into the following week’s race with the SNFC from Buckingham, which is a jump of over 100 miles. Jim had the convoy of 655 birds up and away at 07:00 with no wind for a race point of between 154 miles up to 189 miles to the top end of the federation. Leading the way this week taking 1st federation on a velocity of 1287.2 is the inform loft of Jock MacKenzie of Cumnock. What can we say about Jock who is having a fantastic season? Over the last two races Jock was 3rd fed Appleby on the 11th May then 2nd and 3rd Fed Ripon on the 19th May and has now made that last step to 1st federation Wetherby.  Jock’s winning pigeon ‘2121’ is the same bird that recorded 3rd federation Appleby only a few weeks ago. Sire is a Herman Ceuster from Patrick McDonald of Glasgow when paired to a daughter of Jock’s top winning cock known as the ‘4545’ who has won 10 x 1st clubs, 1st, 2nd fed, 1st, 2nd and 6th West Coast Combine. Thanks to Janice McDougall for the info and the picture. Next up on to the podium taking 2nd federation on 1279.1 for a distance of 180 miles is John Simpson of Stevenston flying with Ardeer HS. John’s winning pigeon was bred by his friend Russell McAlary of Northern Ireland and had flown steady as a young bird. In 2017 she was 7th club, 19th fed Arniston and 4th club, 4th fed Arniston. In 2018 she won 3rd club, 10th fed Ripon and 2nd club, 12th fed Bubwith. This year she was 7th club Ripon before going to Weatherby and winning 1st club, 1st 2 bird championship club, 1st north section, 2nd federation. John would like to pass on his congratulations to Jock Mackenzie on winning the race and my thanks to Colin Nicol for the report and the picture. 3rd fed this week on 1263.2 is the partnership of J & R Bryson of Galston flying in the Kilmarnock Invitation Club. Sadly, I do not have any info or picture of the partnership. Thanks once again for all your help and publicity for our federation Joe yours Archie’.


J Simpson 2nd Fed Wetherby

Winners from in and around the Clubs


North Section 272 birds;

1st Ardeer HS J Simpson 1279.1, 1st Dalry HS R Reid 1243.6, 1st Kilwinning HS J McNeil 1182.7


Central Section 193 birds;

1st Kilmarnock Invitation J & R Bryson 1263.2, 1st Crosshouse HS is I Noble 1259.4. 1st Darvel HS are J & R Bryson 1234.1; 1st Irvine HS is H Pollock 1221.9.


South Section 190 birds;

1st Cumnock & District J MacKenzie 1287.2, 1st Whitletts & District Boyd Bros 1236.2; 1st Mauchline & District E Stewart 1209.6, 1st Dalmellington Pigeon Club M McLarty 1169.1; 1st Annbank & District is K Harris 1141.0 and 1st Carrick & District are Jamieson & Cameron on 1135.8.


Central Federation


Broxburn & Uphall RPC

News from Bernie Britton who writes: Hi Joe the club & federation were at Leicester on the 1st June with 5 members sending 168 birds these were liberated at 07-00 hours into a south west wind. 1st club and 1st federation is Gordon Mackenzie flying a blue bar on roundabout his breeding is a Van Loon from Davie Gullane good friend Bobby Logan of New Cumnock. 2nd club and 2nd federation is John McNeill flying a blue chequer cock a Lambrecht on roundabout this bird won in the young bird national as well as winning this year he is from John’s good friend Gary Gibson from Northern Ireland. 3rd club 3rd federation is Gordon Mackenzie flying a blue cock on roundabout he is a ‘Gabby’ from the stock loft from the original M & D Evan’s ‘Gabby’s’ Gordon won 7th 9th 12th & 16th federation with John McNeill winning 19th open and Hamish Ferguson in 13th & 18th open positions. Joe ‘The yearling derby was on as well for the combine but I’m awaiting the result will get it to you for next week yours Bernie’.


Bo’ness RPC

News from Martyn Brown who writes; ‘Hi Joe, please find enclosed race report for Bo’ness homing society Newark race on 25th May 2019, the convoy of 932 Central Federation birds were released at 06-00 hours into a north west wind, with the Bo’ness club accounting for 287 of them. Taking 1st club 1st federation this week was the Polmont loft of Jim Smith. Jim timed a blue bar hen to record a velocity of 1354ypm. The winning hen is a Busschaert crossed Jellema and is raced on the roundabout. 2nd club 2nd fed was again Jim Smith with another blue hen also recording the velocity of 1354ypm. She is another roundabout hen, with her sire being a John Bosworth when paired to a Busschaert hen who won the SHU centenary medal. 3rd club 3rd federation recording a velocity of 1354ypm was I timing a yearling roundabout chequer cock that I purchased from the Gorebridge partnership of Willie Pryde & son John. This pigeon is down through there ‘Shadow’ line of Gaby Vandenabeele’ s. This is now the third time this cock has scored, having won 2nd club Ripon and 2nd open 1st central section, Scottish Central 3 bird club as young bird; well done to Jim Smith.


East of Scotland Federation

News from Tom McEwen who informs us that they were at Newark 2 with the convoy liberated at 07-45 hours into a south to south west wind. Having another great race finishing up being 1st 2nd 4th 6th & 10th open is Jim McNeil of Tranent who is having a ‘great’ season’ Well done Jim. We then have former SNFC Gold Cup winner George Veitch from East Saltoun (who is also having an outstanding season) in 3rd place. We then have another treble for the inform Prestonpans loft of John Bird who wins 5th 8th & 9th open. Completing the top 10 in 7th open is last week’s federation winner Keith Howie also from Prestonpans club. 


Prestonpans Homing Society


Frist & 3rd club is John Bird with a 3-year-old roundabout cock his sire is down through John’s ‘Bit’s and Pieces’ family with the dam bred from 2 Jos Thone stock birds.  John’s 3rd club winner is a 3-year-old from Frans Laerman bloodlines, this cock won 2nd club 2nd federation last week from Newark (1) race. 2nd club is Keith Howie with a 2-year-old Vandenabeele on roundabout from Hawkins & Evans bloodlines. Last season this cock won 1st club 2nd federation Wakefield and this year won 1st club 2nd federation Wetherby. Tom finishes off his report by saying ‘Thank you Joe for your comments in last week’s column I’m delighted once again to be a member of Prestonpans Homing Society and Scott and I are looking forward to starting racing again this season with our young birds. Good Luck to you and Kevin in the SNFC races yours Tom McEwen’. 


Fife Federation

The federation of homing pigeon societies sent 733 birds to Newark on 1st June liberated at 07-45 hours into a south west wind. The federation top 10 are as follows; 1st McCord & Turpie with a velocity of 1469.9. In 2nd place is R Anderson of St Andrews with Geordie Baxter of Methilhaven in 3rd spot. Sean Diamond of Kennoway is 4th 5th & 7th open with club mate Brian Chalmers in 6th & 9th places making up the top 10 is Jimmy Mackie of Leven club.


The West Section top 10; 

Birdage are as follows; Crossgates 125 birds; Dunfermline 72 birds; Lochgelly 77 birds, Perth 35 birds. First are McCord & Turpie of Perth with C Wright of Lochgelly club is 2nd & 6th. Dougie Barnes of Crossgates club is 3rd & 4th with Alastair McCudden of the same club in 6th 7th & 9th open with Jock Hynd & son Ian of the same Crossgates club are in 8th & 10th section.


East Section top 10:

Kennoway 109 birds; Methilhaven 47 birds; St Andrews 29 birds; Tayport 13 birds; Leven 61 birds;  


The winner is R Anderson of St Andrews who is also 4th & 8th section Geordie Baxter of Methilhaven is 2nd with Kennoway’s Brian Chalmers in 3rd 5th & 7th section with Jimmy Mackie of Levin splitting his 2 birds. Tam Laing of Kennoway is 9th & 10th.


Centre section top 10;

birdage being Glenrothes & Leslie club 48 birds, Novar 117 birds. First 3 places go to Sean Diamond of Kennoway club with another in 5th spot. Brian Kinnear of Glenrothes & Leslie club is 4th 6th 8th 9th & 10th with his near neighbour Turpie & McCord in 7th place.  



Dunfermline LRPS

News from David Kennedy who writes ‘Hi Joe, from the Newark old bird race we had 7 members sending 72 birds. Frist this week is Eddie McWilliams with a velocity of 1310ypm. Eddie timed in a 2-year-old hen flying spare, this was a gift egg from Mary and Tom Patterson of Plean. Second over the pad is Walker and David Kennedy Loft No2  with a velocity of 1283ypm, they timed a 2 year old widowhood cock from the bloodlines being George Atkinson of Market Weighton. Eddie McWilliams takes 3rd prize with a velocity of 1281ypm  he timed a yearling hen flying spare with the bloodlines being Jock Strang crossed with Tam and Mary Patterson. This week’s club nomination is won by John Robertson and the 2 bird is won by Walker & David Kennedy. The loft double is won by Frank Mitchell and Walker and David Kennedy.


Glenrothes & Leslie PC

Hi Joe, Sorry this is late I forgot to send it to you, from the Ripon race Glenrothes & Leslie PC had 4 members sending 95 birds. 1st 2nd & 3rd places are won by Brian Kinnear, with a velocity of 1201; this was a 2-year-old roundabout blue cock. His sire is a double grandson of “Stitchy’, while his dam is a Vandenabeele bred by John Anderson of Anstruther. Brian’s 2nd bird on 1170 was a 2-year-old late-bred blue hen unraced as a youngster. She only had 2 races as a yearling, her sire is a son of ‘Stitchy’ while her dam won the Methilhaven breeder/buyer race as a youngster and was bred by Austin Whittaker from his champion ‘Betty’. Brian’s 3rd bird on 1166, a 4-year-old chequer hen raced on roundabout this year. Her sire is a blue pied cock bred by George & Brian Hunter from ‘Kingdom Katie’ their silver award winner. Her dam is from a daughter of Richard & Jamie Combe ‘Lyla’ crossed with a son of ‘Stitchy’. From the Wakefield raced 4 members sent 97 birds with Brian again taking the first 3 places. His winner on a velocity of 1326.5 is a 2-year-old chequer hen that won 2nd club Alnwick and 1st club Catterick this year. She is a direct daughter of Brian’s double section C winner from Ancenis. Brian’s 2nd bird is a 3-year-old chequer cock bred by Terry Turpie being a son of his 2nd open Clermont winner. Brian and Terry exchanged late breds in 2016. He only had 1 short race as a yearling and was raced out to Leicester, 260 miles last year. Brian’s 3rd bird is a yearling blue hen that was 4th club Alnwick and 2nd club Catterick this year. She is Vandenabeele crossed ‘Stitchy’ lines. All the best Joe and my good wishes to your good lady, yours Rosie


Traprain Homing Society

News from John Baillie who writes, ‘Hi Joe, Traprain members sent to Newark 2 race with the convoy being liberated at 07.45 into a light south west wind. The club birdage dropped to 160 for this race with over 200 entered from the club with the SNFC Buckingham race. Winning again this week is Sinclair Thomson & Son with their fantastic hen ‘Port Seton Queen’, the previous Dewar Trophy Winner in season 2017. This hen also won this year's 1st club race. In 2nd place is the Port Seton partnership again with a Marcel Aelbrecht, bred from Taylor Brothers of Newbigging. In 3rd spot is John Bosworth no details. Pentland Federation also convoyed the Fife Federation this week and had a joint liberation with them and the Almond Valley and Midlothian federations. Returns were good, that's more than we can say for the Buckingham race with the SNFC. Returns were worse than poor for some fanciers. When reading the clocks on Saturday night, the quality of pigeons that were missing is heart breaking. Some have worked in the following days, but I’m hearing of birds bring reported in North Wales and Ireland. Not the best start for this year's SNFC season. Can only improve! That's it Joe once again many thanks John B’.


North of Scotland Federation


News from George Duthie with news of the Sedgefield old bird race with 63 members sending 1056 birds liberated into a light south west wind. A W Buchan of Fraserburgh & District is 1st open and 1st east section; he is also 8th section and open. G Findlay of Peterhead & District is 2nd 6th 7th 13th open. J (Ian) Gibb of Forfar & District club is 3rd 4th & 23rd open. Colin McRae of Fraserburgh & District is 5th & 25th open with H McAllister of Peterhead & District 9th & 10th with Stuart Maskame of Peterhead is 11th 12th & 21st Chris Donaldson of the same club is 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th & 19th section and open. A B Geddes of Fraserburgh & district club is 20th & 28th open. George P Taylor of Peterhead & District is 22nd with D Ward of Fraserburgh West End is 24th with club mated Robbie Higgins in 27th & 29th open and finally in 30th open is Walter Masson of Fraserburgh & District club.  


West Section had 34 members sending 489 birds

1st 2nd 6th 7th 8th & 9th section 32nd 33rd 36th to 40th open is A Wilson of Devern Valley club. Fulton & Ritchie loft 1 is 3rd section 34th open with Loft 2 in 4th & 35th open. A Milne of the same club is 10th section 41st open.


Clubs First Bird

A W Buchan of Fraserburgh & District; G Findlay of Peterhead & District; D Ward Fraserburgh West End; J S Robertson of Inverurie; A Wilson of Devern Valley; A J Reid of Keith; J Thomson of Elgin & District; R Bain of Buckie & District; B Duncan of Forres, Nairn & Inverurie. Well done to A W Buchan on topping the federation and to A Wilson on winning the West Section.



New addition to the result column of my article

The Northern Classic

I had a phone call from Alan Curran the secretary of the Northern Classic club asking if I would mind putting his results in my column. Alan informed me that my column is well read in his area and read my request for clubs to forward their reports and I would add them to the column: so welcome aboard Alan. He informed me that the club is called, The Northern Classic, and it has a membership of 152 members with 8 clock stations, these are as follows, Kinsley, Goldthorpe, Leeds, Selby, and Snaith, Worksop in Nottinghamshire and Paisley in Derbyshire. The South boundary goes from Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, Chesterfield, and Worksop and on to Sutton in Ashfield in Derbyshire. The North boundary runs from south Kirkby, Pontefract, Wakefield, Leeds, Selby, Goole, Snaith, York and Ripon.  From the Falaise race flown on the 25th May, 57 members sent 803 birds competing for £2117 in pools and prize money with the winner David Evans from Clipstone; What can I say about this man? – As he wins 3 of the first 4 positions. His winner is a blue Vandenabeele hen, flown on the roundabout system. She has won several club races, and is a good all round pigeon. In 2nd place is Steve Hallam from Sutton-in-Ashfield whose winner a pied cock, bred from a Jeff Kirkland cross with a Geoff and Kath Cooper birds and he is flown on the widowhood system. This bird had a bad race on its very first outing this year and has not flown a race since, so well done to Steve. The 3rd placed bird is to David Evans with a blue hen, bred from Macaloney of Scotland birds, flown on the roundabout system and this pigeon has several 1st club wins under her wings. Thank you once again for publicising our results Joe yours in sport Alan Curran, secretary.


Joe’s Joke

As a young man, Tom was an exceptional golfer. At the age of 26, however he decided to become a priest, and joined a rather peculiar order. He took the usual vows of poverty and chastity, but his order also required that he quit gold and never play again. This was particularly difficult for Tom, but he agreed and was finally ordained a priest.  One Sunday morning, the reverend Father Tom woke up and realizing it was an exceptional beautiful and sunny early spring day, decided he just had to play golf. So… he told the Associate Pastor that he was feeling sick and convinced him to say Mass for him that day. As soon as the Associate Pastor left the room. Father Tom headed out of town to a golf course about 40 miles away. This way he knew he wouldn’t accidentally meet anyone he knew from his parish. Setting up on the first tee, he was alone, after all is was Sunday morning and everyone else would be at church! At about this time, Saint Peter leaned over to the Lord while looking down from the heavens and exclaimed. ‘You’re not going to let him get away with this are you?’ The Lord sighed, and said, ‘No I guess not’. Just then Father Tom hit his ball and it shot straight towards the pin, dropping just short of it, rolled up and fell into the hole. IT WAS A 420 YARD HOLE IN ONE!!! Saint Peter was astonished; He looked at the Lord and asked, ‘Why did you let him do that?’ The Lord smiled and replied, ‘Who is he going to tell?’


Derek Hay holding "Magic" 1st section F 1st West Region 16th Open Roye 520mls

Derek Hay's "Belter" 1st Section F 2nd West Section 12th Open SNFC Reims 577mls with his hen


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