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PRESS  RELEASE                                         

BTS 22                                                                                                                      27 August 2017



Now before you all dash off to complete those tasks that you all intended to do before the day of reckoning came, I must say it’s not that day I’m talking about.

It’s the day that most officials of Clubs and Federations look forward to each year - the end of the season – when they can all take a bit of a well-earned break before the tasks of organising the closed season social events begin and the arrangements for next season have to be put in place.

As far as the Staffordshire Moorlands & District Federation is concerned there are just two young bird races left and these are the big money spinners of the season, the Breeder/Buyer and Gold Ring races.

In a normal year, fanciers are beginning to look around their lofts to see how many of their original team of youngsters are left to be able to compete in these races. However, this year, as far as the SMDF are concerned the racing has been of such a high quality that just about everybody has an almost full team from which to choose.

For that we have to thank the race team for doing their jobs with the dedication that I am sure will be the envy of many other organisations, plus, of course, the cooperation of my old friend Mother Nature. I’m sure I speak for all Federation members when I say a huge “Thank You” to our race controller and our convoyers for a job well done in a year when many difficult decisions have had to be made.

To illustrate what I have just said, can I draw your attention to the Federation’s most recent race from Frome. The last race before the two “Big Ones” is vitally important to the success of the following races. Decisions have to be taken about whether you risk your Big Race candidates before the main events – can you trust the race team to give you a good race? – will the youngsters break into their moult if you don’t “keep them going”? – these and many more decisions I could list have to be taken and acted upon.

Well you certainly trusted the race team by maintaining the young bird race average at just under 2000 birds. As I have said many times before in these writings, the appreciation of the Federation officials knows no bounds when it comes to their gratitude for the confidence the members have shown in them during both the Old & Young Bird seasons.

The race from Frome (26 August) turned out to be just about perfect as a warm up event for both the Breeder/Buyer and Gold Ring Races. Not too hard but not too easy either and with excellent flying conditions when the birds were liberated, the returns were as near to 100% as makes no difference.

Many clubs saw their members claiming several positions in the top ten, in fact from the information I have received the birds just tumbled in. If you don’t believe me just take a look at the “Earl Bird” times on the Fed website (www.moorlandsfedpigeons.co.uk).

Mr & Mrs Andrew Hargreaves look likely to top the Fed

Our congratulations this week would seem to be going to Mr & Mrs Hargreaves from Blythe Bridge who appear to be taking 1st & 2nd places with the Fowler Family from Leek coming very close behind on 3rd & 4th. As I said earlier full details of all the Club’s early birds are now on the Fed website.

That just about sums up the latest news but just in case you’re interested my plea for more interesting photographs, in a previous article, drew a MASSIVE NIL response, so nothing accompanies this report.

Cheers for now

Brian T Smith  

Press Officer SMDF

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