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The Cumberland Social Circle

On Saturday 19th November Hundith Hill Cockermouth was once again the destination for the members and guests of the Cumberland Social Circle and their annual presentation evening.

On entering the room one could straight away see the time and effort that had been put in by the Secretary in arranging the table decorations and settings, setting out a magnificent trophy display and ensuring everyone was to have a memorable evening, meeting friends old and new and going home with a smile on our faces.

With seventy guests seated and grace said the hotel staff soon arrived with the first course of three. The food, as ever, was delicious with the main course of Roast Beef and all the trimmings being the best we have had at the venue.

Andrew Berwick of Harker & Berwick

This year we once again had a standout main guest who had to follow in the footsteps of some wonderful top table visitors but did so with grace and dignity as one would expect from the new President of the Lancashire Social Circle, Chris Knowles. Andrew Berwick introduced Chris along with our other guests as well as making sure one or two of us felt rather uncomfortable during his speech. Chris then stood up and gave an eloquent speech on the merits of organisations such as the Cumberland Social circle and how we should all ensure that this type of club and function continue into the future as they are what the sport is all about. This was all off the cuff and, one could tell, very much from the heart, and I for one could not agree more with Chris’ words.

Onto the presentation and first to the table were Harker and Berwick who picked up the Mr & Mrs John Gale trophy. Paul Lawman and Richard Martindale who had a great season in the Derwent Valley Federation and won the GH Chambers trophy and the Breeders exchange which was bred by club president Bob McAvoy. Next up we had Tomlinson and Banks who won the Austin Wren trophy for winning Stafford No 2 and the W. Irving memorial trophy.


Ken Todd with Chris Knowles

Martindale and Lawman

Ken Todd and sons won the W. Garner memorial trophy after winning Marlborough no1. Williams and Hadfield won Stratford and the Brian Clark memorial trophy. Then Wayne McLuckie was next to the table on behalf of himself and brother Maurice, who was unfortunately unable to attend after an operation earlier in the week. You were certainly missed Maurice. Wayne collected the E. Edwards memorial, the McLuckie Bros, the G. Jenkinson memorial and the B. Clark trophies for winning Stafford No1 and Windrush. Mr and Mrs D. Wood had a great season winning Tewkesbury young bird race as well as scoring at Marlborough and Stafford. For this Sandra collected the JL Roberts memorial, the Firpress printers and the President trophies. After a great season back in the club Peter Rushforth won Stafford young birds and Marlborough No 2 as well as other positions picking up the Austin Wren, B. Gate memorial, Harry Sandham memorial, Hodgson & Tinnion, Bill Ennis memorial, JL Pattinson and the Longhorn trophies. Club President Bob McAvoy collected the Lakeland Studio of dance trophy for winning Ludlow as well as the Mr.  & Mrs K Pape trophy and the J. Wilkinson trophy for winning the Old Bird Averages and the Ectona Fibres trophy for winning the Combined averages. Mrs McAvoy was also presented with the Ladies Nom and J. Wylie memorial trophy.

Wayne of McLuckie Bros.


Les Blacklock’s son Richard then stepped up to collect the Carlisle Glass trophy for winning Countances, the Blacklocks also picked up the Susan Nelson memorial trophy for the performance of the season with their bird GB13D12720.

Richard of Les Blacklock & son

I and D Wood

Next up to the top table was Mr & Mrs Ian and Denise Wood who won Bedhampton and the club meritorious award and in the process collected Brisco lofts memorial, T. Barton memorial, Her Citi, H. Hannah memorial, G. Gorley memorial, K. Sharp memorial, Mr DM Pattinson and the Ennis & Sons trophies. Finally up to the table we had Mrs Nelson and Mrs Crellin, on behalf of husbands Jimmy and Fleck, who collected the H. Knowles memorial, the J. Nixon memorial the Silver Jubilee, the Williams son and G/son, and the Tony Ennis memorial trophies after winning Stafford No 2 young birds and Carentan as well as winning the D. Pattinson memorial trophy for collecting the most points over the season.

Well done to all.

The female guests were then asked to step up and collect their gifts presented to them by the club, Mrs Knowles was given a bouquet of flowers and the raffle took place.

Once the presentations were over it was time for the dance floor to be cleared and the entertainment to begin with everyone enjoying either dancing or chatting or both. This is the time when we all enjoy catching up with friends we haven’t seen for a while or just enjoying a laugh and a drink. All too soon the lights were on and the transport had arrived to take everyone home.

On behalf of the members I would like to thank Fleck and Jimmy for all the work they put in to keep this club alive as well as to all our guests, and especially Mr and Mrs Chris Knowles f

or travelling up from Lancashire to be with us.

Let’s hope we can enjoy a happy and successful 2017.



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