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The Joe Murphy Column

Received a phone call and email from my dear friend Guy Reed from Isle of Wight, who also forwarded a picture of the members at their club presentation: While chatting with the secretary of the Cowes Club Peter Abrook; they were speaking about Guy setting clocks for literally dozens of members for the National Flying Club members. It just goes to show how much decline there has been when we now only have 20 members left on the Isle of Wight. Of those 20 you may get 5 of them to send to Tarbes with the national. The sad thing Joe is it can’t all be blamed on predators! Old age, or lack of interest from today youth etc. or maybe we live in interesting times. With birds costing the price of a house (I see pigeon sold for 1.250.00 euro this week Joe M) Fanciers keeping 10 times the amounts of birds from the past and we also have losses to match. High interest continues throughout the other side of Europe while the rest of our sport in the UK is in decline. The famous Bob Dylan sang, ‘The times they are a changing’ and he was not wrong, and that includes pigeon racing. One could conclude though that those left in the sport are mostly a force to be reckoned with and competition is tough as the stakes get higher. You look after yourself my old mate best wishes Guy’.

Ayrshire Federation

Received an email from Archie McIntyre the above federation race secretary who wrote ‘Sorry Joe I have not been touch sooner with this report, I have been away in Australia and just returned Mid-February. On a more important note: I hope you are keeping well and still making positive steps forward on your road to recovery.  Please find a short report on Ayrshire Federations 2018 Dinner Dance with a few photographs of some of the winners. I would like to thank Colin Nicol for taking these at the presentation and forwarding them on to me. Ayrshire Federation held their annual dinner dance and presentation night on the 17th of November at the Blacklands Bowling & Social Club in Kilwinning where around 55 members, family and friends all enjoyed a lovely meal laid on by Mary Bryant and they danced the night away to the band known as ‘Secrets’. Joining the top table this year as guest of honour was one of Ayrshire federations past presidents and sadly his last year in the sport of racing pigeons, Tommy Wilson accompanied by his wife Jean.  Top prize winner this year winning the “Anderson Memorial Shield” was Robert Reid of Dalry Homing Society. It is worth noting, Robert has now won Ayrshires top award the “Anderson Memorial Shield” for about the 12th time now. On his way to winning the Anderson Memorial Shield Robert has put up a fantastic performance over the season with the following positions; 1st federation Consett, 1st federation Maidstone, 2nd & 3rd federation Ypres, 1st federation Arniston, 1st federation Ripon, winner of Best Average Buckingham & Maidstone, winner of Best Average Maidstone & Ypres, winner of the Best Average last 2 old bird inland & last 2 young bird races; winner of best Average Berwick 2 & Ripon young birds and winner of the Young Bird Average.

Anne Noble presentiing flowers to Mr & Mrs T Wilson

Cowan & Findlay 1st Ayrshire pigeon Gold Cup SNFC


A list of the prize winners for the 2018 old bird season are as follows;

Federation Cup 1st open Arniston 1 to D McKinlay; Norvet Novice Cup 1st novice Arniston 1 to M Salmon; Gibbs of Galston Cup 1st open Kelso to A Barbour: British Heart Foundation Trophy 1st open Consett to R Reid: Federation Cup 1st open Ripon to Ian Noble: Alex Calder Memorial Shield for 1st open Bubwith to R Young: The Yearling Trophy for 1st yearling Bubwith to R Young: Mayor of Stafford Cup for 1st open Retford won by J McNeil: The William Benson Memorial Trophy for 1st open Buckingham to D Armstrong: The George Jamieson Trophy for 1st yearling Buckingham to D Armstrong: The J H Young Memorial Cup for 1st open Maidstone to R Reid: The Chris Catterall Trophy for 1st yearling Maidstone to D Paterson: The Crawford Trophy for the best average Buckingham & Maidstone to R Reid: The federation cup for 1st open Arniston 2 to Stirrat & McKenna: The Centenary Quaich for 1st open Ypres to H Wallace:  The R Kennedy Memorial Trophy for 2nd open Ypres to R Reid: The J K Paterson Trophy for 3rd open Ypres to R Reid: The W G Davidson Memorial Cup for the Best Average Maidstone & Ypres to R Reid: The Rothman Cup for Best Average Buckingham, Maidstone & Ypres to R Reid: The Annick Lad Trophy for 1st Ayrshire Federation pigeon from the SNFC Gold Cup race to Cowan & Findlay. The President Cup, awarded to best performing pigeon over the 2018 season was won by Cowan & Findlay the performance being 1st Region H, 12th open SNFC Gold Cup Liege race.

M Salmon Picking up his Novice Trophy

R Young 1st Federation Bubwith


I Noble 1st Federation Ripon OB              D Armstrong winner of 1st & 3rd Federation Buckingham

Stirrat & McKenna 1st Federation Arniston OB 2

H Wallace 1st Federation Ypres

Young Birds winners as follows; The Federation Trophy for 1st open Arniston 1 to R Reid: The Culzean Cup for 1st open Kelso 1 to Jim Shepherd: The Mr & Mrs J R Ramsay Trophy for 1st open Berwick 1 to Grant & McGovern: The J K Paterson Trophy for 1st open Berwick 2 to R Donegan: The J H Young Memorial Cup for 1st open Ripon to R Reid. The Mr & Mrs Ditchburn & Daughters Trophy for the Best Average all young bird races to R Reid and the Kenning Trophy for Best Average Berwick 2 & Ripon also to R Reid. The A McTaggart Memorial Cup for the Best Average last 2 old bird inland & last 2 young bird races to R Reid. The David Tudhope Memorial Trophy for the ‘Runner Up’ to the Anderson Shield was won by H Pollock. The William Anderson Memorial Shield for best average 5 special federation races won by R Reid. The Hunter & Dumigan points trophy awarded to the club with the most points was ‘Dalry Homing Society’ winners of 9 x 1st feds: 9 x 2nd feds and 10 x 3rd feds. Many thanks once again Joe for your support and you take care; yours Archie.

Robert Reid Ayrshire Federation Champion 2018

Grant & McGovern 1st Federation Berwick 1 with good friend Alex Howie

R Donegan 1st Federation Berwick 2 YB

Traprain Homing Society

Received an email from John Baillie of Tranent who wrote, ‘Hi Joe, hope you are still on the mend. Traprain Homing Society is having their annual Breeder/Buyer sale on the 7th April. It will be held in the Elphinstone Miners Club, viewing from 12.00noon for a 13.00 start. The winner will be the first bird on the SNFC Buckingham young bird national result; that was purchased at the sale. The advert will be in the BHW with all the donors’ names. There is usually a great selection of top winning lofts donating who score very consistently in federation and national results, many thanks once again Joe yours John B’.

Joe’s Joke

Male Logic as its best:


Woman: Do you drink beer? Man: Yes. Woman: How many beers a day? Man: Usually about 3. Woman: How much do you pay per beer? Man: £3. Woman: And how long have you been drinking? Man: About 30 years, I suppose. Woman: So a beer costs £3 and you have 3 beers a day which puts your spending each month at £270. In one year, it would be approximately £3,240 correct? Man: Correct. Woman: If in 1 year you spend £3,240 not accounting for inflation, the past 30 years puts your spending at £97,200 correct? Man: Correct. Woman: Do you know that if you didn't drink so much beer, that money could have been put in a step-up interest savings account and after accounting for compound interest for the past 30 years, you could have now bought a Ferrari? Man: Do you drink beer? Woman: No Man: Where's your bloody Ferrari then?



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