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Jim Emerton



In the Wexford area of Ireland, the club is unique. Timing in race time out of Barcelona International in the BICC, is the single objective of this brave, honest and innovative organisation, in the modern era of marathon pigeon racing. I am promoting the club to draw attention to its intentions, as it may stimulate further Barcelona participation from dedicated men and their birds. In 2019 around 14 birds will be liberated to fly back home from Barcelona to Ireland. Join with me in wishing them all the very best! Jim Emerton.


In pigeon racing atmospherics, wind and weather are always variable. In 43 years, I have never kept birds at home due to a forecast. In good condition, the birds always have to go, as simple as that my friends! In ignorance of the true nature of the real conditions after liberation, we wait for the possible return of the birds, after the officials have decided on a liberation. The next race is the fabled Barcelona International-a race which opens eyes to the true nature of marathon pigeon racing. Focus will be on Pipa and the BICC/BBC websites in this most exciting race-roll on.


I am informed that 3 people are sending around 12 birds in total in the great British International Championship Club to fly for my Belief Trophy in 2019. In my humble opinion it is an onerous and most difficult task to time in race time yet remains a realistic possibility to land a bird in the fabled Barcelona International race. The lads in Ireland are showing huge doses of dedication, resolve and organisational ability. It is an attempt that could ignite the ardour of the pigeon racing world, making man and bird very famous, and cement serious marathon racing in the pigeon racing culture and public consciousness of the day. Wind weather and location will have to be conquered by the brave spirits of fancier and bird. Hope springs eternal is in my mind as I write this wonderful news for the pigeon press. All the very best to my friends in Ireland! Jim Emerton.


A clever fancier will know every bird in his loft, without checking ring numbers. In his mind he visualises the parents and the history of his strain of birds. If all your birds are say, chequers or dark chequers, a good mind and perception is needed to recognise each individual bird. Sharp minds may point out each bird in the kit as it fly’s about and you can sex pigeons by their behaviours in the air or the sound of the coo-this takes empathy or acute senses. I find racing pigeons to be the most fascinating lifeforms on earth, don’t you.? Jim Emerton.


In silent contemplation, sounds of bumbling bees caress my sensitive ears. The dipterous hover flies dart about on the gentle breeze, as I become absorbed by the beauty and wonder of nature. A wild blackberry is host to this feeding frenzy as 4 species of industrious bees perform ancient rituals of the natural world. It is far from the concrete jungle-my little world of gentle complexity. I am transported to an inner world of dreams and imagination in this place. Jim Emerton.


What a truly great performance at BICC Pau to cement his status in the world of pigeon racing. We can all learn from the great man-a singular individualist of awesome ability, with some nice birds-Jim Emerton.


Chris photos


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