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Derby Burton & District South Road Federation Windrush 27/5/2017

Saturday May 27th and the Derby Burton & District South Road Federation were at Windrush where 1777 birds were liberated at 15-00 hours in a fresh south west wind.Topping the federation with a four year old blue cock and also fourth federation with a two year old blue hen was D.Turton of Woodhouse who was doing 2120.094 & 2082.938.In second position with a yearling pied cock doing 2095.290 was Ralph Jepson of Selston followed by Carder & Denton of Woodhouse doing 2083.034.In fifth position was D.Oakley of Selston with a two year old cock doing 2071.077.Abd Spiby of Storey Arms took sixth position with a two year old pied cock doing 2070.185.Seventh position went to P & M Lloyd of Selston doing 2068.974 with a four year old cock.R.Gee of Storey Arms took eighth position with a three year old blue pied cock doing 2060.926.Boden & Hollingworth & Mr & Mrs A Jackson took of Woodhouse took ninth & tenth positions with Boden & Hollingworth doing 2059.702 & Mr & Mrs A Jackson doing 2057.760

North Section
1st D.Turton Woodhouse 2120.094.
2nd Carder & Denton Woodhouse 2083.034.
3rd D.Turton Woodhouse 2082.938.
4th Boden & Hollingworth Woodhouse 2059.702.
5th Mr & Mrs A Jackson Woodhouse 2057.760.
6th V.Derricott & T.Poole Railway Inn 2040.558.
7th Mr & Mrs Gibbions Poolsbrook 2037.991.
8th M & L Herbert Poolsbrook 2025.223.
9th A.C Wheldon Woodhouse 2024.643.
10th A.C Wheldon Woodhouse 2023.209.

South Section
1st R.Jepson Selston 2095.290.
2nd D.Oakley Selston 2071.077.
3rd Abd Spiby Storey Arms 2070.185.
4th P & M Lloyd Selston 2068.974.
5th R.Gee Storey Arms 2060.926.
6th R.Hallsworth Selston 2056.412.
7th L.D.S.Johnson Derby Premier 2052.618.
8th P.Brown South Normanton 2045.859.
9th Mjk Gaunt Railway inn 2042.198.
10th F & M Groom South Normanton 2040.369.

Club News
1st D.Turton 2120.094.
2nd Carder & Denton 2083.034.
3rd D.Turton 2082.938.
4th Boden & Hollingworth 2059.702.
1st R.Jepson 2095.290.
2nd D.Oakley 2071.077.
3rd P & M Lloyd 2068.974.
4th R.Hallsworth 2056.412.
Storey Arms.
1st Abd Spiby 2070.185.
2nd R.Gee 2060.926.
3rd R.Gee 1977.367.
4th J.Barker 1951.384.

L.D.S.Johnson Derby Premier winners

Derby Premier
1st L.D.S.Johnson 2052.618.
2nd Mr & Mrs P Todd 2020.809.
3rd Mr & Mrs P Todd 1995.979.
4th Mr & Mrs P Todd 1993.154.
South Normanton
1st P.Brown 2045.859.
2nd F & M Groom 2040.396.
3rd F & M Groom 2029.189.
4th D.Roberts 2027.446.
Railway Inn.
1st V.Derricott & T Poole 2040.558.
2nd V.Derricott & T Poole 2017.583.
3rd P.Spendlove 1998.057.
4th Mjk Gaunt 2042.198.
1st Mr & Mrs Gibbions 2037.991.
2nd M & L Herbert 2025.223.
3rd M & L Herbert 2008.977.
4th Mr & Mrs Cox & Sons 1996.335.
1st T & H Garner & Morton 2012.512.
2nd G.Marsden 2008.384.
3rd M Bower & Son 1983.790.
4th B & J Broughton Bros & Geelan 1973.505.

1st K.Cresswell 1963.186.
2nd S.Wainwright 1959.425.
3rd S.Wainwright 1903.835.
4th K.Foulke 1903.143.
1st T.Wainwright 1963.156.
2nd Mr & Mrs T Talbott 1918.216.
3rd Mr & Mrs T Talbott 1893.787.
4th D.Fantom 1887.673.





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