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Les J Parkinson


For many years, I was secretary of club, fed, combine and classic and all worked very well and when I finished with the last one I said that I would not do another secretarial job again. This is one of those cases when you make a decision after the words that have crossed your mind or you have spoken come to mind “never say never” those three words that come back to haunt you. The club being the North West Classic currently run by Mark Cliffe who is one of the most helpful people you could wish to meet, one of those who would always help. Unfortunately, he and his better half plus dad Ken have not been in the best of health for quite some time so I was provisionally asked if I would take the job on again. Mark obviously does not want to give up the job but the current circumstances do not allow him to carry on so he is taking a well-earned break. The club would like to thank Mark for his services and wish him and family all the best for the future. Mark said at a recent informal gathering that he was feeling much better and staring back to work on a part time basis so will now get caught up with the finances of the club and bring the accounts up to date. Mark is calling a meeting for the AGM which will be held on the Monday 6th February 2017 commencing at 8pm. This is the point that Les J Parkinson takes over, however with this being a new year if you want to forward your membership or in fact an application, you can do so to the address below. Also, the prize presentation will be late February or early March depending on the facilities available. Agreeing to take this job at this informal meeting must have refreshed our memories of years ago, when we would call for a fish and chip supper on the way home. I say that because as we left the club headquarters Elizabeth said “let’s call and get a bag of chips” only problem was the three chippies were all closed so when we got home I made a few myself and we enjoyed them. We are very busy here in the office for most of the year but there are times when I could do such a job and with the racing being in summer I do have a bit of time available, you know that bit of relaxing time. But as Elizabeth will tell you I do get a bit agitated when I have nothing to do and she can tell because my thumbs start rolling around each other. The pigeons always kept me busy at that time of the year but with now having a feather free garden that busy time of the year has gone.


 Anyway, that’s another story let’s get back to the NWCC and in the modern days of racing pigeons, sponsorship is a great help and over the years I have been well supported so hopefully that will be the same this time round. So far, I have had a good response but as we all know we need as much as we can get. Since they started taking the pigeons I have had a good relationship with Walkers Transport and they were the first to come forward with sponsorship. Then Elimar will sponsor a race as will Ropa-B Store and The Mid Cheshire Builder Geoff Bebbington. I was talking to Ray Lunt about the club and Curtis-Wall-Lunt will donate a pigeon to be sold on the on-line auction site so another race covered and Venneste-Rigole from Belgium are also donating 2 pairs selected by Frans Rigole for breeding purposes and they will be sold on Elimar Auctions. Mark also has a couple of sponsors lined up one being Tom Howarth but I don’t know the other at the moment but I will keep you informed.


Overall, this puts the club in a healthy position and I have already had calls from fanciers about joining the club. With thoughts on the way forward for the club, I personally am only looking at 4 club races for old birds and one for young birds all from across the channel. The reason for this line of thought is because many clubs are not getting the support for channel racing and the clubs could use the NWCC as their channel programmes where there is more to fly for. The club could get back to basics and put all the energy into these suggested races. I have spoken to three of the sponsors and we agree that the way forward with prize money is to guarantee section prizes of £40 £30 £20 £10 for the first 4 in each section so that they know what they are racing for and any prizes not won stays in the club and there should be additional prizes for the open. All this of course is depending on what happens at the AGM in February. The club have been holding open races but again a personal view is that they should go on the back burner until the club races have the support. Yes, the open races have made money but we must consider the workers who are out marking pigeons for far too many nights in the summer. I know many fanciers are pigeons, pigeons, and more pigeons all summer long but there are also those who do not send especially on bank holidays because they have family time. As we all know it is generally the same people who do the jobs so then there are too many races they have little time to have a break and they get a little fed up and lose interest.


Just a little information on the club that was formed in 1987 with Dave Garnett, John Wolfenden, Ted Keen, Mr & Mrs Sass, Gordon Bradley, John Smith and David Mellor. Some are still racing but some no longer with us. The first race with the club was from Rennes on the 6th June 1987 when the top two positions went to P T Lawton ahead of Gordon Sinclair. Section B was won by JE Shore while section C saw Henry Dolman at the top and also topped the section in the second race where he ended up 3rd Open from Nantes. We have known Henry for many years and he is a fancier who likes the longer races but getting pigeons to do the distance nowadays is not always easy. It’s the same with all lines of pigeons, what suits one does not necessarily suit the next fancier, we all do things our own way and with pigeons there are so many different attitudes towards the way we race pigeons. The first chief guest at the 87 presentation was the man of the day Jack Adams who could write a good article in those days, always gripping reading. From the first three results, I can see quite a number who are still racing today and still winning as they were in the late 80’s. However as expected there are many no longer with us or no long racing. I am only taking the job on because I still feel that the club have something to offer and as many keep telling me the North West could do with the club getting back to how it used to be. A club where the best in the North west are competing against one another and that does include the whole of the North West and not just the east or west side. Going back to members in the club, when I was secretary before I had a good team working with me and when you have such people around you it makes life a lot easier and everything rums much more smoothly. There used to be three marking stations when I did the job and now there are two but I have spoken to one of the big workers in the North of the club hoping that we can get someone to cover those in the North West. Getting good workers is not easy but there are some good workers already in the club and no doubt will be in the future. There are also past good workers who have been driven away from clubs through fanciers who think they have a right to have a go every time they go into the headquarters, we hear about it all. Luckily for the sport they are few and far between and there are many happy fanciers about always willing to come forward.

See Text below.  

On another subject a few months ago I saw a pigeon at a local loft where something had reached through the grills and taken a pigeons leg off. This was the first time I have seen it happen but I recently had an email sent to me with a photo attached.


Les J Parkinson.

11 Rushton Drive, Middlewich, Cheshire, CW10 0NJ.

 01606836036 Mobile 07871701585.

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