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Mid Cheshire

The local racing was changed before the weekend began when one haulier made an early decision not to basket on the Saturday for a race on the Sunday. The other haulier decided to stay with the normal Friday night collection with the intentions of a race the following day. Race controllers etc. are stuck in the modern day of racing pigeons because there is mostly more than one organisation on any one transporter purely for economic reasons. Running large transporters is not cheap and the owners need to take so much into account because they are no different from the fanciers themselves in as much as they don’t want to lose our pigeons because that then costs them money with lower entries. As I look out of the window at 8.30am I am thinking any pigeons up today are not going to like it, they never like east winds so we shall have to see how the day goes. From my point of view there is also the fact that I need to get some outdoor painting done and I don’t fancy that wind blowing on me for the next few hours. As I am sitting here typing away it is my birthday so I am shelving that job for the moment and staying indoors where I still have plenty to do. It did stay cold during the day and they were up at Yeovil and expected to do 40mph, as I look out of the window I am not sure if they will do that, we shall see. Sunday morning saw a big improvement in the weather and even though the temperature was much higher than the Saturday we could still feel the cold east wind coming through if you were out of the sunshine. I was painting outside and I could feel the breeze coming down the side of the house and you could not mistake where the wind was coming from. However, going on the vels put up on the day of liberation for both organisations the weekend’s racing was not too bad whether they were out on the Saturday or Sunday, probably better for the fanciers sitting and waiting on the Sunday.

Les J Parkinson taken at his 68th birthday party held on the 6th May.

In the Middlewich FC W Wilson and Son took the top spot plus 2nd from Yeovil on 1212/1147ypm, their first being 7th fed. This week’s 3rd prize goes to Carol & Robert Carson recording a vel. of 1133ypm.

The Mid Cheshire Fed saw 60 members sending 1098 pigeons that were liberated in a North-East wind at 12.40pm. The Fed winners are Dave & Baz Mellor, which on the day was a very good pigeon, well done.

It was all change over at Acton Bridge when 6 entered 92 which was a big drop in birdage no doubt due to the weather forecast. The first 4 positions go to Jones Bros & K Jones recording vels of 1191/1145/1136/1131ypm with 3 yearlings and a 2yo. This is a good partnership and keep their cards close to the chest and they very good fanciers who have been winning for many years in the Winsford club and now race at Acton Bridge where there is strong competition.

The Middlewich 5B were at Frome 138mls into the town that saw a near rare first 4 prizes going to fanciers actually living in the town. W Wilson & Son who are having another good season and did the double this week take the red card plus 8th Fed with a 2yo blue cock on 1284ypm.Mr & Mrs D Niblett are 2nd & 3rd club 9th & 10th Fed after seeing home a yearling dark cock and a 3yo chequer hen recording vels of 1282/1279ypm. Mark 7 Heather Smith are up and running to come home 4th with a yearling dark cock on 1268ypm.  The South West Cheshire Fed saw 73 members sending 1101 birds, the increase over last week was probably due to the thoughts on a better days racing with making one day later.

Included is a photo of Les J Parkinson taken at his 68th birthday party held on the 6th May.





Chris photos


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