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North West Classic Cub


Les J Parkinson On The Fougeres Race


After the great success of the first race of the new season for the NWCC we were all looking forward to the next from Fougeres and with the increased interest we had ordered additional crates. Everything was going well in the first week after the Coutances race and spirits were high after the biggest entry for years in a channel club race and the result out the day after the race. Then one week later feelings changed after a disastrous National race that saw numerous birds not returning to their home lofts at all. This was the case for National fanciers more or less all over the country but as we know from time to time these races do occur. In fact, one very good member said it was the worst race he had encountered since the Centenary and we all know how bad that was. Upon reading this some will ask “Why has it affected the NWCC” well a few days before marking for this race for one reason or another I had been talking to some members and they were saying that they would not be entering as at first anticipated in the NWCC because they had depleted teams and needed the birds for the next National race. What I would say is the race controllers do have a difficult job because there may be an area between the people that they connect where the weather is not so good especially from across the water, the weather forecasts are not always as reliable as we would like them to be. On top of that the 3-day weather forecast for the Saturday was not brilliant but did look better for the Sunday. So, as I sit here on Thursday morning the day of marking for the Fougeres race I am left wondering what the birdage is going to be. After the first race thoughts were of at least another 150 on top of those entered in the Coutances race. No doubt that is a question that will be answered by the end of the day; let’s hope that things go better than expected. I did have a call from Doug Niblett who with the help of Ron Woodward cleans the crates out at Middlewich. He was telling me that they had been down to do the crates for the race and there was a crate short, someone had obviously thought their club needed an extra crate not knowing they were meant for the Classic. I was also talking to Chris Knowles who was saying when you take everything into account this is one of those weeks that officials find hard to call.


 Marking night came and as expected the birdage figures were nearly half the birds sent to the first race which is not what a club moving forward needed but can do nothing about. When you look at the two summary sheets for the two races held so far you could see that it was the National members who were well down and some who we would have expected to send didn’t because their priority is not with the NWCC. I now expect this to set the trend for the rest of the NWCC races which is a shame after such a good start at Coutances. In this race 50 members entered 383 birds so not a bad race in the present climate and they have the best part of £2000 in prize and pool money to race for. Saturday morning came and I was not sleeping so was up at 3.30am inputting the information for the race and outside it was pouring down. The forecast was for this weather to clear northwards during morning so I was thinking we could have a good race and good returns with the possibility of south west winds which is probably what they need because the tougher races were coming up. Saturday came and race controller Roger Sutton had the birds away at 9.45am in a light south, south west wind. Judging by the weather in the UK the members were looking for a good race but as we know that is something we don’t know until the race has finished.


Race winner Brian Lee and his winner      -     Tony Holker of the G Holker & Sons partnership     -     Mike Gethins of the Chaisty & Gethins partnership

  Mr & Mrs Niblett 4th & 5th Open

1st & 3rd section A 1st 7 6th Open goes to Brian Lee of Congleton who is one of the good workers with the club and does like his National and Classic racing. The winner is “Ruby 2” a blue roundabout hen that won as a youngster and as a yearling took second place in the NWCC 4 bird Carentan. This season has seen her at or near the front in club races in the Wrekin fed, 8th Frome, 1st club,8th fed Yeovil, 3rd Frome, 4th Bath all races circa 300 birds. Her dam being “Ruby” was one of Brian’s best ever racing hens. She won this race herself in 2014 and went on to do the double by winning Messac. Her two sisters also featured prominently in these races, as well as winning Cheshire two bird and top 10 NFC section L prizes. A full brother to “Ruby” is "Wiggins" who last season was 6th section L Saintes and a couple of weeks later 5th NW section 20th Open MNFC Bordeaux. “Ruby” is bred down from Roger Sutton stock and “Ruby 2’s” sire is from one of Stoke on Trent’s best fanciers Tommy Shaw and is "My Fair Lady" lines, Tommy’s best ever racing hen.


1st Section B 2nd Open are the National winning lofts of G Holker & Sons from Swinton who clocked a blue hen from the Vandenabeele-Heremans-Ceusters lines, this has been a good hen. I remember these fanciers winning the NFC many years ago and as I recall then they were a bit more private than most. I have very often mentioned about some fanciers not wanting a lot of publicity and in these races, it shows. However, that is the fancier’s choice and at times I don’t blame them for it.


2nd section A 3rd Open goes to the partnership of Chaisty & Gethins from Timperley. This is the 1st season for the partnership of Simon Chaisty & Mike Gethins, which was formed officially at the end of the 2016 young bird racing. They have been friends for a number of years and found that racing together was to both their advantage. Mike spent last year helping Simon

with the breeding and racing so they decided to form the partnership as everything was going well. The bird which came 1st for them is a Van Loon x Koopman chequer hen bred lastyear, this is it's 2nd Channel race having flown Coutences when it was the 5th bird back to the loft.


2nd & 3rd section B 4th & 5th Open are Dudley & Irene Niblett who said where else can they get this kind of prize money in a North-West race that is on the doorstep. These are two Soontjens the first being a blue cock from stock off Kevin & Greg Johnson from the Nottingham area. This cock was also 11th Open at Coutances two weeks earlier. They then clocked a dark hen from the O’Hare & Woodward partnership with this being off their good “40 Hen” responsible for many good pigeons. This hen won several prizes as a yearling but then hurt so had time out before racing again this season. There are only 6prs of racers at this loft with 3prs stock so a small team but they are much easier to look after. Dudley was saying that they did a good job getting the birds out when they did. They were saying that they have excelled this year with the young birds having 19 a few more than usual but they want to build their team up a bit. They started well in the local club but them started to select for the Classic races over the water.


1st section C sees George Pendleton representing the west side of the club and was saying that he could not believe where the pigeon came from. George was saying that the pigeon looked as if she had gone around the rain and was returning out of the north. This one is a chequer pied Cattrysse hen raced on the widowhood. There is only a team of 14 to race at the lofts but with only competing in the Nationals and Classic races he finds this is enough to manage. The bigger the team the more time that is needed to get them right for the races so with being so busy with his work he keeps the number of birds in the loft down.

The officials would like to thank the sponsors for the race who are, Walkers Transport – George Propenze Heating and the BHW. I would also like to thank Ray Bullen who brings the sheets in and that allows the result to be produced on the morning following the race. Also, thanks must go to the workers from the president down including Roger Sutton and his team on excellent judgment in getting the birds out and have good returns when others held over. Also to Kim Crowley for the input of the result to be published by 11a.m. the following morning. And in fact, all who give their time up voluntarily to help get the club back to where it should be. On the Saturday evening, we had a birthday party here for Lizzie so Bill Wilson called to take the Master Timer and case down to the club and returned them later so thanks for that. Mark Smith took a photo and sent it to me titled “Guarding the crown jewels”

Billy Wilson "Guarding the crown Jewels"  


CLICK HERE: Fougeres Result

Les J Parkinson.

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