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We have now had the last meeting before racing of the NWCC committee that was held to confirm what the club are doing for the coming season. I can now confirm that the race programme for 2017 is as follows;


27th May Countances with marking being on the 25th May.

10th June Fougeres marking 8th June.

24th June Messac, marking 22nd June.

(For these first three races marking times are, Middlewich 6.30 to 8pm while at Cheadle 7.30 to 8.30pm.)

15th July Saintes,

Marking 12th July but will need to be earlier due to time and this will be an Open race to all fanciers within the NWCC Radius which is 365mls from Messac and west of line 2.00.00. The marking times for Saintes will be different from the other races because they are being transported with the North Staffs Fed and therefore must meet the transporter as opposed to being collected. The marking times are the same for both Middlewich/Cheadle and that will be 4.30pm to 5.30pm so please do not be late.


The young bird race will be on;

16th September from Carentan with marking on the 14th September.

(Marking; Middlewich 6-30 Cheadle Cheadle 7.30pm to 8.30pm).


The 2017 Annual General Meeting will be held on the 27th November 2017 at 8pm and propositions to be in by 6th November 2017, you have now been warned. The Annual Prize Presentation will be held on the 4th November 2017 at the Kinderton Hotel, Middlewich. The menu will also be at the request of the committee at a later date. This last year’s presentation was a noisy affair and we don’t want that again.

Your marking station I/C’s are Cheadle; Ray Bullen 07740 679606 and at Middlewich; Mark Smith 07776 225434, if you have any queries regarding marking you must contact your I/C and not the club secretary. If you have an email address, please email it to the address below to ensure you receive the race results that will also be on the new NWCC web site. All the details can be found on the NWCC web site and will be in the BHW.

This year the results with sponsors will be published in the BHW hopefully the week after each race. They will also be on the club’s website asap after the race. The prize money was also discussed and through the generosity of sponsors the club are in a good position to offer the initial £400 per race, made up of £100 per section and open for all 5 club races. Remember the £400 is just a starter you also have money from the entry fees on top of this. The Gold ring race will stand on its own and you can nominate your rings up to the end of June, no ring nominations will be accepted without £10 per ring forwarded to the secretary.

The secretary has spoken to quite a number of members and most are looking forward to racing in the club in the coming season. What has surprised me is the interest in the Saintes race which is probably due to the lack of 500 plus mile races outside of the Nationals. I can remember when there were a few such races into the North West but they have gradually gone by the wayside. There used to be the Great Northern which was a really good race and perhaps this race might go part way to encouraging fanciers to compete. There is also the additional bonus with this being an open race and therefore open to a wider range of fanciers who can enjoy what can be a very prestige’s race. Modern day racing is different from what it used to be with fanciers having a different priority as to what races they want to compete in. Club racing from across the channel into the North West is a dying game for many but there are still some who want to go that extra mile with their pigeons compared to the land races that for the North West that are in the region of 200/300mls. Cheshire is the start of those distances and then we are across the water so they do have a good run on land before seeing the water.  Getting back to the club and the membership which is back up to 138 for the year after dropping to 105, so 23 new members should make a big difference to the entries in the races for the coming season and there is still time for others to join.

There are still a number who have not paid and to save registered letter’s going out at a cost to the club please make sure you have paid. There is now a full list of members on the NWCC Web site that you can connect to from the front page of the Elimar site. This is a full list of members and who have paid their subscriptions, so it will help the club to keep up to date if you take a look. Don’t forget we are still looking for a marking station in the Preston area; there is good money to be won. We are also looking at having a stand at the Blackpool Show but there are a few things to be sorted before that is confirmed.


  Mr & Mrs Dickens with Jill Gleave       -     George Appleton and Fred Bloor


  Mr & Mrs Geoff Bebbington       -     Stan Tillett and Tommy Hulme

NWCC 1996 presentation.

Presentation evening for the ladies

Looking back through the archives for this week’s photo’s they include Mr & Mrs Jimmy Dickens who were one of the top racing and breeding lofts in the North west and regular winners in the club. One of the 1996 presentation when I was secretary, took Elizabeth quite some time to clean the trophies up, I wonder where most of them are now, whoever has them they could do with being returned as they have not shown up for a few years. On about presentations I was recently at the Kinderton Hotel where we had our last presentation. They have apologised for the excessive noise on the night from the other side of the restaurant. There was supposed to be a party of 12 for drinks and a birthday celebration but over 30 turned up and they did get out of hand. The manager said that if the club decided to go there again they will make sure that they are not double booked and there will be a reduction in price. They will also discuss the menu with the club as opposed to a selection of their choice and not the chef. George Appleton and Fred Bloor, George was saying he is going to have a go this year all being well. Here’s another partnership that packed up a few years ago but have started again and have a good team to race this year and they are also sponsors of the Saintes race. We always tried to get well know figures to present the prizes and on one occasion we had Stan Tillett seen presenting Tommy Hulme with a trophy. Then we had the photo where the late Dave Gamble insisted on being the leader of the lady’s photo, I think that was the year Mr & Mrs Geoff Cooper presented the prizes at Lancashire Cricket Club, Old Trafford. All taken many years ago and there could be a lot more but we have to restrict them.


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Middlewich, Cheshire, CW10 0NJ.

 01606836036 Mobile 07871701585.

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