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The day’s weeks and months are passing by so quickly, before we know where we are racing will be with us, probably some have started the land races but I am looking at the channel races. I have been asked to clarify the prize money that I have included in my previous articles related to sponsorship for the NWCC. There will be £100 per section and open for the 2017 as a starter for all races that will be distributed as follows. 1st £40, 2nd £30, 3rd £20, 4th £10 which applies to each section and the open. The main question appears to be, “What do we win if only 1 bird is clocked in a section or even the open” Well they only get the 1st prize because this money is guaranteed the rest will remain with the club. However, all monies taken from entry fee’s is a different matter. If there is additional prize money from those entry fees that results in a further £50 per section or open for that race this money will be paid out. If this additional money is divided into maybe 4 prizes the one winner will collect all of those 4 prizes because it is from entry fees and not guaranteed by sponsors. I hope this clears up the question we do not know what is going to happen in the races, that will only be known when each race closes. We have to thank the sponsors for their generosity because I feel that these people will help to get the club back to where it should be for the Premier Classic race in the North West. Nearly all clubs go through a quiet spell and at the rate things are going the Classic has gone through that period, all we need now is for members to send.

We can look back to years ago, when the NWCC was strong and the big benefit of the Elimar web site is that there is a great archive system where fanciers can go back and look at what happened all those years ago, in the club. I know it only goes back to the turn of the century but there is still plenty to look at. I was looking for some information on the NWCC and this piece caught my eye. “The first meeting of the winter has now taken place and the elected committee have decided to slightly reduce the race programme. 2005 saw a great deal of work put into producing the results for the following weeks BHW and the members appreciated the fact that they knew where they were on the result, how much they won and the fact that they knew that they would be paid their winnings within sixteen days of each race being flown. The problem was that there was so much work put into the results that the regular articles that had been appearing on the club mostly disappeared. However, there are channel race winners reported in the year book and it is hoped to follow this up with a series of articles over the winter months on the races and the section winners. If any member has any photos or information on the races where good performances have been achieved, please send it along for inclusion. There is also a select committee now set up to look at the £10,000 Futurity race that was a success in its first year. There needs to be a few rule changes because of gaps in those set out for the first race this year” 2006 was my last year as secretary after 7 very good years in that position when the club was really going well. A similar thing was happening last year where the club had more races than the workers were happy with and therefore we have gone back to basics for the 2017 season with 4 old bird and 1 young bird channel races. This is a classic club and as I said when I took the job over we need to get back to what the club is meant to be. I think other’s feel this way because we have 21 new members and there are more who have enquired. I was asked how many members I would expect in the club for 2017 and my reply was, “My target is 150 members for this year” We are up to 139 on the computer list but we have to get the rest of the subscriptions in yet and a few more new members. After resignations, the club were down to 118 so we already have more than half the new members towards the 150 I am looking for. I am also looking to see if we can put a list of all members on the new NWCC web site and mark against their names if they have paid subs so that it works as a reminder to everyone.We are having a committee meeting at the Boars Head Hotel, Middlewich on the 3rd April at 8pm when the final details will be confirmed.


Brian Fisher and Ken Hanby   -   Clive Reavell and Derek Lawton   -   Cath Cooper and D Gamble

Manchester fanciers

S Tillett and John Coyle

In the presentation report I missed mentioning that the grand average for the NWCC was won by Brian Lee of Congleton who had a really good season in 2016 and was saying that he was proud of the achievement and so he should be. This week’s NWCC photos are from the period when I was last secretary of the club between 2006 & 2011. We have Brian fisher with guest Ken Hanby taken at the Cliffs Hotel Blackpool which was a good venue for the presentation. There is one of Catherine Cooper showing the late Dave Gamble how to make, let’s say a structure out of a napkin, as I recall this was at the Lancashire County Cricket Club, again was a good venue. A group of Manchester fanciers at the Cliffs Hotel as were the photos of Clive Reavell from Bamfords and Derek Lawton. We also have one of Stan Tillett presenting a TV to John Coyle I am sure this one was at the Garswood club. The presentation has been to a few venues over the year’s and we are now looking for one for the 2017 presentation.

There will be a committee meeting at the Boars Head Hotel, Middlewich on Monday the 8th April 2017.

Les J Parkinson. 11 Rushton Drive,

Middlewich, Cheshire, CW10 0NJ.

01606836036 Mobile 07871701585.

Email elimar908@btinternet.com

web site www.elimarpigeons.com




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