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Les J Parkinson at the Nantwich Show

The Nantwich Show did not have the best of days this year because the rain started coming down at 6.30am. The forecast was for it to be starting in this are much earlier than that and be gone from this area by 9am but as I am getting ready to switch everything off and leave the rain is still coming down quite heavy. Elimar and Osmonds have sponsored the pigeon show and so will be in attendance and I will get a few photos. Dave Windsor and his team who run the show have done a good job for the sport because the Nantwich Show is reported as being the biggest one day show in the country. And with that comes a lot of people visiting on the same day and a lot of none fanciers are always viewing the pigeons at this show.

As we began our journey the topic of discussion was the weather and what the ground was going to be like because the rain had started to come down quite heavy. When we arrived, it was no too bad because the main run through the show was hard core and there was plenty of room between the rows of stalls. There was always going to be some mud about on any ground where people are walking when the rain is coming down and what there was it was not as bad as it was a few years ago when you needed wellies. I did expect to be pushed further down the road to the bigger car park but that did not happen, we ended up right next to the Pigeon tent.

I started to sponsor the show with Elimar only this year because after judging last year I was impressed with the number of entries that they had. So, this year Elimar added £350 to their prize money which took the total pay out to £690 which is more than you can win in many races in the modern day of racing pigeons. Next year I have told Dave that Elimar are making it £100 a class a total of £400 sponsorship, it’s a show worth supporting. I was talking to Alan Shore about the show and he was saying that with the prize money now on offer he thinks there will be an increase in entries.

I also think this is a great opportunity for the RPRA to attend this show so that they could present the sport to a wider range of the public. There was a map on show in the massive tent showing the race points with the distances from those points to Nantwich and we heard a couple discussing the distances and saying how well they do to race that far. The Nantwich show does so well with the racing pigeon section but I don’t think the much bigger Cheshire Show has attracted anywhere near as many and I don’t know why. The last time I was at the Cheshire Show there were all sorts of fancy breeds at the show but we did not go this year so I have no idea what the entries for the pigeons was. I do wonder if the Cheshire Show is that bit earlier and fanciers are still racing their old birds is the reason they don’t have as many entries. I say this because by far the biggest classes at Natnwich were the old cocks and old hens and they did look well.

Judges, winner and sponsor at the Nantwich Show

So here are the winners starting with the prize money for the classes, OC’s & OH’s £155 with the YC’s & YH’s £140 per class making a total prize money including vouchers is £690. The winners starting with the OC’s Class are, 1st G. O. Jones of Chester. 2nd D & B Jones. 3rd F Speed. 4th D. Pullen. 4th J Cooper & Partner. 6th Mr & Mrs C Rowledge.

Mr Jones of Chester winner of the Old Cocks and BIS at Nantwich.

1st OH’s. Mr & Mrs C Rowledge. 2nd & 5th K & MJ Lamb. 3rd. 4th R Craven. 6th D & B Jones.

YC’s. 1st Mr & Mrs C Stanley from Nantwich. 2nd & 4th F Speed. 3rd G O Jones. 5th Mr & Mrs D Harding. 6th J & S Archibald & Picken.

YH’s. 1st G O Jones from Chester. 2nd D Pullen. 3rd F Speed. 4th & 5th Mr & Mrs C Stanley. 6th Mr & Mrs D Harding. BIS went to G O Jones winning the G Machin Cup while BOS went to Mr & Mrs C Rowledge. There was a total of 283 birds entered into the show that were judged by Brian Jones from Rhyl accompanied by Tommy Jones.

I had a good talk to show organiser Dave Windsor about the way forward and he was telling me that they are looking to expand the show classes and add a coloured and grizzles class. He went on to say that people were asking where the fancy coloured ones were this year, they were referring to there being no show pigeons entered as in past years. This was a shame because they had some good classes. If all goes to plan there will be even more prize money in next year’s show. We at Elimar are always looking to put back into the sport so are going to extend our sponsorship for next season. This is also a chance for other businesses within the sport to get on board because this is a show where the public get a chance to what we, the pigeon fanciers keep in our back gardens. Dave and his team have once again done a really good job so well done to them all.

Dave Windsor to the left discussing the show.

Judges in action at the Nantwich Show


Young man seen at the Nantwich Show


Les J Parkinson. 11 Rushton Drive, Middlewich, Cheshire, CW10 0NJ. 01606836036 Mobile 07871701585. Email elimar908@btinternet.com web site www.elimarpigeons.com northwestclassicclub@btinternet.com gcolr@btinternet.com