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Parkinson. L. J.


I had a call from pigeon haulier Phil Brown about what he is doing this year, there had been rumours circulating that he was not going with the pigeons this year. This was only a reference to he himself not going but his brother was with another haulier taking control of Phil's transporter. Anyway, Phil has told me that it is business as usual and he will be going, I also confirmed with Phil that the NWCC will be going with him for the first three channel races and also the YB race if he is going across the channel to Carentan. We then got onto the subject of the Mid Cheshire race programme where I have mentioned how many shorter races there are and not enough thought gone into the programme. However, I did point out that I do understand what they are doing because the Mid Cheshire has the shorter flyers and as always with a convoy they are the ones who miss out. I went on to say that if the local Cheshire organisations would agree (fat chance of that) there are enough birds for a transporter to take them on its own and therefore have a better race programme. Phil went on to say if they could do that the transporter would be available, dare I suggest they do get together in the best interest of racing into the area. As Phil said the birdage figures have dropped considerably and the hauliers are finding it hard to make ends meet which is why the race programmes are what they are and the reason why area's need to get together for a decent race programme. As I have said previously the Mid Cheshire race programme has 11 which is half the races for the year from either Worcester short of 70mls to Middlewich and Cheltenham short of 90mls to Middlewich, sorry but I don’t call that a race programme. There are even shorter flying members like those at Crewe 6mls shorter and Wrinehill as much as 11mls shorter, it’s near enough like going back in time to the sprinters.

Ray Johnson (L) with John Lawson and myself in the background  

I was looking for a photo and as I was lifting the box down off the shelf one dropped out, it slid through the narrowest of gaps. I have included it in these notes and it is of the late Ray Johnson from Weaverham who was secretary of the local club for many years and since then the club is no longer going. Ray’s wife was one of the nicest ladies I have ever come across she was a real nice lady and always pleasant when I called. The photo was taken at the Moulton club where the Mid Cheshire Fed was holding their annual prize presentation. I was secretary at the time and on this occasion; we had John Lawson from Warrington presenting the prizes. Been trying to think when it was but I do know he had won Rennes and was collecting the Rubber & Allied trophy. Looking at myself in the background I think I was in my early 30’s so the photo was taken sometime around the Mid 80’s. The reason I know it is at the Moulton Social Club is because the photo of the Queen was always over the door and you can see it at the top above the door, now I have said that let’s hope it does not get clipped in the BHW cutting room.


The latest presentation is for the three Middlewich clubs, the FC, 5B & 2B that were held at the Kinderton Hotel Middlewich which is a good venue, with good food. These clubs like most others are not what they used to be but there is still some good competition to be had and as we know most clubs are in the same position. I must say Joyce Latham does a good job with the presentations and in fact a good job all year round because she is always doing something for someone. I did ask if there was a prize list but one has not come my way so we shall carry on with the photos and a few words. The main guests were Mr & Mrs Pat McGuinness and Shaun Devanney who has held the positions with the club since the 70’s when he was the landlord at the Boars Head Hotel where the clubs are organised from. Pat has been running the Boars Head for 21yrs so they are both good supporters of the local pigeon clubs. I was watching the prizes being handed out and Billy Wilson & Son have had a good season as has Ron Woodward. Of those present they were the ones who picked up the most. The ever-present Alan Groom was there as usual, not as active as he used to be but still running two of the local clubs. We also had our compare for the day Mark Smith who has now got into the swing of being compare. This event is now held on a Sunday lunchtime and it is a casual event that goes down well probably down to the fact that we are all getting no younger and the disco nights are now long gone.


 Alan Groom and Mark Smith - Shaun Devanney, Pat McGuinness and Billy Wilson - Robert Carson


Dawn Latham - Shaun Devanney, Mark Smith and Pat McGuinness - Peter Latham


Ron Woodward       -     Shaun Devanney with Mr & Mrs Pat McGuinness, the guests.

On to something completely different, I am not one for going shopping, walking round the shop's just for the sake of it so when I do go it is to buy something but it is also a place where I meet pigeon fanciers who have also been dragged out for one reason or another. I was recently in Crewe covering tracks that I made in my school days, walking along Earl Street past Hyde's chippy where I used to go for my 6p Irishman towards the town centre. To this day I still don't know why they used to call a tray of chips with peas on top an Irishman. Anyway, I was just walking past the town hall when someone was going the other way, I went a few steps past and thought I know that face which was partly hidden with the head coverage something I am not used to seeing. I say that because I have not seen Wilf Hart with anything on his clear head before. Anyway we stopped and had a few words reminiscing about the younger days when I used to climb up some of those buildings to catch strays in the town centre. We were also discussing how many pigeons used to go out of Crewe to the races and there were well over 1000 in the two main clubs. Wilf comes from a family of pigeon fanciers and he is certainly a good one himself, following especially in his mother’s footsteps she was very good with the pigeons and so was his dad. He has been working with M & W Mellor for a few years now and the loft racing under Milly's Loft have just done a real good job in the South African race with several well up in the result. I say several we think there were 13 out of the 18 well up and a real good draw from the kitty to go with the positions won. Is it me or are the winter’s getting better for breeding year after year. I hear fanciers saying that they have had a good breeding season so it will be interesting to see how they go on with those early young birds by the time April comes around.


Les J Parkinson.

11 Rushton Drive,

 Middlewich, Cheshire,

CW10 0NJ.

01606836036 Mobile 07871701585.

Email elimar908@btinternet.com web site www.elimarpigeons.com northwestclassicclub@btinternet.com gcolr@btinternet.com



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