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Parkinson L.J.


I was recently talking to Dave Garnett about channel racing into the North West and the fact that we don’t have enough birds to go around for such prestige’s events. This I do agree with but the organisations need to get together, no not just get together they need to work together in the best interest of the sport. This applies to all area’s not just the North West because it is a story we hear on a regular basis. Several years ago, there were up to 13,000 birds being liberated in the Three Counties Combine alone for channel races. This was not even half of the pigeons that were being liberated from across the channel into the area. I said at the time the North West could have the best channel racing in the UK if they could sit down and sort the transport out. The one problem we have is there are too many people in jobs “because of” and not able to take the sport forward. With the organisations that we have in the area there is no reason why the racing cannot be improved by working together. There are too many organisations liberated with no real time between them and this gives false results. The winners will not agree but it is fact, there are far too many pigeons going up in a short period of time and they are not given a chance to have a clear run. My interests with channel racing are with the North West Classic Club that is for specialist racing and we need the club like all others to have a clear run to make sure that we get the best conditions and results for the members. If there was a standard channel programme for the normal club/Combine race’s, then the specialist clubs would improve because they could avoid what could be good channel races against big numbers. When you are racing from across the channel up into the North West it is a case of the more pigeons liberated together the better the odds of having a good race and a better chance of a higher % of returns because they would not be pulled all over the place. Don’t come up with the old saying that good pigeons are on a line and stick to it. How many times have we seen your good winners in the channel events only to go down in the next race. They go down because there are pigeons going in all directions and this does affect even the good pigeons eventually, they take their eye off the ball for a spell and are far away from where they need to be. This is also the same with land races, how many times have we seen really bad races through clashing and good consistent pigeons lost for no reason whatsoever. They are not lost because they are not good enough they are lost because of the conditions on the day and that is very often through clashing. There has always been the problem of the east west divide the wise man lives in the east but when they are racing from across the channel there is a far better chance for fanciers across the whole North West getting a more even race. Dave was saying about the NWCC having something like a 5-bird race and going with the MNFC but I have never been one for what is a duplication club. The system does do clubs good we only have to look at the Eccles 2B who are doing really well with their result being taken from the National FC races. I also hear that the Ashton club are going with the MNFC on the same footing. Unfortunately, it is not the racing that I would want but it does suit many so we must go with it. I believe that a pigeon can only be entered one race starting with the club the pigeon is firstly entered into. Yes, we then have the federation followed by the combine etc. but they all have to be in that position and that has been the way pigeons have been race for long before I started in the sport. Then at the end of the day whether they have gone through club to combine they have still only won one race. I remember when they first started duplication in this area when a fancier could get several first and would claim them which is incorrect because a pigeon from a liberation can only have one first prize. I looked at many a result and in my eyes the pigeon in second position was the winner of his club but beaten by a pigeon entered another club and duplicated back. This is not just happening in this area but many others across the country and I believe that this has been the downfall of many organisations because fanciers have seen one pigeon winning several prizes when they have only really won one. I have seen fanciers with a good pigeon being entered in several clubs and winning them which has not pleased many of those who have entered their birds. What is the solution, well there is only one and that is more organisations going on the same transporter to the same race point and being liberated together into the same area but also having their own club race? This has been brought up on many occasions and nothing has been done and I suppose that will remain the same for the near future. I wrote about the Mid Cheshire Fed and that half their races are from less than 100mls for this season. I then spoke to haulier Phil Brown about the NWCC and this subject came up. As he said they need to get together and make life easier all round for everyone, this would then result in more birds on the transporters and then they could go further down the road and still reach their financial target, after all they do run a business.


The article a few weeks ago about cheating brought a few calls and I am surprised at the amount of people who have said that they know of someone who has been tested and no further action taken. I am now left wondering if there are any problems with the way the testing is done. As many of those who have been active in the other side of the sport from racing will know that drugs in pigeons is nothing new. Fanciers have been winning through what they are giving their pigeons for nearly as long as I have been racing pigeons, if fact cheating in general is nothing new. The toulets were an easy way of cheating and one that I saw Alan Groom pull someone up over many years ago, and as always in those days Alan did not mince his words. There are many instances where such things have happened and the introduction of new timing systems has taken a lot of the chance of such things happening out of the sport. Will you ever stop anyone trying to take advantage, no you will not because where there is money you will always get someone thinking that there is a chance of a few bob for nothing. There is one or two of the senior members of the sport in Middlewich who could no doubt tell me a thing or two about what has gone on in the past. I think we are resigned to the fact that no matter what the powers that be try to do there are always going to be a minority who think they can get away with gaining an advantage by hook or by crook. No matter what sport you look at the same things is happening, I was talking to a fancier who has both pigeons and greyhounds and his words were, “If you think it’s bad in pigeon racing you need to try greyhounds” They have always been known for using something to gain advantage.


Back to the North West Classic Club paperwork has now gone out for the seasons races but there are still a few who have not paid their subscriptions so will not be having the registered envelope drop through the door. While I was phoning round about the subs I was talking to Kenny Burns and we were saying that section C will be an easy way to collect a few pounds this season because the first 4 in each section will be getting a share of the £100 guaranteed prize money per section. This sponsorship is guaranteed to be the same for each section this year but next year there will have to be changes unless there is support in all sections. We already have sponsorship guaranteed for 2018 so things are still on the up. What has happened while phoning around there are a number of fanciers who tell me that they have resigned 2/3 years ago so they have come off the 139 members that we were thinking we had after the 2016 season had finished. There are still about 40 members who have not paid their subscriptions and notifying them is a costly business. However, they can help the club by checking the members list on the NWCC web site and going by the rules if they are on the list as not paid they should not be racing.


This week I have a photo from Ioanna who lives in Romania and sent me picture’s a few months ago about the pigeons that were landing on the rig in the North Sea. I was saying to her how friendly pigeons are and not as bad as they made out so she went out to see and has now made a friend. Things like this are what change the attitude of people who do not come into contact with pigeons on a regular basis; they can look at them in a different light.


Les J Parkinson. 11 Rushton Drive,

Middlewich, Cheshire, CW10 0NJ.

01606836036 Mobile 07871701585.

Email elimar908@btinternet.com

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