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Thoughts on a day off by Les J Parkinson


I suppose many pigeon fancier’s partner’s think about having a day off, or at least their other half, having a day off from pigeons. This is not very often what pigeon fanciers want to do even though they do have days off for whatever reason. As we know pigeons are 365 days a year which is why partnerships do so well, there is always a know person to the pigeons available.



Going to have a rant now.



We had a few days off to go to the Emmerdale set in the ITV Studios in Leeds. This is the only soap that Elizabeth watches no matter what, if she doesn’t catch it live then we go to catch up TV. This was a good break away from pressing keys on the keyboard. As I have got older, I have increasingly found it harder to sit down for longer periods, I would sooner be moving about. I have to say, due to circumstances I am enjoy getting away from it all even more this year than ever done before, my views have changed considerably.


Elizabeth calling time at the Woolpack in Emmerdale


We stayed at the Queens Hotel, not a place I would stay at again for various reasons. I don’t know how many people have come across the way many Hotels now work, they are charging about £20 per day to park your car in their car park, even when you are a resident. This is once again a case of car owners/drivers being penalised because someone wants to make money and it appears car owners are the easiest option to make money. I wouldn’t mind them putting the price of the accommodation up rather than going down the route that they have done, with car owners. I must say Leeds was better than I thought, we enjoyed the stay.



It’s the same with wherever we drive, there is someone looking to make money out of our journey’s. Yes, by all means stick to the regulations which are there for safety reasons, although I don’t agree with them, they are part of life.



As we were coming out of Leeds, we had made a mistake and taken a wrong turn. When I did get back on the right route, we were going onto the 621 out of Leeds and with it being a dual carriageway I was thinking 70mph. Not that I have yet heard anything it was a wrong decision because Alan pointed out hidden behind the tree’s there was a 50mph sign.


Alan, Lizzie, Elizabeth & Les in the Woolpack, Emmerdale Studios.


If I get a speeding ticket it will be the third time in over 50yrs driving that I have been caught speeding and the signs were hidden. I was going into Blackpool a few years ago and they had changed the mph from the previous year and there hidden behind the branches was a 30mph sign when it had been 40mph, and a police camera. I spoke to a taxi driver about this and he said I was not the only one who had been caught out in that spot.



I was also going to Brian Long’s one year and we were going around a bend on a dual carriageway and as the road straightened up, the police were there with their cameras on the bridge. I mentioned this to Brian, and he said that the speed reduction in that area was there because of the junction and it was nowhere else on that road. I did get a speeding ticket on that occasion, again trees hiding the sign, I saw it on the way back. Where there are limits, they should be cleared of any obstruction but as we know they are not, an easy way to make money.   



Motorists are the easiest way of making money, why don’t the authorities crack down on these big company’s who get away without paying the rate of taxes the small business’s do in the UK. I know for a fact, I with my small business pay a far higher rate of tax in comparison to the big companies. As always, the minnows get the raw end of the deal.



That’s my rant for a while. 

Elizabeth & Les at Ludlow Castle a week before we went to Leeds.


Chris photos


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