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Thoughts on Specialist racing

Over the winter months there are always conversation’s about what clubs everyone is going to race in for the following season. I was nearly always preferring to race in the National, and more or less forgot about the local club racing. This is one of those cases where we think about something after the event. Yes, after the event, that time in life we realise that we could have done something differently, but then it is too late.



I left club racing behind for many years because I was after racing in the Nationals. I think we could make life easier for members racing into the North West by cutting channel racing out at local club level and using the specialist clubs for such races. The advantage here in the North West is we can get a few miles under their wings on land and they can then be sent to the specialist club’s channel racing.



If we look at the numbers sent in the clubs, they are nearly non-existent, maybe 20 or 30 birds entered. Even the feds are struggling to get decent numbers to make a race worthwhile. It would be far better for all concerned if all members of clubs joined the Classic or specialist clubs and raced in them for their channel programme. There would be something to race for and the I would suspect the end result would give more satisfaction to those competing.



Before going any further, for those who don’t know, I will point out that at the present moment I am joint secretary of the North West Classic specialist club. However, this is my last year in this position and I have nothing to gain with the content of this article. I am saying this because as we all know someone somewhere is always looking to make a point, whether justified or not. We only have to look at the current media coverage with Boris Johnson and his other half. What on earth has it got to do with anyone else if they have a falling out, in their own house/flat. If you looked at all the politicians, I dare bet most on them have the same thing happen at some time in their lives, we are all human. The problem is too many just want to stick their noses into what others are doing. I also dare bet that most people who are successful could be held to account for something they have done at some point in their lives, things they have done for one reason or another. There I go again going off the subject.



Back to racing into the North West from across the channel. There are good options for racing, I know there are the Combine races, but they are not agreeing all the time and then break away. The more fragmented they are the less the competition and less to fly for.



We have a great chance here in the North West to have a real good competitive channel programme with plenty to fly for and plenty of competition, a mini National if you like. There are a lot of pigeons go out of this area across the channel over several weeks. Surely, we would be better putting all those resources into one specialist club and making it all worthwhile.



Breaking up of organisations only comes about because someone is not winning as much as they want to and are looking for an easy option to gain a red card or two. There is no glory in doing that, but it has happened for years and I think most who went down that road have realised at a later date there was no real benefit in breaking good clubs up because they are not winning.



This has been a problem all over the country and there is only one way that the finger can be pointed and that is towards our governing bodies who have accepted new organisations when there are already establish clubs, feds or combines already in existence in that area. It is no good those same people saying they are accepted if there is no objection, which they have done in the past. I say that because I know for a fact that there have been objections to new organisations failed at the Region level.  



We need to get back to better competition and make it all worthwhile, don’t get me wrong there is some real good competition in the North West but it could be far better by a lot of thought and some good organisation.


Chris photos


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