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Thoughts on membership by Les J Parkinson



This is a subject that many think about and discuss but is there any real solution to what we could do without. My latest email was when we were away at Ludlow Castle for a few days, I nearly always take my laptop with me anyway. 




Hi Les



Sorry, you should not be answering pigeon emails while on holiday, lol, but appreciate your reply.



I think the people at the top are blinkered. If open and direct questions such as mine are not being asked of these people, (in fact mine have been blatantly ignored so far), the very folks who are actually responsible for running things in the sport then, I fear, there is little hope. They have their heads in the sand.



As I see it the sport is evolving, one loft racing will increase while private ownership and racing will become increasingly less viable due to costs of organising the racing. Add to that extreme weather, yb sickness and the BOP situation and the small back garden fanciers of old cannot hope to compete, a couple of bad races and your wiped out. There will always be the die-hard minority who will try and race pigeons, but the future long term looks bleak in the UK, sadly.



If you tried to explain to many kids today that you should invest in a pigeon loft, etc. buy some stock birds, invest in feeding, training and then they see they could be wiped out by any of the above situations they would ask why they should bother.



Sorry, it's a pessimist point of view but the overall fancier numbers that I requested from the RPRA would, I think, give a depressing picture and no wonder they are not letting me know or letting on. 



Great website you have and I hope that the sport continues. I personally would love to get involved in some one loft racing if/when I settle down in an area, but I think club racing in many areas will go eventually.



I hope the governing bodies are preparing for the next phase of evolution of pigeon racing in the UK and start answering important questions! 








Firstly, I think the RPRA take more notice than members may think but it is hard when you send out emails and don’t get the answer that you are after. At times they get so busy they are not always as efficient as we would like them to be, but I know through experience when running a business everything does not go as planned or as we would like them to. This happens because people have their own view on how things should be run, but in reality, that is not always the best way to go forward.



One Loft Racing is here to stay and there will always be a few around because they are a good money maker if they get them right.



The one thing I do know which Keith has touched upon is the convoyer’s are not helping themselves and in fact losing birds to some organisations. I have heard it on several occasions where convoyer’s have gone to a shorter point because they don’t have enough birds on the transporter. That is no good to the pigeon fancier and needs to stop. If there is an agreed race programme that needs to be adhered to. In the local Fed there are clubs who have not entered because of shorter race points being selected in which case they are losing birds.



Getting youngsters interested in pigeon racing is hard work and they are too committed to their social media and computer games.



What I have said on many occasion’s is we need to get the point over to parent’s, “If they have pigeons then they spend more time in the garden and less time on the PC or walking the street’s at night, you know where they are”



I have also pointed out that on my job I see fancier’s re-joining the sport after they have seen their family grow and are looking for something to do. It is also a fact that some fanciers are packing up at their own loft and then joining a partnership.



I am waiting to see what results Richard gets after attending the summer agricultural show’s and schools. When Richard was at the Cheshire Show he did say he had a good response so let’s hope the interest show gives some results.


Chris photos


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