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Thoughts on winners by Les J Parkinson


There are some good partnerships about the country who are consistently winning races in style. Over many years I have written about a lot of these partnerships who are mostly the ones to beat, and they are hard to beat week after week.



Most fanciers work on the basis that a partnership has more than one person so they can share the workload and make life easier. However, a single fancier must, more or less do everything themselves, which is very time consuming.



One such team are the Curtis-Wall-Lunt partnership who have been dominating the results in the organisations they have flown for many years, where we had a team of three working together, sharing the workload.



With being friends with these lads I often have comments about who was the best pigeon man amongst them. That is always going to be debatable because putting your finger on one person is not that easy to do. In a successful working partnership, each fancier normally has their own area where they are best suited.



On the other hand, if all three are on a par with knowledge about the pigeons in their loft they should be able to cover each other when they are not present at the lofts without any affect on the pigeons. They are pigeon men at heart and are always going to be interested in racing pigeons and all that comes with them.



When they decided to dissolve the partnership last year and go their own way, I suspect that many thought their pigeons would not perform so well. Gary and Alan are helping out with another local loft and doing well. No doubt they will have been changing things as they have gone along and will get everything into place as they would have done at their previous own racing loft.



Ray Lunt has brought in a new family staying at the old lofts and they have started off in great style winning some good positions in club and fed. Ray also bred a few for his good friend’s the Greenwood’s over at Macclesfield and they are already winning in that loft.



The last race from Yeovil with the Mid Cheshire Fed in what was a 1200ypm race saw Ray take the first 4 in the fed. The winner was on 1287ypm from 186mls with the next fancier in the fed on 1248ypm. Is this a one off for Ray, I doubt it because he is winning in his other club as well. What I will do is update this article when I have spoken to Ray to find out what they have won in their first season.


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