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by Pete Wightman



No dowd about it, Mr & Mrs John Dowd run riot out of Cheltenham (1) YB.

Well, with the erratic weather and sickness about, some members are really struggling to get their YB teams trained up to the level required. Also, there have been a lot of reports of hawk damage to our YB’s too.  It was no surprise the birdage was down for the first Cheltenham YB race, it had already been put back a week due to the weather and like I said a lot of fanciers haven’t got the confidence to send their teams as yet.

Saturday July 29th saw 54 members sent 950 birds, they were liberated at 09:30 into a South West wind and Mr & Mrs John Dowd of the Bulls Head Club at the top end of our Fed ran amok, they took the first 14 Open in an 18 second spell. Not too sure of what family of bird’s John is flying, but I do know he has some of the very good Soontjens off Anslow Farrar “buster” lines, going back to the Brian Clayburn Soontjens, which were some of the first to come into the UK.  The leading velocities were; 1735; 1734(2); 1733(4); 1732(3); 1730; 1729(2); and 1728. These were well clear, as the next best were Mr & Mrs Paul Todd of Brackens SR in Derby, they took the next 5, with their best doing 1699.  Fantastic performance John, well done.

John & Pamela Dowd of The Bulls Head

Around the clubs.

At Stretton, 7 sent 126 and Ray & Jean Grimsdell took 1st & 4th on 1681; 1647; the winner out of a Brockamp cock from Spink & Barks when paired to a Jansenne hen that came in as a stray from a fancier in Whitstable in Kent. Their second arrival was out of Rays de Kuyser stock.    


Ray & Jean Grimsdell, with Trevor Bird (centre)

Tony & Diane Green were 2nd & 3rd on 1655; 1651; the runner up was a Soontjen x Peter Fox x Hofken, followed by a full brother to their fed topper this year, out of the Tony & Maxine McComish, Alan Brassington Peter Fox lines and again Tonys Hofkens.

Over at Hill Ridware, 5 sent 75 and Lear & Horobin got the winner on 1554 with a pure white Roland Jansenne, the sire was “the ghost” one of Di Lears old stock birds, who recently died aged 12. The partnership consists of old hand Di Lear, and new kid on the block Steve Horobin, along with the boss Ruth! Ruth has got the YB’s very tame, Welldone.     


 Mr & Mrs Ken Lycett were 2nd on 1535; the sire is “super frank” a 2005 direct son off “pale rider”.  He was sold to Davis, Wright & Sons in 2007 and has recently returned to the Rugeley lofts aged 12, as a gift. He bred 18 x 1st prize winners for the Davis, Wright & Sons partnership. Ken, Cath, Mike and David would like to thank them for returning “frank”, a lovely gesture.  The dam is “the lucky hen” a 2016 Kris Wynants from the highly successful Gordon Bros of Northern Ireland. Her full brother is “the pied piper” he is the Gordon Bros number 1 racing cock.  Walker & Waite were 3rd & 4th on 1518; 1517; the sire of their first came from Rob’s cousin Jack Walker of Cannock, from his Golden Gaby & Golan lines, when paired to a I & B Jones Jansenne.  Their next is a Vandenbrouke from I & B Jones x with a Golden Gaby “Eisenhower”, a gift from cousin Jack.

At Winshill, 3 sent 69 and Melv Willis took 1st & 4th on 1488; 1330; the winner a Wildie hen, then a CWL x Camphius mealy hen.  1470; 1332; Brian & Lesley Stone took 2nd & 3rd spots on with a De Clerq x Van Geel grizzle hen, then a cheq hen, a gift off Mick Sale.

At Birch Coppice, 2 sent 50 and Ollie Nicholls took 1st & 2nd on 1513; 1506; off stock from Stan Harding and their late Bernard Bemowski. Gerald Thorpe was 3rd on 1057.

At Osmaston Park, 7 sent 117 and mick stone took the first three on 1672(2) and 1634. Stan hall was 4th on 1625.

At The Miners Arms, Hoogendyk & Parker were 1st & 2nd on 1538; 1533; the winner a Vandenabeele x Leo Heremans cock, followed by a Vandenabeele cock.  Brian Ayre was 3rd on 1136 and Graham & Eleanor Evans 4th on 1099.

At Etwall, 11 sent 170 and Mr & Mrs Alan Houldsworth took em to the cleaners, taking the first 8 and 9 in the first 10, their first four on 1680; 1677 (2); and 1674.

 at Tutbury, 5 sent 95 and Ron Rakin & son were well clear on 1579 with a Van De Dakin.  Albert Babbington was 2nd & 3rd on 1541; 1495; with a Van Reet x Cuester and a Cuester.  Phil Whetton was 4th on 1495 with a Lambrecht.

Ronnie Dakin of Tutbury.

Just like to say well done to Mick Sale the new channel king at Tutbury, racing in conjunction with the NMCC, Mick took the first 4 from Fougeres and got the only 2 from Niort.

Finally, apologies to Barry Odom of Stretton, I forgot to put his photo in my Ancenis report. Barry was 1st & 3rd Stretton F.C. Ancenis; 3rd & 5th Messac; 5th Fougeres; 2nd and 4th Coutances; a fine set of channel results. Leading to Barry winning the channel points; channel average; best OB channel and the OB combined average.

Barry Odom - 1st Stretton FC Ancenis

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